Archetype: No Archetype

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Aether Hub15153.7960
Fatal Push8713.2640
Walking Ballista7993.6533
Blooming Marsh7943.9330
Attune with Aether7793.9130
Grasp of Darkness6383.0731
Harnessed Lightning6303.6426
Winding Constrictor6084.023
Hissing Quagmire5843.4226
Longtusk Cub5753.6923
Spirebluff Canal5603.3525
Verdurous Gearhulk5483.325
Rishkar, Peema Renegade4582.9723
Glint-Sleeve Siphoner4303.6818
Glimmer of Genius4223.6118
Servant of the Conduit3843.815
Blossoming Defense3842.7821
Botanical Sanctum3823.4417
Torrential Gearhulk3733.2417
Thraben Inspector3513.8614
Tireless Tracker3442.6520
Evolving Wilds3402.8318
Wandering Fumarole3213.3814
Greenbelt Rampager3053.6712
Scrapheap Scrounger3033.6113
Bristling Hydra2683.3112
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar2543.3411
Inspiring Vantage2483.7610
Concealed Courtyard2373.829
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar2362.7413
Dynavolt Tower2293.2311
Galvanic Bombardment2233.849
Game Trail2233.1411
Void Shatter2203.2410
Aethersphere Harvester2182.215
Port Town2083.539
Voltaic Brawler1973.868
Sunken Hollow1953.488
Rogue Refiner1913.828
Traverse the Ulvenwald1903.658
Archangel Avacyn1862.5811
Prairie Stream1843.298
Heart of Kiran1803.169
Spell Queller1623.956
Chandra, Torch of Defiance1602.1911
Selfless Spirit1583.597
Sylvan Advocate1543.676
Shambling Vent1513.157
Champion of Wits1483.796
Westvale Abbey1462.0311
Stasis Snare1432.758
Fiery Temper1433.676
Liliana, the Last Hope1412.528
Unlicensed Disintegration1393.396
Lumbering Falls1372.1410
Choked Estuary1363.686
Cathartic Reunion1323.775
Cast Out1252.557
Irrigated Farmland1242.827
Spire of Industry1243.445
Elder Deep-Fiend1192.776
Electrostatic Pummeler1164.04
Incendiary Flow1162.766
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet1161.6611
Bomat Courier1123.864
Sanctum of Ugin1123.115
Smoldering Marsh1092.736
Dread Wanderer1084.04
Lightning Axe1082.926
Glint-Nest Crane1073.824
Fetid Pools1063.125
Oath of Nissa1023.524
Foreboding Ruins1003.235
Prized Amalgam964.04
Kozilek's Return953.394
Whirler Virtuoso943.364
Angel of Invention933.724
Ramunap Ruins923.414
Glory-Bound Initiate923.834
Sheltered Thicket902.26
Toolcraft Exemplar884.03
Hazoret the Fervent872.95
Magma Spray872.425
Declaration in Stone842.276
Gifted Aetherborn833.613
Catacomb Sifter823.044
Needle Spires812.315
Minister of Inquiries804.03
Cinder Glade792.086
Tormenting Voice762.814
Ishkanah, Grafwidow751.886
Blessed Alliance742.185
Prophetic Prism743.73
Supreme Will733.483
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship731.76
Cultivator's Caravan733.483
Larger Than Life733.044
Metalwork Colossus724.03
Strategic Planning723.63
Gate to the Afterlife713.943
Noxious Gearhulk711.786
Earthshaker Khenra693.833
Insolent Neonate693.833
Fortified Village673.193
Thought-Knot Seer663.473
Ipnu Rivulet652.833
Ahn-Crop Crasher653.823
Canyon Slough633.03
Thalia, Heretic Cathar631.975
Nahiri, the Harbinger631.975
Ruinous Path631.666
Essence Scatter632.424
Canopy Vista612.93
Revolutionary Rebuff602.44
Take Inventory604.02
Grapple with the Past592.813
Rhonas the Indomitable581.815
Gonti, Lord of Luxury581.536
Haunted Dead583.872
Fevered Visions583.632
Oketra's Monument573.82
Collective Defiance573.173
God-Pharaoh's Gift562.673
Invigorated Rampage563.732
Uncaged Fury553.063
Liliana, Death's Majesty542.73
Built to Smash543.183
Hedron Archive543.382
The Scarab God531.834
Transgress the Mind532.793
Pia Nalaar522.04
Diregraf Colossus524.02
Hanweir Militia Captain524.02
Renegade Map513.192
Matter Reshaper503.332
Metalspinner's Puzzleknot493.272
Grim Flayer493.772
Metallic Rebuke483.02
Anguished Unmaking482.04
Lathnu Hellion472.942
Dark Salvation473.922
Shefet Dunes462.882
Sunscorched Desert444.02
Falkenrath Gorger444.02
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider432.533
Mausoleum Wanderer423.02
Bygone Bishop423.52
Reality Smasher423.232
Thalia's Lieutenant413.732
Scattered Groves403.082
Key to the City402.353
Vessel of Nascency403.082
Relentless Dead403.332
Never // Return391.73
Lord of the Accursed393.92
Tamiyo, Field Researcher362.42
Voldaren Pariah363.62
Inventors' Fair351.943
Gisela, the Broken Blade351.943
Stitchwing Skaab353.891
Hieroglyphic Illumination342.622
Metallic Mimic343.781
Cataclysmic Gearhulk341.893
To the Slaughter341.73
Thing in the Ice343.781
Liliana's Mastery333.32
Highland Lake331.573
Always Watching332.752
Immolating Glare332.062
Rootbound Crag333.02
Hidden Stockpile324.01
Advanced Stitchwing323.22
Lightning Strike323.561
Oath of Jace312.822
Scavenger Grounds301.673
Veteran Motorist303.751
Anointer Priest284.01
Arlinn Kord282.02
Sinister Concoction283.111
Goblin Dark-Dwellers282.552
Radiant Flames281.653
Dusk // Dawn272.452
Haze of Pollen273.861
Anointed Procession273.861
Trophy Mage273.861
Foundry Inspector273.861
Geier Reach Sanitarium271.04
Village Messenger273.861
Shielded Aether Thief262.891
Spell Shrivel262.02
Ob Nixilis Reignited261.243
Shefet Monitor253.571
Inventor's Apprentice253.571
Hanweir Garrison253.571
Nebelgast Herald252.781
Duskwatch Recruiter253.131
Expedition Envoy253.131
Wayward Servant244.01
Sweltering Suns242.42
Soul-Scar Mage244.01
Vizier of Tumbling Sands244.01
New Perspectives244.01
Spatial Contortion243.431
Zulaport Cutthroat243.431
Pull from Tomorrow231.772
Essence Extraction232.32
Weirding Wood233.831
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger231.922
Ifnir Deadlands221.832
Ammit Eternal223.671
Shadow of the Grave223.671
Yahenni's Expertise222.22
Hashep Oasis213.01
Cut // Ribbons212.12
Channeler Initiate212.631
Night Market Lookout213.51
Primal Druid213.51
Thalia's Lancers212.12
Lambholt Pacifist213.51
Reckless Bushwhacker213.51
Blighted Fen211.42
Bloodrage Brawler204.01
Bone Picker203.331
Fairgrounds Warden202.221
Forsaken Sanctuary202.51
Confirm Suspicions201.053
Ruins of Oran-Rief202.861
Stormchaser Mage204.01
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim202.221
Woodland Wanderer202.861
Sunscourge Champion192.111
Weaponcraft Enthusiast193.81
Collective Brutality192.381
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets191.362
Commit // Memory181.82
Yahenni, Undying Partisan182.251
Combustible Gearhulk183.01
Confiscation Coup181.52
Loam Dryad183.61
Rush of Adrenaline181.82
Sea Gate Wreckage181.82
Dragonskull Summit183.61
Renewed Faith183.61
Sram's Expertise173.41
Hollow One164.01
Sacred Cat162.671
Nissa, Vital Force161.452
Heron's Grace Champion163.21
Alms of the Vein164.01
Oath of Chandra162.291
Herald of Kozilek164.01
Bone Saw164.01
Hostile Desert151.52
Servo Exhibition153.01
Bruna, the Fading Light151.072
Mindwrack Demon153.01
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods152.51
Blighted Cataract151.362
Dissenter's Deliverance141.42
Herald of Anguish142.331
Baral's Expertise142.01
Deadlock Trap142.81
Syndicate Trafficker143.51
Aerial Responder143.51
Hanweir Battlements141.172
Meandering River142.81
Painful Truths142.01
Eldrazi Skyspawner142.81
Brutal Expulsion141.42
Nimble Obstructionist132.61
Summary Dismissal131.32
Sorin, Grim Nemesis131.441
World Breaker131.631
Crush of Tentacles132.61
Eldrazi Displacer132.61
Dead Weight133.251
Crested Sunmare124.00
Bounty of the Luxa123.01
Curator of Mysteries124.00
Binding Mummy122.41
Live Fast122.41
Harsh Scrutiny122.41
Oath of Liliana122.01
Lone Rider124.00
Drownyard Temple121.22
Cryptolith Rite123.01
Ever After121.51
Town Gossipmonger124.00
Scatter to the Winds122.41
Quarantine Field121.331
Natural Obsolescence111.12
Aether Meltdown112.21
Bedlam Reveler112.751
Distended Mindbender111.571
Descend upon the Sinful111.381
Linvala, the Preserver111.02
Spawning Bed111.571
Desert of the True103.330
Naga Vitalist103.330
Flameblade Adept103.330
Cartouche of Zeal102.51
Approach of the Second Sun101.671
Servo Schematic103.330
Implement of Combustion102.51
Maverick Thopterist103.330
Marionette Master102.51
Demon of Dark Schemes101.251
Kessig Prowler103.330
Weaver of Lightning103.330
Submerged Boneyard102.51
Nissa's Renewal102.01
Drana, Liberator of Malakir101.671
Driven // Despair93.00
Fleetwheel Cruiser91.81
Filigree Familiar92.251
Dovin Baan92.251
Corrupted Crossroads93.00
Pulse of Murasa91.81
Chandra, Flamecaller91.131
Kiora, Master of the Depths93.00
Carrier Thrall93.00
Hour of Promise84.00
Samut, Voice of Dissent81.61
Nissa, Steward of Elements82.01
Drake Haven84.00
Sweatworks Brawler84.00
Reverse Engineer82.670
Woodweaver's Puzzleknot82.670
Inventor's Goggles84.00
Saheeli Rai84.00
Skywhaler's Shot81.331
Glint-Sleeve Artisan84.00
Wretched Gryff82.01
Crumbling Vestige82.01
Weapons Trainer84.00
Warping Wail82.01
Horribly Awry82.01
Hour of Devastation71.751
Razaketh, the Foulblooded71.41
Spring // Mind73.50
Angel of Sanctions71.171
Bastion Inventor73.50
Ceremonious Rejection71.751
Aviary Mechanic73.50
Gisa and Geralf71.751
Eldritch Evolution73.50
Stone Haven Outfitter72.330
Wasteland Strangler73.50
Vile Aggregate72.330
Netcaster Spider72.330
Sylvan Scrying73.50
Beneath the Sands63.00
Vizier of the Menagerie62.00
Baral, Chief of Compliance63.00
Depala, Pilot Exemplar62.00
Spontaneous Artist63.00
Maulfist Doorbuster62.00
Stitcher's Graft62.00
Splendid Reclamation63.00
Bold Impaler63.00
Blood Mist61.51
Stone Quarry63.00
Deathcap Cultivator63.00
Byway Courier63.00
Pick the Brain62.00
Flaying Tendrils61.01
Ondu Champion63.00
Magmatic Chasm63.00
Pilgrim's Eye61.51
Verdant Catacombs63.00
Felidar Sovereign63.00
Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh51.01
Razaketh's Rite51.670
Start // Finish52.50
Forsake the Worldly51.670
Glassblower's Puzzleknot52.50
Kambal, Consul of Allocation51.670
Durable Handicraft52.50
Commencement of Festivities52.50
Fateful Showdown52.50
Dhund Operative52.50
Select for Inspection52.50
Visionary Augmenter52.50
Ulvenwald Observer52.50
Gnarlwood Dryad52.50
Succumb to Temptation52.50
Olivia's Dragoon52.50
Liliana's Elite52.50
Gavony Unhallowed52.50
Silverfur Partisan52.50
Markov Dreadknight52.50
Essence Flux52.50
Chaplain's Blessing52.50
Kor Sky Climber51.670
Part the Waterveil52.50
Oblivion Sower52.50
Culling Drone52.50
Brood Monitor52.50
Abrupt Decay52.50
Hamlet Captain52.50
Crypt of the Eternals44.00
Grind // Dust44.00
Claim // Fame44.00
Sand Strangler44.00
Mummy Paramount44.00
Desert's Hold44.00
Enigma Drake44.00
Bloodlust Inciter44.00
Plague Belcher44.00
Devoted Crop-Mate42.00
Scrap Trawler44.00
Inspiring Statuary44.00
Tezzeret's Touch44.00
Narnam Renegade42.00
Druid of the Cowl44.00
Release the Gremlins42.00
Hungry Flames42.00
Battle at the Bridge41.330
Countless Gears Renegade44.00
Flame Lash41.330
Perpetual Timepiece44.00
Animation Module44.00
Empyreal Voyager44.00
Cultivator of Blades44.00
Welding Sparks44.00
Terror of the Fairgrounds42.00
Thriving Turtle44.00
Paradoxical Outcome44.00
Metallurgic Summonings41.330
Master Trinketeer44.00
Authority of the Consuls42.00
Bloodhall Priest44.00
Distemper of the Blood42.00
Niblis of Frost44.00
Curious Homunculus44.00
Contingency Plan44.00
Howlpack Resurgence44.00
Crawling Sensation44.00
Vessel of Volatility44.00
Ravenous Bloodseeker44.00
Pyre Hound42.00
Ember-Eye Wolf42.00
Heir of Falkenrath44.00
Sleep Paralysis42.00
Pieces of the Puzzle44.00
Manic Scribe44.00
Stern Constable44.00
Hedron Crawler44.00
Captain's Claws44.00
Natural State42.00
Bearer of Silence44.00
Warden of Geometries44.00
Voracious Null42.00
Undergrowth Champion44.00
Snapping Gnarlid42.00
Resolute Blademaster44.00
Kor Bladewhirl44.00
Greenwarden of Murasa41.01
Forerunner of Slaughter42.00
Eyeless Watcher44.00
Drana's Emissary44.00
Dominator Drone42.00
Ally Encampment44.00
Chief of the Foundry44.00
Temple of Malady44.00
Returned Reveler44.00
Pharika's Chosen44.00
Ordeal of Nylea44.00
Terramorphic Expanse44.00
Dark Confidant44.00
Gaze of Granite44.00
Deathrite Shaman44.00
Baleful Strix44.00
Lotleth Troll44.00
Glacial Fortress44.00
Barren Moor44.00
Snapcaster Mage44.00
Force of Will44.00
Raise Dead44.00
Polluted Delta44.00
Desert of the Fervent31.50
Striped Riverwinder33.00
Aven Wind Guide33.00
Gift of Paradise33.00
Faith of the Devoted31.00
Bontu the Glorified31.50
Vizier of Many Faces31.50
Trial of Solidarity33.00
Lifecrafter's Bestiary31.50
Hope of Ghirapur31.50
Tezzeret the Schemer33.00
Heroic Intervention31.00
Aethergeode Miner33.00
Nissa, Nature's Artisan33.00
Cogworker's Puzzleknot33.00
Aetherflux Reservoir31.50
Wily Bandar33.00
Sage of Shaila's Claim33.00
Appetite for the Unnatural31.00
Spark of Creativity33.00
Aethertorch Renegade31.50
Thriving Rats33.00
Era of Innovation33.00
Wolfkin Bond33.00
Ulvenwald Captive33.00
Springsage Ritual31.00
Emrakul's Influence33.00
Dusk Feaster33.00
Spontaneous Mutation33.00
Fortune's Favor33.00
Geist of the Lonely Vigil33.00
Choking Restraints33.00
Altered Ego33.00
Ulvenwald Hydra31.50
Seasons Past31.50
Moldgraf Scavenger33.00
Aim High33.00
Ulrich's Kindred33.00
Stensia Masquerade33.00
Scourge Wolf33.00
Geier Reach Bandit33.00
Dance with Devils33.00
Convicted Killer33.00
Breakneck Rider33.00
Grotesque Mutation33.00
Startled Awake33.00
Canopy Gorger33.00
Zada's Commando31.50
Vampire Envoy33.00
Tar Snare33.00
Null Caller33.00
Grip of the Roil31.50
Gift of Tusks33.00
Isolation Zone31.50
Volcanic Upheaval33.00
Vestige of Emrakul33.00
Vampiric Rites31.00
Sure Strike33.00
Skyrider Elf33.00
Silent Skimmer31.50
Sandstone Bridge31.50
Retreat to Hagra31.50
Ondu Greathorn33.00
Mire's Malice31.50
Makindi Sliderunner33.00
Lantern Scout33.00
Jaddi Offshoot31.50
Defiant Bloodlord33.00
Mind Rot33.00
Altar's Reap31.50
Renowned Weaver33.00
Executioner's Capsule33.00
Varolz, the Scar-Striped33.00
Overgrown Tomb33.00
Faithless Looting33.00
Woodland Cemetery33.00
Goblin War Paint33.00
Smite the Monstrous33.00
Underground Sea33.00
Scalding Tarn33.00
Treetop Village33.00
Chainer's Edict33.00
Desert of the Glorified22.00
Consign // Oblivion21.00
Samut, the Tested22.00
Hour of Glory21.00
Banewhip Punisher22.00
Reduce // Rubble22.00
Insult // Injury22.00
Wander in Death21.00
Trial of Ambition22.00
Kefnet the Mindful21.00
Gideon's Intervention21.00
Cartouche of Solidarity22.00
Paradox Engine22.00
Pacification Array21.00
Implement of Improvement22.00
Whir of Invention22.00
Sky Skiff22.00
Rashmi, Eternities Crafter22.00
Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter22.00
Chandra's Pyrohelix22.00
Morbid Curiosity22.00
Weldfast Wingsmith22.00
Aethersquall Ancient22.00
Aether Theorist22.00
Ninth Bridge Patrol22.00
Acrobatic Maneuver22.00
Leovold, Emissary of Trest22.00
Cryptolith Fragment22.00
Somberwald Stag22.00
Crop Sigil22.00
Clear Shot22.00
Stensia Innkeeper22.00
Make Mischief22.00
Markov Crusader22.00
Boon of Emrakul22.00
Laboratory Brute22.00
Subjugator Angel22.00
Collective Effort22.00
Eternal Scourge22.00
Decimator of the Provinces22.00
Woodland Stream22.00
Sigarda, Heron's Grace22.00
The Gitrog Monster22.00
Moonlight Hunt22.00
Autumnal Gloom22.00
Malevolent Whispers22.00
Incorrigible Youths22.00
Stromkirk Mentor22.00
Pale Rider of Trostad22.00
Indulgent Aristocrat21.00
Behind the Scenes22.00
Just the Wind22.00
Invasive Surgery22.00
Engulf the Shore22.00
Spectral Shepherd22.00
Pious Evangel21.00
Odric, Lunarch Marshal21.00
Gryff's Boon22.00
Ethereal Guidance22.00
Stoneforge Masterwork21.00
Mina and Denn, Wildborn22.00
Bonds of Mortality22.00
Devour in Flames22.00
Brute Strength22.00
Untamed Hunger22.00
Corpse Churn22.00
Unnatural Endurance21.00
Prophet of Distortion22.00
Cultivator Drone22.00
Affa Protector22.00
Valakut Predator22.00
Touch of the Void22.00
Swarm Surge22.00
Sludge Crawler22.00
Retreat to Kazandu21.00
Processor Assault22.00
Nirkana Assassin21.00
Nettle Drone22.00
Molten Nursery22.00
Mind Raker22.00
Looming Spires22.00
Kozilek's Sentinel22.00
Firemantle Mage22.00
Encircling Fissure22.00
Dust Stalker22.00
Demon's Grasp22.00
Conduit of Ruin22.00
Complete Disregard21.00
Barrage Tyrant21.00
Akoum Firebird22.00
Kolaghan's Command22.00
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth22.00
Satyr Wayfinder22.00
Strength from the Fallen22.00
Nyx Weaver22.00
Nemesis of Mortals22.00
Commune with the Gods22.00
Rise from the Grave21.00
Buried Alive22.00
Bone Splinters22.00
Diregraf Ghoul22.00
Fauna Shaman22.00
Volcanic Island22.00
Death's Shadow22.00
Jace, the Mind Sculptor22.00
Turn Aside22.00
Hymn to Tourach22.00
Sickening Dreams22.00
Endless Sands11.00
The Scorpion God11.00
Torment of Hailfire11.00
Bontu's Last Reckoning11.00
Countervailing Winds11.00
Onward // Victory11.00
Glyph Keeper11.00
Oketra the True11.00
Gideon of the Trials11.00
Weldfast Engineer11.00
Ajani Unyielding11.00
Ridgescale Tusker11.00
Lightning Runner11.00
Thopter Arrest11.00
Take Down11.00
Spireside Infiltrator11.00
Skyship Stalker11.00
Lawless Broker11.00
Ambitious Aetherborn11.00
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde11.00
Stensia Banquet11.00
Insatiable Gorgers11.00
Brazen Wolves11.00
Vampire Cutthroat11.00
Certain Death11.00
Imprisoned in the Moon11.00
Geist of the Archives11.00
Docent of Perfection11.00
Fiend Binder11.00
Dawn Gryff11.00
Soul Swallower11.00
Root Out11.00
Structural Distortion11.00
Howlpack Wolf11.00
Elusive Tormentor11.00
Call the Bloodline11.00
Jace's Scrutiny11.00
Compelling Deterrence11.00
Broken Concentration11.00
Humble the Brute11.00
Apothecary Geist11.00
Angel of Deliverance11.00
Timber Gorge11.00
Seer's Lantern11.00
Cliffhaven Vampire11.00
Seed Guardian11.00
Loam Larva11.00
Eldrazi Obligator11.00
Malakir Soothsayer11.00
Drana's Chosen11.00
Oblivion Strike11.00
Sphinx of the Final Word11.00
Overwhelming Denial11.00
Wall of Resurgence11.00
Spawnbinder Mage11.00
Shoulder to Shoulder11.00
Relief Captain11.00
Ondu War Cleric11.00
Iona's Blessing11.00
Tunneling Geopede11.00
Tajuru Warcaller11.00
Stone Haven Medic11.00
Smothering Abomination11.00
Shadow Glider11.00
Serpentine Spike11.00
Seek the Wilds11.00
Roil's Retribution11.00
Mortuary Mire11.00
Kalastria Nightwatch11.00
Grip of Desolation11.00
Drowner of Hope11.00
Crumble to Dust11.00
Clutch of Currents11.00
Bloodbond Vampire11.00
Blighted Steppe11.00
Bane of Bala Ged11.00
Angelic Gift11.00
Angel of Renewal11.00
Inspired Charge11.00
Avatar of Woe11.00
Sheoldred, Whispering One11.00
Glissa, the Traitor11.00
Lightning Bolt11.00
Tropical Island11.00
Dragonmaster Outcast11.00
Iona, Shield of Emeria11.00
Sphinx of the Steel Wind11.00
Empyrial Archangel11.00
Hellkite Overlord11.00
Creakwood Liege11.00
Creeping Mold11.00
Blazing Archon11.00
Shizo, Death's Storehouse11.00
Bloodstained Mire11.00
Diabolic Edict11.00


Mulligans 46 percent of the time
Generate Magarena Deck

Standard XLN by AI

Deck ListWinsLossesRating
No Archetype14471078697
No Archetype15931158512
No Archetype28779259
No Archetype29382177
No Archetype24699124
No Archetype67743854
No Archetype658402-4
No Archetype13181443-60
No Archetype21141562-96
No Archetype10061544-110
No Archetype11481408-149
No Archetype9491671-159
No Archetype7391917-195
No Archetype17672348-224
No Archetype21311759-290
No Archetype15601205-371

Standard XLN MTGO League Results

Competitive 5-0Challenge 7-0