Archetype: Eldrazi and Taxes

a.k.a: Black-White Eldrazi,Eldrazi & Taxes,Eldrazi Taxes,White-Black Eldrazi ,White-Black Eldrazi and Taxes

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Path to Exile10433.9587
Ghost Quarter9343.8381
Eldrazi Temple8993.9875
Caves of Koilos8923.8676
Thought-Knot Seer8653.9572
Aether Vial8493.9970
Eldrazi Displacer8363.4879
Leonin Arbiter7963.9666
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben7863.6272
Tidehollow Sculler7693.8666
Wasteland Strangler7543.3275
Concealed Courtyard5833.8150
Shambling Vent5412.5371
Godless Shrine4682.5261
Blade Splicer2532.4334
Reality Smasher2392.5731
Lingering Souls2273.6620
Relic of Progenitus1983.0521
Dark Confidant1692.4922
Inquisition of Kozilek1673.2117
Restoration Angel1593.017
Thraben Inspector1303.2513
Marsh Flats1143.013
Fatal Push942.0415
Horizon Canopy903.010
Shefet Dunes842.4711
Tectonic Edge782.1712
Thalia, Heretic Cathar721.4716
Wall of Omens613.396
Kitchen Finks592.817
Grasp of Darkness453.754
Isolated Chapel432.396
Sea Gate Wreckage421.758
Collective Brutality411.529
Fetid Heath411.2111
Vault of the Archangel391.0812
Field of Ruin361.896
Blight Herder352.924
Cavern of Souls351.468
Smuggler's Copter331.746
Ruinous Path323.563
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet292.93
Bearer of Silence284.02
Evolving Wilds283.53
Chalice of the Void284.02
Simian Spirit Guide284.02
Ob Nixilis Reignited273.383
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar273.383
Pack Rat273.862
Aven Mindcensor271.56
Selfless Spirit262.364
Llanowar Wastes263.253
Stasis Snare243.03
Spatial Contortion233.832
Snow-Covered Plains237.671
Sorin, Solemn Visitor211.754
Gemstone Caverns212.633
Scrapheap Scrounger204.02
Sylvan Advocate204.02
Warping Wail204.02
Matter Reshaper202.862
Desecration Demon204.02
Hedron Crawler193.82
Serra Avenger181.83
Westvale Abbey171.73
Anguished Unmaking172.432
Tireless Tracker173.42
Phyrexian Revoker171.215
Mirran Crusader171.893
Windbrisk Heights173.42
Hero's Downfall164.01
Eiganjo Castle161.05
Liliana of the Veil152.142
Fiend Hunter153.02
Declaration in Stone142.82
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar143.51
Underworld Connections143.51
Pride of Conquerors124.01
Sram's Expertise124.01
Blooming Marsh124.01
Servo Exhibition124.01
Lambholt Pacifist124.01
Hissing Quagmire122.02
Canopy Vista122.42
Intangible Virtue124.01
Gray Merchant of Asphodel124.01
Relentless Rats1212.00
Archangel Avacyn113.671
Sunken Hollow113.671
Den Protector113.671
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit113.671
Devour Flesh112.751
Gonti, Lord of Luxury101.253
Sinister Concoction103.331
Prairie Stream103.331
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon102.02
Bile Blight102.51
Nightveil Specter103.331
Sunpetal Grove103.331
Voldaren Pariah93.01
Lantern Scout93.01
Temple of Deceit93.01
Temple of Silence93.01
Verdant Catacombs93.01
History of Benalia84.01
Benalish Marshal84.01
Huatli, Radiant Champion84.01
Adorned Pouncer84.01
Scattered Groves84.01
Ajani Unyielding82.671
Toolcraft Exemplar84.01
Haunted Dead84.01
Always Watching82.671
Tranquil Expanse84.01
Endless One84.01
Drana, Liberator of Malakir82.671
Blighted Fen81.332
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth81.142
Battlefield Forge84.01
Timely Reinforcements84.01
Shining Shoal82.01
Windswept Heath82.671
Ifnir Deadlands73.51
Authority of the Consuls72.331
Spell Queller73.51
Ratchet Bomb71.172
Zealous Persecution71.751
Liliana, the Last Hope61.22
Mausoleum Wanderer63.01
Wall of Resurgence61.51
Secure the Wastes63.01
Rogue's Passage61.22
Overgrown Tomb63.01
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad62.01
Go for the Throat63.01
Polluted Delta62.01
Key to the City52.51
Brimaz, King of Oreskos51.671
Lifebane Zombie52.51
Hallowed Fountain51.671
Ultimate Price52.51
Bojuka Bog51.02
Surgical Extraction52.51
Mind Stone52.51
Flooded Strand52.51
Ammit Eternal44.00
Liliana's Mastery44.00
Dread Wanderer44.00
Walking Ballista42.01
Gifted Aetherborn44.00
Aether Hub44.00
Minister of Inquiries44.00
Nebelgast Herald44.00
Duskwatch Recruiter44.00
Heir of Falkenrath44.00
Diregraf Colossus44.00
Angelic Purge44.00
Spawnbinder Mage44.00
Eldrazi Mimic44.00
Oblivion Sower44.00
Eldrazi Skyspawner44.00
Hangarback Walker44.00
Vryn Wingmare41.331
Fiery Impulse44.00
Collected Company44.00
Monastery Mentor44.00
Nomad Outpost44.00
Altar of the Brood44.00
Murderous Cut42.01
Yavimaya Coast44.00
Wall of Essence44.00
Capashen Knight44.00
Elixir of Immortality44.00
Celestial Flare44.00
Doom Blade44.00
Chromatic Lantern44.00
Ravenous Rats44.00
Temple Garden44.00
Gut Shot42.01
Birds of Paradise44.00
Dead Weight44.00
Phyrexian Crusader44.00
Razorverge Thicket44.00
Seachrome Coast44.00
Squadron Hawk44.00
Soul Warden44.00
Abyssal Persecutor44.00
Noble Hierarch44.00
Antler Skulkin44.00
Fulminator Mage41.331
Adarkar Wastes42.01
Thrumming Stone44.00
Flagstones of Trokair41.331
Mangara of Corondor41.331
Bloodstained Mire44.00
Remorseful Cleric31.51
Cast Down31.51
Scavenger Grounds31.01
Gideon of the Trials33.00
Cast Out33.00
Nissa, Vital Force31.01
Bygone Bishop33.00
Submerged Boneyard33.00
Needle Spires33.00
Reflector Mage33.00
Smoldering Marsh33.00
Scour from Existence33.00
Lumbering Falls33.00
Gideon's Reproach33.00
Bounding Krasis33.00
Eternal Witness33.00
Dryad Militant33.00
Detention Sphere33.00
Gavony Township31.51
Phyrexian Arena33.00
Ajani's Mantra33.00
Expedition Map33.00
Recumbent Bliss33.00
Spectral Procession33.00
Shalai, Voice of Plenty21.01
Hostage Taker22.00
Glory-Bound Initiate22.00
Aethersphere Harvester22.00
Thopter Arrest22.00
Geier Reach Sanitarium22.00
Stromkirk Condemned22.00
Malakir Soothsayer22.00
Slaughter Drone22.00
Sky Scourer22.00
Ondu War Cleric22.00
Isolation Zone22.00
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger22.00
Shadow Glider22.00
Mire's Malice22.00
Felidar Cub22.00
Spirit Bonds22.00
Banishing Light22.00
Drown in Sorrow22.00
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx22.00
Last Breath22.00
Elspeth, Sun's Champion22.00
Sanguine Bond22.00
Slaughter Pact21.01
Sword of Light and Shadow21.01
Cenn's Enlistment22.00
Blood Baron of Vizkopa22.00
Watery Grave21.01
Obzedat, Ghost Council22.00
Akroma, Angel of Fury22.00
Exquisite Blood22.00
Day of Judgment22.00
Inquisitor Exarch21.01
Hero of Bladehold22.00
Nihil Spellbomb21.01
Kor Firewalker22.00
Qasali Pridemage22.00
Arid Mesa21.01
Elspeth, Knight-Errant22.00
Mine Excavation22.00
Patrol Signaler22.00
Kithkin Zealot22.00
Ballynock Trapper22.00
Stillmoon Cavalier22.00
Springjack Shepherd22.00
Greater Auramancy22.00
Rune-Cervin Rider22.00
Wrath of God22.00
Mana Tithe22.00
Orzhov Pontiff22.00
Privileged Position22.00
Night's Whisper22.00
Sun Droplet22.00
Snow-Covered Swamp21.01
Endless Sands11.00
Ramunap Excavator11.00
Deadeye Harpooner11.00
Kambal, Consul of Allocation11.00
Thalia's Lieutenant11.00
Visions of Brutality11.00
Reaver Drone11.00
Essence Depleter11.00
Stoneforge Acolyte11.00
Makindi Aeronaut11.00
Make a Stand11.00
Kor Sky Climber11.00
Warden of Geometries11.00
Zulaport Cutthroat11.00
Stone Haven Medic11.00
Silent Skimmer11.00
Rising Miasma11.00
Ondu Greathorn11.00
Malakir Familiar11.00
Kitesail Scout11.00
Kalastria Healer11.00
Ghostly Sentinel11.00
Fortified Rampart11.00
Expedition Envoy11.00
Eldrazi Devastator11.00
Drana's Emissary11.00
Demon's Grasp11.00
Culling Drone11.00
Courier Griffin11.00
Complete Disregard11.00
Bloodbond Vampire11.00
Angel of Renewal11.00
Kytheon, Hero of Akros11.00
Spirit of the Labyrinth11.00
Glen Elendra Archmage11.00
Sword of Fire and Ice11.00
Blinkmoth Nexus11.00
Vampire Nighthawk11.00
Oblivion Ring11.00
Glacial Fortress11.00
Journey to Nowhere11.00
Archon of Justice11.00
Mighty Leap11.00
Smite the Monstrous11.00
Entomber Exarch11.00
Phyrexian Metamorph11.00
Goldenglow Moth11.00
Strider Harness11.00
Infiltration Lens11.00
Baneslayer Angel11.00
Armored Ascension11.00
Ancient Stirrings11.00
Lone Missionary11.00
Bone Saw11.00
Kithkin Shielddare11.00
Kithkin Spellduster11.00
Safehold Sentry11.00
Gnarled Effigy11.00
Ballynock Cohort11.00
Mirror Entity11.00
Burrenton Forge-Tender11.00
Barrenton Medic11.00
Aven Riftwatcher11.00
Weathered Wayfarer11.00
Auriok Champion11.00
Paladin en-Vec11.00


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Eldrazi and Taxes69-59
Eldrazi and Taxes69-73

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