Archetype: Elves

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Elvish Visionary10983.8792
Nettle Sentinel10483.8288
Quirion Ranger10323.7589
Wirewood Symbiote9933.9781
Green Sun's Zenith9653.9978
Deathrite Shaman9623.9878
Glimpse of Nature9564.077
Gaea's Cradle9463.9477
Heritage Druid8173.4277
Natural Order7913.3975
Windswept Heath6913.0673
Wooded Foothills6393.166
Dryad Arbor4831.9480
Craterhoof Behemoth4771.9380
Verdant Catacombs4442.8351
Birchlore Rangers4271.7380
Misty Rainforest3672.6844
Reclamation Sage2391.0872
Cavern of Souls1811.4141
Llanowar Elves1621.8628
Timberwatch Elf1093.5210
Elvish Mystic1082.415
Scavenging Ooze1051.0134
Lys Alana Huntmaster1013.3710
Fyndhorn Elves962.015
Sylvan Ranger632.528
Distant Melody604.05
Nissa, Vital Force571.4613
Priest of Titania533.315
Elvish Vanguard523.065
Shaman of the Pack391.1811
Bloodstained Mire393.554
Cinder Glade382.535
Essence Warden352.55
Atarka's Command324.03
Dwynen's Elite291.715
Sylvan Library291.09
Wren's Run Packmaster291.049
Crop Rotation291.049
Monastery Swiftspear284.02
Abbot of Keral Keep273.862
Abrupt Decay252.274
Wild Slash244.02
Tropical Island241.147
Boreal Druid244.02
Leovold, Emissary of Trest221.07
Titan's Strength204.02
Dragon Fodder204.02
Hangarback Walker193.82
Temur Battle Rage193.172
Llanowar Wastes193.82
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed191.06
Umezawa's Jitte171.215
Scythe Leopard164.01
Become Immense162.672
Game Trail153.751
Makindi Sliderunner143.51
Jungle Hollow132.172
Abundant Growth132.62
Snow-Covered Forest136.51
Aether Hub124.01
Voltaic Brawler124.01
Longtusk Cub124.01
Bristling Hydra124.01
Blossoming Defense124.01
Attune with Aether124.01
Zurgo Bellstriker123.01
Collected Company124.01
Satyr Wayfinder122.42
Viridian Longbow121.23
Westvale Abbey113.671
Arlinn Kord113.671
Liliana, Heretical Healer112.751
Arbor Elf111.572
Gaddock Teeg111.04
Jaddi Offshoot103.331
Lightning Berserker92.251
Evolving Wilds91.82
Vines of Vastwood91.82
Electrostatic Pummeler84.01
Servant of the Conduit84.01
Larger Than Life84.01
Loam Dryad84.01
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar84.01
World Breaker84.01
Spatial Contortion84.01
Sanctum of Ugin84.01
Gnarlroot Trapper84.01
Thornbow Archer84.01
Crater's Claws84.01
Lightning Strike84.01
Commune with the Gods84.01
Veteran Explorer84.01
Explosive Vegetation84.01
Farhaven Elf81.62
Leaf Gilder84.01
Cabal Therapy84.01
Lathnu Hellion73.51
Cryptolith Rite73.51
Uncaged Fury73.51
Evolutionary Leap72.331
Winnower Patrol71.751
Elvish Branchbender71.751
Thornweald Archer71.42
Fiery Temper73.51
Tireless Tracker62.01
Swell of Growth63.01
Snapping Gnarlid63.01
Strangleroot Geist63.01
Nezumi Graverobber62.01
Stone Rain63.01
Spidersilk Armor61.22
Zulaport Cutthroat52.51
Nissa's Renewal52.51
Pia and Kiran Nalaar52.51
Tormenting Voice52.51
Pernicious Deed52.51
Ultimate Price52.51
Nantuko Husk52.51
Viscera Seer52.51
Imperious Perfect52.51
Wood Elves51.02
Sylvan Messenger52.51
Multani's Acolyte51.251
Heart of Kiran44.00
Greenbelt Rampager44.00
Spirebluff Canal44.00
Weaponcraft Enthusiast44.00
Incendiary Flow44.00
Voldaren Pariah44.00
Dark Salvation44.00
Fevered Visions44.00
Lambholt Pacifist44.00
Deathcap Cultivator44.00
Relentless Dead44.00
Diregraf Colossus44.00
Wandering Fumarole44.00
Stormchaser Mage44.00
Sylvan Advocate44.00
Reaver Drone44.00
Bearer of Silence44.00
Thought-Knot Seer44.00
Matter Reshaper44.00
Woodland Wanderer44.00
Volcanic Upheaval44.00
Sludge Crawler44.00
Carrier Thrall44.00
Goblin Glory Chaser44.00
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen42.01
Thopter Engineer44.00
Exquisite Firecraft44.00
Ghostfire Blade44.00
Siege Rhino44.00
Heir of the Wilds44.00
Murderous Cut44.00
Bloodsoaked Champion44.00
Caves of Koilos44.00
Temple of Malady44.00
Eidolon of Blossoms44.00
Doomwake Giant44.00
Sylvan Caryatid44.00
Voyaging Satyr44.00
Eternal Witness41.01
Lava Spike44.00
Golgari Guildgate44.00
Rupture Spire42.01
Shardless Agent44.00
Baleful Strix44.00
Krosan Tusker41.331
Geist of Saint Traft44.00
Wolfir Silverheart44.00
Rampant Growth41.01
Spectral Flight44.00
Birds of Paradise44.00
Invisible Stalker44.00
Grasp of Darkness44.00
Mold Shambler41.01
Noble Hierarch44.00
Force of Will44.00
Deus of Calamity44.00
Sylvan Scrying42.01
Creeping Mold44.00
Llanowar Mentor44.00
Coiling Oracle44.00
Golgari Brownscale44.00
Gnat Miser44.00
Zo-Zu the Punisher44.00
Honden of Night's Reach44.00
Waking Nightmare44.00
Okiba-Gang Shinobi44.00
Akki Blizzard-Herder44.00
Ghost-Lit Stalker44.00
Tainted Wood42.01
Quirion Sentinel44.00
Tortured Existence44.00
Invigorated Rampage33.00
Smuggler's Copter33.00
Thorn of the Black Rose33.00
Geier Reach Sanitarium33.00
Bedlam Reveler33.00
Vessel of Nascency33.00
Duskwatch Recruiter33.00
Rush of Adrenaline33.00
Timber Gorge33.00
Crumbling Vestige33.00
Hedron Crawler33.00
Fall of the Titans33.00
Reality Smasher33.00
Caller of the Pack31.01
Wasteland Strangler33.00
Undergrowth Champion33.00
Retreat to Valakut33.00
Lumbering Falls33.00
Foundry of the Consuls33.00
Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh31.51
Ire Shaman31.51
Map the Wastes33.00
Shaman of Spring31.01
Ranger's Guile31.01
Hornet Queen33.00
Ghostblade Eidolon33.00
Arbor Colossus33.00
Whip of Erebos33.00
Vivid Crag33.00
Riot Piker33.00
Rakdos Guildgate33.00
Ivy Lane Denizen31.01
Rogue's Passage31.01
Fiery Conclusion33.00
Beast Within31.01
Khalni Garden31.01
Whispersilk Cloak31.01
Transguild Promenade31.51
Sunpetal Grove33.00
Yavimaya Elder31.51
Spike Feeder31.01
Artisan of Kozilek31.01
Golgari Rot Farm33.00
Haunted Fengraf31.01
Hinterland Harbor33.00
Sheltering Word31.01
Arachnus Web31.01
Jade Mage31.51
Birthing Pod33.00
Sylvok Replica31.01
Arc Lightning33.00
Desert Twister31.01
Wildheart Invoker31.01
Grazing Gladehart31.01
Scattershot Archer31.01
Elvish Hunter31.01
Turntimber Grove31.01
Hoof Skulkin31.01
Lys Alana Bowmaster31.01
Wickerbough Elder31.01
Nurturer Initiate31.01
Skyshroud Ranger31.01
Civic Wayfinder31.01
Elvish Champion33.00
Evolution Charm31.01
Sakura-Tribe Elder31.01
Elf Replica31.01
Elvish Pioneer31.01
Darksteel Pendant31.01
Druid Lyrist31.01
Llanowar Elite31.01
Spore Frog33.00
Quirion Trailblazer31.01
Elven Cache31.01
Yavimaya Granger31.01
Elvish Herder31.01
Elvish Fury31.01
Broken Fall31.01
Driven // Despair22.00
Sheltered Thicket22.00
Liliana, the Last Hope22.00
Highland Lake22.00
Wolf of Devil's Breach22.00
Insolent Neonate22.00
Geier Reach Bandit22.00
Sinister Concoction22.00
Sanitarium Skeleton22.00
Sea Gate Wreckage22.00
Goblin Dark-Dwellers22.00
Warping Wail22.00
Touch of the Void22.00
Rending Volley22.00
Whisperwood Elemental22.00
Mardu Scout22.00
Goblin Heelcutter21.01
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon22.00
Scoured Barrens22.00
Vampire Hexmage22.00
Morkrut Banshee22.00
Goblin Shortcutter22.00
Walker of the Grove21.01
Terramorphic Expanse21.01
Stinkweed Imp22.00
Vivid Grove22.00
Selesnya Guildgate22.00
Experiment One21.01
Wight of Precinct Six21.01
Ravenous Rats22.00
Wall of Blossoms22.00
Vampire Nighthawk21.01
Temple Garden22.00
Tranquil Thicket21.01
Aquastrand Spider21.01
Fleshbag Marauder21.01
Goblin Tunneler22.00
Disciple of Griselbrand21.01
Evernight Shade21.01
Vow of Malice22.00
Phyrexian Rager21.01
Blisterstick Shaman22.00
Ichor Wellspring21.01
Innocent Blood22.00
Mask of Memory21.01
Underground Sea22.00
Pilgrim's Eye21.01
Joraga Warcaller21.01
Goblin Gaveleer22.00
Carnage Altar22.00
Tuktuk Grunts22.00
Drove of Elves21.01
Jagged-Scar Archers22.00
Elvish Harbinger22.00
Grave Scrabbler22.00
Bottle Gnomes22.00
Seal of Doom21.01
Indrik Stomphowler22.00
Phyrexian Gargantua21.01
Nullmage Shepherd22.00
Myojin of Night's Reach22.00
Hand of Cruelty22.00
Goblin Striker22.00
Spikeshot Goblin22.00
Krark-Clan Shaman22.00
Tribal Forcemage21.01
Wirewood Pride21.01
Tainted Field22.00
Crypt Rats22.00
Fire Diamond21.01
Phyrexian Reclamation21.01
Recurring Nightmare21.01
Titania's Chosen21.01
Slippery Karst21.01
Rishkar, Peema Renegade11.00
Ash Barrens11.00
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship11.00
Built to Smash11.00
Howlpack Resurgence11.00
Avacyn's Judgment11.00
Thought Vessel11.00
Meren of Clan Nel Toth11.00
Herald of the Host11.00
Banshee of the Dread Choir11.00
Vampiric Rites11.00
Smoldering Marsh11.00
Painful Truths11.00
Omnath, Locus of Rage11.00
Ob Nixilis Reignited11.00
Blighted Fen11.00
Woodland Bellower11.00
Scab-Clan Berserker11.00
Sidisi, Undead Vizier11.00
Minister of Pain11.00
Collateral Damage11.00
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant11.00
Terra Stomper11.00
Vow of Duty11.00
Tragic Slip11.00
Edric, Spymaster of Trest11.00
Chartooth Cougar11.00
Altar's Reap11.00
Stoneshock Giant11.00
Gray Merchant of Asphodel11.00
Burnished Hart11.00
Boon Satyr11.00
Blood Bairn11.00
Archangel of Thune11.00
Deadly Recluse11.00
Myr Retriever11.00
Penumbra Spider11.00
Stinkdrinker Daredevil11.00
Kitchen Finks11.00
Path to Exile11.00
Vivid Marsh11.00
Vivid Meadow11.00
Orzhov Guildgate11.00
Orzhov Cluestone11.00
Beck // Call11.00
Gruul Guildgate11.00
Boros Cluestone11.00
Stomping Ground11.00
Goblin Battle Jester11.00
Mudbutton Torchrunner11.00
Cage of Hands11.00
Kazandu Refuge11.00
Goblin Rally11.00
Korozda Guildmage11.00
Goblin Arsonist11.00
Acidic Slime11.00
Street Spasm11.00
Grim Flowering11.00
Overgrown Tomb11.00
Selesnya Charm11.00
Worldspine Wurm11.00
Mogg Flunkies11.00
Journey to Nowhere11.00
Baloth Woodcrasher11.00
Akoum Refuge11.00
Bojuka Bog11.00
Bestial Menace11.00
Evincar's Justice11.00
Razorjaw Oni11.00
Oni of Wild Places11.00
Hunting Pack11.00
Fierce Empath11.00
Rapacious One11.00
Selesnya Evangel11.00
Golgari Guildmage11.00
Flametongue Kavu11.00
Deadwood Treefolk11.00
Lightning Greaves11.00
Gwyllion Hedge-Mage11.00
Faithless Looting11.00
Sun Titan11.00
Pillar of Flame11.00
Barter in Blood11.00
Bone Splinters11.00
Vow of Wildness11.00
Act of Aggression11.00
Spider Spawning11.00
Goblin Piker11.00
Stingerfling Spider11.00
Liquimetal Coating11.00
Panic Spellbomb11.00
Fume Spitter11.00
Avenger of Zendikar11.00
Spoils of Victory11.00
Ezuri, Renegade Leader11.00
Survival Cache11.00
Joraga Treespeaker11.00
Marsh Flats11.00
Jackal Familiar11.00
Raging Goblin11.00
Lava Burst11.00
Scarland Thrinax11.00
Torch Slinger11.00
Savage Lands11.00
Banishing Knack11.00
Hunting Triad11.00
Rhys the Redeemed11.00
Regal Force11.00
Immaculate Magistrate11.00
Llanowar Reborn11.00
Horizon Canopy11.00
Skyhunter Skirmisher11.00
Grave Peril11.00
Coldsteel Heart11.00
Fallen Ideal11.00
Lightning Axe11.00
Seal of Fire11.00
Elvish Skysweeper11.00
Vulshok Gauntlets11.00
One Dozen Eyes11.00
Sprouting Vines11.00
Ambition's Cost11.00
Krosan Warchief11.00
Dirge of Dread11.00
Wirewood Herald11.00
Heedless One11.00
Polluted Delta11.00
Sylvan Safekeeper11.00
Kyren Sniper11.00
Sky Diamond11.00
Phyrexian Tower11.00
Crystal Chimes11.00
Volrath's Stronghold11.00
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves11.00
Seedling Charm11.00


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