Archetype: No Archetype

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Force of Will11173.9816
Polluted Delta11063.4518
Lightning Bolt10333.6516
Flooded Strand7903.4313
Aether Hub7283.711
Snapcaster Mage7173.2612
Misty Rainforest6743.1312
Scalding Tarn6693.4111
Swords to Plowshares6353.769
Evolving Wilds6152.8212
Verdant Catacombs5803.2610
Windswept Heath5803.549
Fatal Push5093.398
Wooded Foothills4983.398
Abrupt Decay4883.218
Jace, the Mind Sculptor4832.5810
Underground Sea4782.959
Spell Pierce4402.679
Walking Ballista4273.477
Baleful Strix3993.566
Bloodstained Mire3663.137
Volcanic Island3622.857
Tireless Tracker3563.156
Stoneforge Mystic3553.75
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth3503.436
Expedition Map3333.475
Lotus Petal3333.965
Noble Hierarch3323.655
Blooming Marsh3243.65
Botanical Sanctum3223.665
Splinter Twin3073.994
Steam Vents3052.76
Deceiver Exarch3043.84
Sea Gate Oracle3033.295
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn3012.956
Spirebluff Canal2933.714
Tropical Island2782.56
Scrapheap Scrounger2763.784
Llanowar Elves2723.245
Servant of the Conduit2543.684
Path to Exile2513.34
Delver of Secrets2473.864
Spell Snare2372.665
Prairie Stream2333.74
Grasp of Darkness2323.464
Dark Confidant2273.394
Chalice of the Void2273.913
Scavenging Ooze2242.156
Thraben Inspector2143.823
Irrigated Farmland2133.493
Wandering Fumarole2133.493
Marsh Flats2112.545
Cathartic Reunion2103.893
Canopy Vista2063.274
Battlefield Forge2063.323
Flame Slash2043.244
Shambling Vent2023.164
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar2023.313
Street Wraith2003.923
Blood Moon1953.253
Grove of the Burnwillows1943.663
Shivan Reef1922.874
Cast Out1883.133
Sylvan Advocate1793.733
Sylvan Scrying1783.793
Fiery Temper1783.793
Concealed Courtyard1763.593
Umezawa's Jitte1751.646
Compulsive Research1722.973
Ancient Stirrings1713.982
Sulfur Falls1683.03
Crop Rotation1682.93
Vraska's Contempt1653.443
Champion of Wits1653.932
Inspiring Vantage1643.732
Magma Spray1633.083
Eye of Ugin1632.723
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet1623.383
Snow-Covered Mountain1618.051
Violent Outburst1573.932
Aether Vial1563.92
Fetid Pools1553.33
Ipnu Rivulet1543.283
Fiery Impulse1543.762
Archangel Avacyn1533.333
Swiftwater Cliffs1532.943
Sneak Attack1533.922
Merfolk Branchwalker1523.82
Eternal Witness1522.084
Ghost Quarter1522.453
Fulminator Mage1524.02
Pernicious Deed1512.93
Hinterland Harbor1512.14
Snow-Covered Island1515.592
Sanctum of Ugin1502.783
Haunted Fengraf1501.974
Demonic Dread1503.852
Arid Mesa1492.294
Knight of the Reliquary1483.442
Declaration in Stone1473.23
Terramorphic Expanse1461.595
Deadshot Minotaur1463.842
Scattered Groves1453.722
Stasis Snare1453.32
Monstrous Carabid1453.922
Drowned Catacomb1443.272
Smoldering Marsh1433.043
Hymn to Tourach1432.983
Sunken Hollow1423.462
Eldrazi Mimic1413.922
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben1413.812
Thalia's Lieutenant1404.02
Smuggler's Copter1393.862
Endless One1383.942
Llanowar Wastes1382.563
Cinder Glade1372.853
Mana Leak1372.493
Mnemonic Wall1362.343
Blossoming Defense1343.272
Lingering Souls1343.052
Sunpetal Grove1343.352
Attune with Aether1333.912
Overgrown Tomb1332.833
Jadelight Ranger1323.32
Torrential Gearhulk1323.32
Haunted Dead1323.472
Lightning Strike1323.382
Glacial Fortress1323.222
Mother of Runes1323.772
Ancient Tomb1313.542
Chrome Mox1293.582
Lumbering Falls1283.22
Birds of Paradise1273.12
Needle Spires1262.862
World Breaker1263.822
Young Pyromancer1263.942
Oblivion Stone1263.072
Hissing Quagmire1252.842
Glint-Nest Crane1223.492
Snow-Covered Forest1223.942
Minister of Inquiries1213.462
Nahiri, the Harbinger1213.362
Hashep Oasis1202.673
Vines of Vastwood1202.732
Thrashing Brontodon1182.952
Faithless Looting1172.722
Mox Diamond1163.632
Eldrazi Obligator1153.972
Ob Nixilis Reignited1152.82
Khalni Garden1141.54
Chainer's Edict1142.592
Sulfurous Springs1133.92
Eldrazi Displacer1113.962
Spatial Contortion1113.472
Ruinous Path1113.172
Siege Rhino1113.082
Relic of Progenitus1111.913
Dark Depths1113.02
Mishra's Factory1093.212
Monastery Swiftspear1083.862
Cavern of Souls1083.382
Mutagenic Growth1083.722
Journey to Nowhere1072.612
Selfless Spirit1063.662
Maelstrom Pulse1053.02
Vile Aggregate1044.01
Goblin Rabblemaster1043.852
Essence Scatter1042.542
Ulamog's Crusher1041.584
Tendo Ice Bridge1043.852
Gate to the Afterlife1033.961
Unlicensed Disintegration1033.682
Blossoming Sands1032.582
Aethersphere Harvester1022.552
Yavimaya Coast1022.832
Wurmcoil Engine1022.762
Thought Scour1013.742
Sheltered Thicket1002.72
Hazoret the Fervent993.092
Tectonic Edge992.412
Deep Analysis991.833
Inkmoth Nexus983.921
Monastery Mentor973.462
Darksteel Citadel973.342
Isolated Chapel963.691
Supreme Will952.792
Ensnaring Bridge953.282
Westvale Abbey942.612
Elvish Mystic942.242
Champion of the Parish943.482
Forgotten Cave932.272
Trinket Mage932.332
Diabolic Edict932.332
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar923.292
Vampire Hexmage923.681
Rogue's Passage921.533
Thalia, Heretic Cathar912.942
Duskwatch Recruiter913.791
Qasali Pridemage912.222
Treasure Map903.212
Thornwood Falls901.843
Blighted Agent903.751
Tormenting Voice893.072
Titan's Strength893.561
Glistener Elf893.871
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship882.382
Supreme Verdict881.763
Dragonskull Summit883.521
Dryad Arbor881.334
Birthing Pod862.772
Lone Missionary863.441
Search for Azcanta852.242
Ifnir Deadlands853.042
Thirst for Knowledge853.861
Academy Ruins851.423
Hour of Promise833.951
Bristling Hydra823.571
Dismal Backwater822.732
Simic Guildgate821.713
Mirran Crusader822.932
Mind Stone822.052
Blood Crypt811.83
Sunscape Familiar813.861
Spire of Industry793.291
Renegade Map793.761
Wretched Gryff793.431
Reaping the Graves793.291
Pia Nalaar782.62
True-Name Nemesis782.522
Shefet Dunes762.532
God-Pharaoh's Gift762.812
Canyon Slough763.621
Sigil of the Empty Throne763.621
Settle the Wreckage752.52
Nightscape Familiar753.571
Stomping Ground741.643
Field of Ruin731.922
Thespian's Stage733.321
Watery Grave732.152
Secluded Steppe731.742
Gideon of the Trials722.572
Winding Constrictor724.01
Lambholt Pacifist724.01
Caves of Koilos723.431
Izzet Guildgate722.122
Lonely Sandbar721.952
Grave Titan722.122
Squadron Hawk724.01
Mox Opal723.61
Ancestral Vision713.381
Incendiary Flow703.891
Banishing Light702.81
Bojuka Bog701.114
Stitchwing Skaab693.831
Anguished Unmaking683.241
Wind-Scarred Crag682.621
Ancient Den682.961
Enchantress's Presence684.01
Recurring Nightmare681.892
Rekindling Phoenix673.531
Rhonas the Indomitable673.051
Raise the Alarm672.681
Rupture Spire671.463
City of Traitors672.681
Karn, Scion of Urza663.141
Geier Reach Sanitarium662.751
Hangarback Walker663.671
Oblivion Ring662.132
Transguild Promenade661.353
Wild Nacatl653.821
Accumulated Knowledge653.821
Mausoleum Wanderer643.561
Hedron Crawler643.561
Doomwake Giant643.561
Predatory Sliver644.01
Gather the Townsfolk642.911
Rootbound Crag643.761
Sinew Sliver644.01
Argothian Enchantress644.01
Longtusk Cub633.941
Ninja of the Deep Hours631.972
Woodland Cemetery633.711
Grim Lavamancer632.252
Fierce Empath622.142
Tranquil Thicket621.223
Battle Screech622.821
Hieroglyphic Illumination612.91
Scrap Trawler613.591
Thunderbreak Regent613.811
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria603.161
Soul-Scar Mage603.161
Ash Barrens602.731
Whirler Virtuoso603.751
Fevered Visions604.01
Tranquil Cove602.222
Hordeling Outburst604.01
Mana Confluence602.861
Spellstutter Sprite603.531
Sterling Grove603.531
Muscle Sliver604.01
Seeker of the Way593.691
Fangren Marauder593.471
Elvish Spirit Guide593.931
Knight of the White Orchid593.471
Gemstone Mine593.691
Radiant Fountain582.521
Foundry Street Denizen583.631
Razorverge Thicket583.411
Blackcleave Cliffs583.631
Seat of the Synod582.421
Kor Skyfisher583.051
Seal of Primordium583.051
Sidewinder Sliver583.631
Earthshaker Khenra573.81
Sweltering Suns572.851
Noose Constrictor573.81
Pact of Negation573.171
Voice of Resurgence573.561
Garruk Relentless572.591
Prized Amalgam564.01
Horizon Canopy562.551
Plated Sliver564.01
Talisman of Dominance563.291
Haze of Pollen553.671
Void Shatter552.751
Nomad Outpost553.671
Phantasmal Image552.621
Vessel of Nascency543.861
Elvish Visionary541.862
Shardless Agent543.861
Solemn Simulacrum542.71
Inquisition of Kozilek542.251
Coiling Oracle542.351
Scavenger Grounds531.512
Toolcraft Exemplar533.791
Warping Wail533.531
Eldrazi Skyspawner531.612
Kitchen Finks532.211
Vendilion Clique531.612
Trophy Mage523.061
Key to the City523.251
Angel of Invention523.471
Stormchaser Mage523.471
Temple of Mystery521.792
Wayfarer's Bauble521.212
Revolutionary Rebuff513.641
Voldaren Pariah513.921
Spawning Bed512.221
History of Benalia503.851
Gifted Aetherborn503.851
Insolent Neonate503.851
Den Protector503.851
Godless Shrine502.381
Pilgrim's Eye502.01
Secure the Wastes493.51
Lightning Helix493.51
Murderous Redcap492.721
Hallowed Fountain492.331
Pithing Needle493.061
Explosive Vegetation493.061
Virulent Sliver493.771
Seal Away483.431
Bedlam Reveler483.01
Catacomb Sifter484.01
Dragon Mantle483.431
Dimir Guildgate482.291
Great Furnace483.01
Zhalfirin Void473.361
Filigree Familiar473.921
Chandra, Torch of Defiance472.611
Green Sun's Zenith473.621
Ravenous Chupacabra462.711
Inventors' Fair461.921
Foundry of the Consuls462.01
Mantis Rider463.831
Barren Moor461.352
Death's Shadow463.541
Goblin Guide463.831
Renewed Faith463.831
Kitesail Freebooter453.461
Pulse of Murasa451.81
Sword of Fire and Ice451.292
Lava Spike453.751
Nest Invader451.52
Desolate Lighthouse451.252
Buried Ruin453.01
Sylvan Ranger451.731
Night's Whisper452.251
Knight of Grace444.01
Commit // Memory442.01
Shefet Monitor444.01
Bearer of Silence443.671
Sidisi, Undead Vizier442.441
Stinkweed Imp444.01
Prophetic Prism443.381
Honor of the Pure443.381
Ichor Wellspring442.591
Spinneret Sliver443.141
Golgari Grave-Troll444.01
Minamo, School at Water's Edge442.441
Sakura-Tribe Elder441.522
Rishadan Port443.671
Gift of Paradise433.911
Nagging Thoughts433.911
Wasteland Strangler433.911
Sanctum Gargoyle432.871
Dragonmaster Outcast433.071
Remote Isle431.342
Curious Obsession423.821
Fleetwheel Cruiser423.51
Temur Battle Rage423.231
Sylvan Caryatid423.821
Summoner's Pact423.821
Mystical Teachings422.211
Dynavolt Tower413.151
Pia and Kiran Nalaar412.561
Sacred Foundry412.161
Temple Garden412.561
Rampant Growth411.462
Copperline Gorge413.151
Sejiri Steppe411.082
Snow-Covered Swamp412.051
Merfolk Trickster404.01
Siren Stormtamer404.01
Bloodrage Brawler404.01
Vizier of Tumbling Sands404.01
Rogue Refiner404.01
Verdurous Gearhulk403.331
Harnessed Lightning403.641
Sign in Blood401.91
Anger of the Gods402.51
Goblin Chieftain404.01
All Is Dust402.51
Snow-Covered Plains403.331
Unclaimed Territory393.91
Greenbelt Rampager393.01
Combustible Gearhulk393.551
Galvanic Bombardment393.251
Titania, Protector of Argoth392.441
Bloodbraid Elf392.791
Vapor Snag392.291
Cabal Therapy393.551
Advanced Stitchwing383.81
Wild Slash383.171
Burst Lightning382.381
Simian Spirit Guide383.81
Slippery Karst381.032
Wildgrowth Walker372.641
Woodweaver's Puzzleknot373.361
Submerged Boneyard373.71
Mogg War Marshal373.361
Glen Elendra Archmage372.311
Liliana of the Veil372.851
Soul's Attendant372.641
Kazandu Blademaster373.71
Descend upon the Sinful362.771
Immolating Glare363.271
Meren of Clan Nel Toth361.891
Rugged Highlands362.01
Reclamation Sage361.81
Life from the Loam362.41
Chain Lightning363.271
Farhaven Elf361.332
Wizard's Retort353.891
Lyra Dawnbringer352.691
Baffling End353.51
Ishkanah, Grafwidow353.181
Whisperwood Elemental353.51
Arcbound Ravager353.891
Sylvan Library351.591
Strangleroot Geist351.941
Innocent Blood352.921
Arborback Stomper343.41
Thing in the Ice343.41
Voyaging Satyr343.091
Doom Blade341.361
Goblin Arsonist343.091
Thrun, the Last Troll341.891
Soul Warden342.621
Icatian Javelineers343.781
Magus of the Moon343.091
Angel of Sanctions332.751
Nissa, Vital Force332.21
Inventor's Apprentice333.671
Arlinn Kord332.541
Ruination Guide331.271
Burnished Hart331.02
Akroan Crusader333.671
Temple of Triumph333.31
Artisan of Kozilek331.02
Meddling Mage333.671
Aven Riftwatcher332.751
Ramosian Lieutenant333.671
Quirion Ranger332.751
Tempest Djinn324.00
Ghalta, Primal Hunger323.21
Slither Blade324.00
Metallic Rebuke323.21
Voltaic Brawler323.21
Myth Realized324.00
Bloodfell Caves322.01
Armillary Sphere321.032
Sundering Growth322.671
Abundant Growth322.911
Relentless Rats3232.00
Red Elemental Blast322.131
Nettle Sentinel323.21
Stone Rain323.21
Blighted Fen311.551
Mystic Monastery313.11
Geth's Verdict312.581
Mogg Fanatic313.11
Into the North311.941
Resilient Khenra303.331
Eldrazi Devastator301.02
Drowner of Hope301.251
Rift Bolt303.750
Golgari Guildgate301.581
Beetleback Chief302.51
Primeval Titan302.141
Rally the Peasants302.731
Pristine Talisman301.51
Vault Skirge303.331
Go for the Throat302.141
Steel Overseer303.750
Lys Alana Huntmaster301.881
Price of Progress303.750
Arguel's Blood Fast292.231
Liliana, Death's Majesty291.931
Disdainful Stroke291.811
Wingmate Roc293.630
Brimaz, King of Oreskos291.711
Selesnya Guildgate291.261
Urban Evolution291.02
Cyclonic Rift291.451
Vampire Nighthawk291.931
Punishing Fire292.91
Goblin Grenade293.630
Guardians' Pledge293.221
Dragon Fodder292.91
Nature's Lore292.421
Manipulate Fate293.630
Goblin Lackey293.221
Arch of Orazca281.471
Honored Hydra284.00
Ahn-Crop Crasher283.50
Dread Wanderer284.00
Stromkirk Condemned283.50
Sea Gate Wreckage281.871
Reflector Mage282.81
Mist Intruder281.081
Faerie Miscreant284.00
Jungle Hollow281.751
Crater's Claws284.00
Ajani's Pridemate282.331
Arbor Colossus282.81
Sentinel Sliver282.151
Arcbound Worker282.81
Whispersilk Cloak281.042
Maze of Ith281.871
Thopter Foundry283.50
Essence Warden281.561
Oboro, Palace in the Clouds281.561
Sylvan Safekeeper282.151
Anvil of Bogardan284.00
Chart a Course273.01
Heart of Kiran273.01
Linvala, the Preserver271.81
Incubator Drone271.081
Call the Scions271.131
Goblin Heelcutter273.380
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker273.01
Perilous Vault271.131
Breeding Pool272.251
Think Twice271.691
Viscera Seer272.451
Sai, Master Thopterist263.710
Thaumatic Compass262.891
Authority of the Consuls262.61
Highland Lake262.361
Sinister Concoction263.710
Minister of Pain262.01
Nessian Asp261.241
Giant Growth262.61
Druid's Deliverance262.361
Wayfaring Temple263.710
Gavony Township262.61
Cranial Plating262.891
Hada Freeblade263.710
Muddle the Mixture262.01
Merchant of Secrets263.250
Enlightened Tutor263.250
Thopter Arrest253.130
Cultivator's Caravan252.51
Fairgrounds Warden252.781
Nebelgast Herald253.130
Retreat to Kazandu253.570
Lantern Scout253.570
Benthic Infiltrator251.01
Hornet Queen252.781
Council's Judgment251.251
Deadly Recluse251.471
Vault of Whispers252.781
Ancient Ziggurat253.570
Creeping Tar Pit251.471
Nexus of Fate244.00
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants243.00
Gleaming Barrier244.00
Deadeye Plunderers244.00
Revel in Riches244.00
Dire Fleet Hoarder244.00
Sailor of Means244.00
Oketra's Monument244.00
Glory-Bound Initiate244.00
Aetherworks Marvel244.00
Paradoxical Outcome244.00
Leovold, Emissary of Trest242.01
Eyeless Watcher241.01
Rending Volley243.430
Lightning Berserker243.430
Dragonlord Ojutai243.00
Toxic Deluge241.61
Preeminent Captain244.00
Rakdos Guildgate241.61
Acidic Slime241.331
Ethereal Armor244.00
Merfolk Looter244.00
Lorescale Coatl242.41
Swans of Bryn Argoll244.00
Militia Bugler233.290
Sorcerous Spyglass232.31
Liliana's Mastery233.830
Servo Schematic233.830
Ajani Unyielding232.091
Palace Jailer231.771
Spell Queller233.290
Zurgo Bellstriker233.290
Defiant Strike233.830
Purphoros, God of the Forge232.561
Engineered Explosives231.151
Krosan Tusker231.051
Ambush Viper232.880
Mold Shambler231.01
Fyndhorn Elves231.531
Chittering Rats232.880
Tendrils of Agony232.880
Seekers' Squire223.670
As Foretold223.670
Recruiter of the Guard222.441
Void Attendant221.01
From Beyond221.01
Brood Monitor221.01
Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury223.140
Soul of New Phyrexia221.01
Gladecover Scout223.140
Tooth and Nail221.01
Gruul Guildgate221.381
Izzet Charm222.750
Wall of Omens222.441
Clifftop Retreat223.140
Phyrexian Rager221.831
Goblin Wardriver222.750
Student of Warfare223.140
Commune with Nature221.381
Crucible of Worlds222.21
Serrated Arrows222.21
Timberwatch Elf222.21
Enlistment Officer223.670
Ramosian Sergeant222.441
Drifting Meadow221.01
Fountain of Renewal213.50
Ixalan's Binding212.630
Sunscourge Champion213.00
Herald of Anguish213.50
Padeem, Consul of Innovation212.11
Stone Quarry213.00
Pack Guardian213.50
Utter End213.50
Abzan Falconer211.911
Frenzied Goblin213.00
Tragic Slip211.621
Satyr Hoplite213.50
Empty the Warrens211.751
Orzhov Guildgate211.911
Selesnya Cluestone212.331
Beast Within211.01
Howling Mine213.50
Wall of Roots212.331
Goblin Sharpshooter213.00
Memory Lapse211.751
Goblin Matron212.630
Knight of Malice204.00
Fanatical Firebrand204.00
Contract Killing204.00
Inspiring Statuary204.00
Bomat Courier204.00
Spirit of the Hunt204.00
Murderous Compulsion203.330
Oath of Gideon203.330
Retreat to Emeria204.00
Expedition Envoy204.00
Herald of the Pantheon204.00
Warden of the First Tree204.00
Hornet Nest204.00
Mogis's Warhound204.00
Gray Merchant of Asphodel201.541
Dakmor Salvage201.821
Azorius Guildgate201.181
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage202.01
Ultimate Price203.330
Augur of Bolas202.221
Flametongue Kavu201.181
Drogskol Captain204.00
Fiend Hunter202.01
Porcelain Legionnaire202.860
Signal Pest204.00
Desert Twister201.01
Elspeth, Knight-Errant201.821
Painter's Servant204.00
Soltari Priest204.00
Moment's Peace201.821
Snuff Out202.50
Adorned Pouncer193.80
Spring // Mind192.380
Collective Brutality191.91
Spell Shrivel193.170
Hidden Dragonslayer193.80
Heliod's Pilgrim191.581
Stoneshock Giant191.191
Auriok Salvagers192.710
Captain of the Watch193.170
Deadwood Treefolk191.01
Geist of Saint Traft192.111
Maul Splicer191.191
Etched Champion193.80
Viridian Corrupter191.581
Galvanic Blast193.170
Death Baron193.170
Ondu Cleric193.170
Goblin Bushwhacker192.710
Mishra's Bauble193.80
Momentary Blink191.91
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker192.111
Careful Study192.710
Talon Sliver191.581
Resplendent Angel183.00
Adventurous Impulse183.60
Hour of Devastation182.570
Sacred Cat183.00
Always Watching183.60
Mortuary Mire181.641
Impact Tremors181.51
Mardu Scout183.00
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon182.01
Satyr Wayfinder181.81
Mind Sculpt183.00
Traveler's Amulet181.81
Boon Satyr183.60
Darksteel Ingot181.01
Myr Retriever181.01
Gatecreeper Vine181.21
Krenko, Mob Boss182.250
Arbor Elf181.291
Veteran Explorer183.00
Avacyn's Pilgrim181.51
Day of Judgment182.01
Victim of Night181.51
Remove Soul182.01
Underworld Dreams183.60
Imperial Recruiter183.00
Bant Panorama181.061
Spectral Procession183.00
Tolaria West183.00
Restore Balance183.60
Faerie Conclave182.250
Wood Elves181.21
Molten Rain183.00
Daru Warchief183.00
Smoldering Crater181.01
Vine Mare173.40
Mox Amber172.830
Tezzeret the Schemer172.130
Metalspinner's Puzzleknot171.891
Aetherflux Reservoir172.430
Liliana, the Last Hope171.551
Confirm Suspicions173.40
Reckless Bushwhacker172.830
Magmatic Insight173.40
Gurmag Angler172.130
Anafenza, the Foremost173.40
Nature's Claim172.430
Veteran Armorer172.130
Boros Guildgate171.71
Rest in Peace173.40
Snake Umbra171.551
Hyena Umbra172.430
Yavimaya Elder171.01
Restoration Angel172.430
Blue Sun's Zenith173.40
Not of This World172.830
Wildheart Invoker171.01
Seaside Citadel172.830
Kabira Crossroads172.130
Wickerbough Elder171.061
Slippery Bogle173.40
Wrath of God172.430
Dream Stalker172.430
Carrion Feeder172.830
Slice and Dice172.130
Ghastly Demise173.40
Polluted Mire171.01
Stitcher's Supplier164.00
Steel Leaf Champion164.00
Goblin Chainwhirler164.00
Shalai, Voice of Plenty163.20
Pull from Tomorrow162.290
Regal Caracal164.00
Sram's Expertise164.00
Metalwork Colossus164.00
Electrostatic Pummeler164.00
Cogworker's Puzzleknot162.00
Aether Meltdown163.20
Servo Exhibition162.670
Take Inventory164.00
Incorrigible Youths163.20
Diregraf Colossus164.00
Dimensional Infiltrator164.00
Volcanic Upheaval164.00
Scour from Existence161.141
Map the Wastes162.670
Crux of Fate163.20
Crackling Doom164.00
Doomed Traveler161.61
Hopeful Eidolon161.781
Scion of Oona163.20
Pyrite Spellbomb162.290
City of Brass162.670
Spirit Mantle162.670
Kor Spiritdancer164.00
Grove of the Guardian163.20
Diregraf Ghoul164.00
Darkslick Shores162.00
Master of Etherium163.20
Knight Exemplar163.20
Kozilek's Predator162.290
Leatherback Baloth162.00
Halimar Excavator164.00
Suppression Field164.00
Teferi's Puzzle Box164.00
Zo-Zu the Punisher164.00
Okiba-Gang Shinobi162.670
Akki Blizzard-Herder164.00
Mental Note164.00
Basking Rootwalla162.670
Circular Logic164.00
Wild Mongrel163.20
Obsessive Search164.00
Back to Basics162.00
Paladin en-Vec164.00
Lion's Eye Diamond164.00
Thorn Lieutenant153.750
Ramunap Ruins153.00
Ammit Eternal153.00
Cut // Ribbons152.50
Channeler Initiate153.750
Glint-Sleeve Siphoner153.750
Battle at the Bridge153.00
Reverse Engineer153.750
Eidolon of Blossoms153.750
Stormbreath Dragon153.00
Gods Willing152.50
Demigod of Revenge153.750
Sword of Light and Shadow151.071
Sudden Shock152.50
Mitotic Slime153.00
Viridian Emissary151.880
Kazandu Refuge152.50
Evincar's Justice151.361
Blood Artist153.750
Spell Crumple151.01
Sleight of Hand152.140
Phyrexian Ingester151.01
Sylvok Lifestaff151.01
Spider Umbra152.50
Grixis Panorama151.151
Urza's Bauble153.750
Evolution Charm151.01
Whitemane Lion151.671
Welding Jar153.00
Viridian Longbow151.51
Merchant Scroll151.671
Goblin Piledriver153.750
Spidersilk Armor151.151
Elvish Vanguard152.50
Tortured Existence152.50
Horned Sliver151.251
Supreme Phantom143.50
Exclusion Mage142.330
Baral, Chief of Compliance142.00
Kambal, Consul of Allocation142.330
Thriving Turtle142.80
Glimmer of Genius142.80
Forsaken Sanctuary141.750
Drownyard Temple142.80
Shamanic Revelation142.80
Ashcloud Phoenix143.50
Typhoid Rats142.330
Battlewise Valor142.330
Ratchet Bomb141.750
Myr Enforcer141.750
Tithe Drinker142.80
Nivix Guildmage141.41
Young Wolf142.80
Worldspine Wurm142.80
Fists of Ironwood141.171
Nezumi Graverobber142.00
Fire // Ice141.750
Gut Shot142.330
Phyrexian Arena142.80
Kor Firewalker143.50
Apostle's Blessing142.00
Raid Bombardment142.00
Lodestone Golem143.50
Into the Roil141.081
Nip Gwyllion142.80
Deus of Calamity142.80
Devoted Druid142.80
Goblin King143.50
Reality Acid142.80
Flagstones of Trokair142.330
Bonesplitter Sliver143.50
Armadillo Cloak141.171
Tangle Wire143.50
Beneath the Sands133.250
Rishkar, Peema Renegade132.60
Confiscation Coup132.170
Herald of the Host131.31
Caller of the Pack131.081
Palace Familiar131.860
Dragonlord Silumgar133.250
Dragonlord Dromoka131.31
Butcher of the Horde133.250
Heir of the Wilds133.250
Feat of Resistance132.170
Dack Fayden131.860
Eidolon of the Great Revel133.250
Aqueous Form133.250
Elspeth, Sun's Champion132.170
Arena Athlete133.250
Sage's Row Denizen131.860
Ravenous Rats133.250
Deny Reality133.250
Rakdos Carnarium133.250
Tree of Tales132.170
Hada Spy Patrol131.081
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre131.860
Growth Spasm131.860
Spawning Breath133.250
Leaf Gilder133.250
Fool's Demise131.081
Train of Thought131.441
Electrostatic Bolt131.630
Elvish Pioneer131.181
Horned Kavu133.250
Crypt Rats131.441
Arrogant Wurm133.250
Rain of Filth132.170
Wizard's Lightning124.00
Cast Down123.00
Secrets of the Golden City124.00
Prying Blade124.00
Adanto Vanguard124.00
Nimble Obstructionist124.00
Shadow of the Grave124.00
New Perspectives124.00
Anointer Priest124.00
Hidden Stockpile124.00
Whir of Invention122.40
Baral's Expertise122.40
Larger Than Life122.40
Bloodhall Priest124.00
Heir of Falkenrath124.00
Engulf the Shore124.00
Hanweir Militia Captain124.00
Corpse Churn122.40
Dragon Whisperer124.00
Savage Knuckleblade124.00
Mardu Charm124.00
Shrapnel Blast124.00
Ensoul Artifact124.00
Temple of Malady124.00
Temple of Enlightenment124.00
Spirit of the Labyrinth123.00
Horizon Chimera122.40
Battlewise Hoplite124.00
Phalanx Leader123.00
Firedrinker Satyr124.00
Tidehollow Sculler124.00
Tribal Flames124.00
Kathari Remnant124.00
Cadaver Imp121.331
Undying Evil123.00
Rakdos Cackler124.00
Lotleth Troll124.00
Monk Realist122.00
Izzet Chronarch121.01
Black Knight124.00
Dark Ritual124.00
Dungrove Elder124.00
Venser, the Sojourner121.50
Nihil Spellbomb121.21
Grim Tutor123.00
Jwari Shapeshifter124.00
Tempered Steel124.00
Emrakul's Hatcher124.00
Spreading Seas124.00
Scute Mob124.00
Savage Lands122.40
Ajani Vengeant121.50
Steppe Lynx124.00
Spark Elemental124.00
Skyhunter Skirmisher121.50
Battering Sliver124.00
Dread Return122.00
Isochron Scepter124.00
Silver Knight124.00
Tireless Tribe124.00
Natural Order123.00
Graveyard Marshal113.670
Hadana's Climb113.670
Rhonas's Last Stand112.750
Sunscorched Desert113.670
Implement of Ferocity112.750
Aviary Mechanic112.20
Gnarlwood Dryad113.670
Elder Deep-Fiend113.670
Abundant Maw112.750
Mindwrack Demon113.670
Angelic Purge111.11
Tranquil Expanse111.570
Cinder Barrens112.20
Serene Steward112.20
Clash of Wills113.670
Scoured Barrens111.11
Hardened Scales113.670
Magma Jet112.750
Bow of Nylea112.20
Ill-Tempered Cyclops111.570
Temple of Silence112.20
Chained to the Rocks113.670
Ajani, Caller of the Pride111.830
Court Homunculus111.570
Slaughter Pact111.830
Blinkmoth Nexus112.750
Boros Charm113.670
Guard Gomazoa111.01
Vexing Devil113.670
Butcher Ghoul112.20
Bonfire of the Damned111.570
Bone to Ash111.830
Lightkeeper of Emeria111.01
Simic Sky Swallower111.830
Invisible Stalker111.570
Suture Priest111.380
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas112.750
Kiln Fiend112.750
Helm of Obedience112.20
Jungle Shrine112.750
Sigiled Paladin113.670
Mirror Entity111.830
Creeping Mold112.20
Thallid Shell-Dweller112.20
Last Gasp112.20
Ideas Unbound112.20
Sun Droplet111.221
Goblin Sledder112.750
Exalted Angel113.670
Cunning Wish113.670
Show and Tell113.670
Disturbed Burial111.01
Sarkhan, Fireblood103.330
Carnage Tyrant102.00
The Scarab God102.50
Countervailing Winds102.00
Forsake the Worldly101.430
Metallic Mimic103.330
Felidar Guardian103.330
Depala, Pilot Exemplar103.330
Woodland Stream102.00
Bloodmad Vampire103.330
Seer's Lantern101.430
Kozilek's Return102.50
Thought Vessel101.01
Harbinger of the Tides102.00
Managorger Hydra102.00
Jeskai Sage103.330
Valorous Stance103.330
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon101.670
Sorin, Solemn Visitor102.00
Chandra, Pyromaster101.670
Lagonna-Band Trailblazer103.330
Temple of Malice102.50
Bile Blight103.330
Temple of Abandon103.330
Nylea's Presence103.330
Voyage's End102.50
Amrou Scout103.330
Sporoloth Ancient102.50
Stinkdrinker Daredevil101.670
Raven's Crime101.430
Cenn's Enlistment101.01
Experiment One101.430
Ivy Lane Denizen101.01
Chromatic Lantern102.00
Quirion Dryad103.330
Silhana Ledgewalker101.430
Glen Elendra Liege102.50
Awakening Zone102.50
Flayer Husk101.01
Jwar Isle Refuge103.330
Selesnya Charm102.50
Lightning Greaves102.00
Aquastrand Spider101.01
Mentor of the Meek103.330
Exquisite Blood103.330
Borderland Ranger101.250
Jace's Erasure102.50
Forbidden Alchemy101.670
Jade Mage101.111
Origin Spellbomb101.430
Auriok Sunchaser101.430
Baneslayer Angel103.330
Searing Blaze103.330
Burning Inquiry103.330
Sejiri Refuge102.00
Bone Saw101.430
Jungle Weaver101.01
Crumbling Necropolis103.330
Courier's Capsule101.430
Shield of the Oversoul101.01
Nightsky Mimic102.50
Mistbind Clique103.330
Civic Wayfinder101.01
Cruel Edict102.00
Keldon Marauders103.330
Rend Flesh101.430
Hand of Cruelty103.330
Conjurer's Bauble102.00
Wirewood Symbiote102.50
Gempalm Polluter102.50
Darksteel Pendant101.01
Ancestral Mask102.50
Phyrexian Reclamation101.01
Multani's Acolyte101.430
Thornwind Faeries101.670
Tezzeret, Artifice Master91.50
Dusk Legion Zealot93.00
Dive Down91.50
Hostile Desert91.50
Cartouche of Solidarity91.80
Renegade Rallier91.50
Ravenous Bloodseeker93.00
Slip Through Space92.250
Rite of the Raging Storm91.01
Retreat to Coralhelm92.250
Part the Waterveil93.00
Thopter Engineer93.00
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy91.80
Kolaghan's Command91.80
Temur Sabertooth91.01
Jeskai Charm93.00
Black Cat91.50
Twisted Abomination91.01
Intangible Virtue93.00
Bassara Tower Archer93.00
Nyxborn Rollicker93.00
Observant Alseid93.00
Hero's Downfall93.00
Nylea, God of the Hunt91.50
Sanguine Bond92.250
Volcanic Geyser92.250
Dispeller's Capsule91.50
Citanul Woodreaders91.01
Arcbound Stinger93.00
Bound in Silence92.250
Vedalken Shackles93.00
Orzhov Cluestone91.130
Ghor-Clan Rampager93.00
Immortal Servitude93.00
Wight of Precinct Six92.250
Master of the Pearl Trident93.00
Fog Bank91.50
Etherium-Horn Sorcerer93.00
Mizzium Mortars93.00
Rootborn Defenses91.50
Gnaw to the Bone91.50
Selesnya Evangel91.130
Nantuko Husk91.130
Sorin's Thirst92.250
Charmbreaker Devils92.250
Tribute to Hunger92.250
Angelic Destiny91.80
Fume Spitter92.250
Glint Hawk93.00
Strider Harness91.01
Shepherd of Rot92.250
Iona's Judgment91.01
Frontier Guide93.00
Putrid Leech93.00
Arcane Sanctum93.00
Order of the Ebon Hand93.00
Arcane Denial91.01
Presence of Gond91.01
Wistful Selkie92.250
Puppeteer Clique93.00
Oona's Gatewarden93.00
Thorn of Amethyst93.00
Imperious Perfect91.50
Oakgnarl Warrior91.01
Juniper Order Ranger91.01
Scryb Ranger91.50
Lightning Axe91.80
Skarrgan Pit-Skulk93.00
Elvish Skysweeper91.01
Surveilling Sprite93.00
Phyrexian Gargantua91.01
Volcanic Hammer93.00
Steel Wall91.80
Vine Trellis91.80
Decree of Justice93.00
Earth Rift93.00
Cavern Harpy93.00
Mogg Raider93.00
Angelic Renewal91.50
Dragon's Hoard84.00
Demanding Dragon82.670
Naru Meha, Master Wizard82.00
The Antiquities War82.670
Skymarcher Aspirant84.00
Pride of Conquerors84.00
Regisaur Alpha84.00
Rigging Runner84.00
Vicious Conquistador84.00
Pride Sovereign84.00
Torment of Scarabs84.00
God-Pharaoh's Faithful84.00
Wayward Servant84.00
Dissenter's Deliverance81.330
Cartouche of Knowledge84.00
Kari Zev's Expertise84.00
Lathnu Hellion84.00
Thorn of the Black Rose84.00
Olivia's Dragoon84.00
Foreboding Ruins84.00
Choked Estuary84.00
Haunted Cloak82.670
Uncaged Fury84.00
Alms of the Vein84.00
Bygone Bishop84.00
Walker of the Wastes84.00
Fiery Confluence82.670
Sandstone Bridge81.00
Felidar Cub84.00
Drana, Liberator of Malakir82.670
Jace's Sanctum84.00
Stampeding Elk Herd81.00
Mastery of the Unseen84.00
Frontier Bivouac82.00
Bloodsoaked Champion84.00
Ainok Bond-Kin81.330
Venom Sliver84.00
Stoke the Flames84.00
Solemn Offering81.60
Garruk's Packleader81.60
Pelakka Wurm82.00
Altar's Reap81.00
Fanatic of Xenagos84.00
Aspect of Hydra81.60
Temple of Deceit82.670
Whip of Erebos82.00
Opaline Unicorn81.00
Fiendslayer Paladin82.00
Rumbling Baloth82.00
Archangel of Thune84.00
Striking Sliver84.00
Divinity of Pride82.670
Search for Tomorrow84.00
Walker of the Grove81.140
Penumbra Spider81.140
Sporesower Thallid84.00
Vivid Creek82.670
Unflinching Courage82.670
Boros Cluestone81.140
Izzet Cluestone81.60
Wildwood Rebirth81.00
Rhystic Study81.00
Knight of Infamy84.00
Golgari Charm81.330
Call of the Conclave82.670
Sublime Archangel82.670
Screeching Skaab82.670
Elite Vanguard82.670
Quicksilver Amulet84.00
Cemetery Reaper82.670
Bonds of Faith82.00
Prodigal Sorcerer82.670
Urza's Tower84.00
Urza's Power Plant84.00
Urza's Mine84.00
Unruly Mob81.330
Kuldotha Forgemaster84.00
Phyrexian Obliterator82.670
Karn Liberated84.00
Hero of Bladehold82.670
Accorder Paladin82.670
Priests of Norn84.00
Ardent Recruit81.60
Twisted Image84.00
Keep Watch82.670
Arcbound Slith84.00
Merfolk Sovereign84.00
Liliana's Caress84.00
Water Elemental84.00
Totem-Guide Hartebeest81.00
Join the Ranks82.00
Talus Paladin82.670
Golem Foundry81.330
Tendrils of Corruption81.00
Amulet of Vigor84.00
Ball Lightning84.00
Warren Instigator84.00
Sparkmage Apprentice84.00
Wall of Reverence82.670
Grazing Gladehart81.00
Captured Sunlight81.60
Ardent Plea82.670
Knight of Stromgald84.00
Zealous Persecution84.00
Esper Panorama81.00
Jund Panorama81.00
Naya Panorama81.00
Matca Rioters84.00
Adventuring Gear81.140
Akrasan Squire84.00
Winter Orb84.00
Animate Dead84.00
Thorn Thallid84.00
Ember Gale84.00
Mistmeadow Witch81.00
Wasp Lancer84.00
Voracious Hatchling84.00
Stillmoon Cavalier84.00
Elvish Warrior81.60
Shard Volley84.00
Oona, Queen of the Fae84.00
Silvergill Adept84.00
Chromatic Star84.00
Big Game Hunter84.00
Reviving Dose82.670
Thornweald Archer81.330
Scion of the Wild81.330
Karplusan Forest84.00
Kavu Predator82.670
Celestial Crusader81.60
Lymph Sliver84.00
Poultice Sliver84.00
Body Double84.00
Keen Sense84.00
Fathom Seer81.140
Thelon of Havenwood84.00
Spirit Loop84.00
Ground Rift84.00
Voidmage Prodigy82.00
Lord of Atlantis84.00
Souls of the Faultless84.00
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind82.670
Gnat Miser84.00
Drift of Phantasms81.00
Followed Footsteps82.00
Vulshok Morningstar81.00
Footsteps of the Goryo84.00
Chromatic Sphere84.00
Akroma's Blessing84.00
Astral Slide84.00
Lightning Rift84.00
Wirewood Savage82.00
Mesmeric Orb84.00
Roar of the Wurm84.00
Yavimaya Kavu84.00
Elven Cache81.00
Phyrexian Tower81.330
Erratic Portal84.00
Arena Rector73.50
Verix Bladewing72.330
Bone Picker73.50
Approach of the Second Sun73.50
Tezzeret's Touch73.50
Renegade Freighter71.40
Foundry Inspector73.50
Sigarda, Heron's Grace72.330
Blinding Drone71.750
Thought-Knot Seer73.50
Tide Drifter71.750
Skyline Cascade71.170
Planar Outburst71.750
Magmatic Chasm71.750
Gleam of Authority71.750
Longshot Squad71.40
Selfless Cathar72.330
Child of Night72.330
Font of Fertility71.750
Aegis of the Gods73.50
Courser of Kruphix71.750
Thunderous Might71.750
Cavern Lampad71.40
Vulpine Goliath71.170
Leafcrown Dryad71.40
Nylea's Disciple71.00
Scroll Thief71.750
Executioner's Capsule71.170
Vivid Crag71.750
Echoing Truth71.170
Festering Goblin71.750
Pilfered Plans72.330
Dinrova Horror72.330
Nimbus Swimmer71.170
Judge's Familiar73.50
Enlisted Wurm72.330
Ondu Giant71.00
Desecration Demon73.50
Fractured Powerstone71.750
Stromkirk Captain73.50
Cathedral of War73.50
Vision Skeins71.00
Death Wind72.330
Royal Assassin71.750
Laboratory Maniac72.330
Garruk's Companion71.170
Deranged Assistant71.750
Dead Weight71.170
Mesa Enchantress71.00
Chancellor of the Annex73.50
Black Sun's Zenith71.750
Razorfield Rhino71.170
Myr Sire71.170
Soulless One72.330
Leyline of the Void73.50
Symbol of Unsummoning73.50
Strategic Planning72.330
River Boa72.330
Assault Strobe71.750
Might of the Masses72.330
Winged Coatl71.00
Glassdust Hulk71.750
Behemoth Sledge71.170
Dramatic Entrance73.50
Elvish Branchbender71.170
Skyshroud Ranger71.00
Augur of Skulls71.750
Lord of the Undead72.330
Adarkar Wastes72.330
Sword of the Meek72.330
Seal of Doom71.40
Orzhov Pontiff71.00
Siege-Gang Commander71.40
Wirewood Pride71.40
Cabal Pit71.00
Last Caress73.50
Sky Diamond72.330
Chain of Vapor73.50
Sphere of Resistance73.50
Heart Sliver73.50
Broken Fall71.00
Remorseful Cleric63.00
Navigator's Compass63.00
Grow from the Ashes63.00
Naban, Dean of Iteration61.50
On Serra's Wings63.00
Benalish Marshal63.00
Spellweaver Eternal63.00
Crested Sunmare63.00
Nissa, Steward of Elements62.00
Horror of the Broken Lands63.00
Barricade Breaker63.00
Heroic Intervention62.00
Bastion Inventor63.00
Perpetual Timepiece62.00
Madcap Experiment63.00
Noxious Gearhulk63.00
Collective Defiance62.00
Thalia's Lancers63.00
Subjugator Angel62.00
Rush of Adrenaline63.00
Tajuru Pathwarden61.20
Oblivion Strike61.00
Ancient Crab62.00
Prophet of Distortion61.50
Warden of Geometries61.50
Wave-Wing Elemental62.00
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger61.20
Sheer Drop62.00
Nissa's Renewal62.00
Deathless Behemoth61.20
Blighted Gorge62.00
Orbs of Warding63.00
Sphinx's Tutelage62.00
Ranger's Guile61.00
Lava Axe62.00
Liliana's Specter61.00
Springleaf Drum63.00
Revoke Existence62.00
Baleful Eidolon61.00
Minotaur Skullcleaver63.00
Vanquish the Foul61.50
Deathbellow Raider63.00
Crackling Triton63.00
Mark of the Vampire61.20
Greater Gargadon63.00
Aether Spellbomb62.00
Vivid Marsh62.00
Golgari Cluestone62.00
Beetleform Mage61.20
Wasteland Viper63.00
Cloudfin Raptor61.50
Angelic Edict61.00
Boros Reckoner63.00
Paranoid Delusions63.00
Reliquary Tower62.00
Wolfir Avenger61.00
Ghostly Prison63.00
Wall of Blossoms62.00
Mistblade Shinobi62.00
See Beyond61.00
Isperia's Skywatch61.00
Vault of the Archangel62.00
Detention Sphere62.00
Servant of Nefarox63.00
Centaur's Herald61.00
Pack Rat63.00
Eyes in the Skies61.00
Horncaller's Chant61.00
Akoum Refuge61.50
Entreat the Angels62.00
Stitch Together62.00
Gwyllion Hedge-Mage61.20
Wall of Denial62.00
Valley Rannet61.00
Fleshbag Marauder61.20
Geralf's Messenger63.00
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage62.00
Sheltering Word61.00
Mind Control62.00
Rakish Heir63.00
Nephalia Drownyard63.00
Gideon's Lawkeeper63.00
Elder Cathar61.20
Master's Call61.00
Cobbled Wings61.00
Arachnus Web61.00
Azure Mage61.50
Visions of Beyond63.00
Stingerfling Spider61.50
Timely Reinforcements63.00
Thundering Tanadon61.00
Lost Leonin62.00
Engulfing Slagwurm62.00
Sword of Feast and Famine61.20
Chrome Steed61.20
Seachrome Coast63.00
Sylvok Replica61.00
Tainted Strike63.00
Moriok Replica61.00
Ajani Goldmane61.50
Yavimaya Wurm62.00
Wall of Tanglecord61.50
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale61.00
Enclave Cryptologist63.00
Perilous Myr61.20
Elvish Piper62.00
Raging Goblin62.00
Umara Raptor63.00
Hedron Crab63.00
Martial Coup62.00
Spidersilk Net61.00
Parasitic Strix61.50
Obelisk of Esper61.20
Obelisk of Grixis61.00
Turntimber Grove61.00
Deathbringer Liege63.00
Ballyrush Banneret63.00
Spiteful Visions63.00
Faerie Trickery61.00
Moonlit Wake63.00
Leonin Scimitar61.00
Samite Healer63.00
Vexing Sphinx63.00
Boreal Druid61.00
Fury Sliver63.00
Faceless Butcher61.00
Call to the Netherworld63.00
Indrik Stomphowler61.20
Dauthi Slayer62.00
Bottled Cloister62.00
Dimir House Guard61.00
Summer Bloom63.00
Vinelasher Kudzu63.00
Kird Ape63.00
Eiganjo Castle61.50
Thief of Hope63.00
Kami of Ancient Law62.00
Serum Visions63.00
Disciple of the Vault62.00
Plated Slagwurm62.00
Tangle Golem61.00
Ward Sliver62.00
Riptide Survivor61.20
Blade Sliver63.00
Wirewood Herald61.20
Death Grasp63.00
Diabolic Intent61.50
Moss Diamond61.20
Academy Rector63.00
Elvish Herder61.00
Crystalline Sliver63.00
Legacy's Allure63.00
Dauthi Marauder62.00
Dauthi Horror62.00
Wayward Swordtooth52.50
Martyr of Dusk52.50
New Horizons51.670
Sunbird's Invocation52.50
Walk the Plank52.50
Desert of the Indomitable51.670
Desert of the Glorified52.50
Crash Through52.50
Razaketh's Rite51.670
Dusk // Dawn52.50
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider52.50
Gonti, Lord of Luxury52.50
Sanctum Prelate51.250
Wailing Ghoul52.50
Gravity Negator51.250
Kozilek's Pathfinder51.250
Mirror Match51.00
Zulaport Cutthroat52.50
Voracious Null51.250
Salvage Drone52.50
Nettle Drone51.250
Natural Connection51.670
Coralhelm Guide51.670
Rhox Maulers51.00
Alchemist's Vial52.50
Artificer's Epiphany52.50
Scab-Clan Berserker52.50
Caustic Caterpillar51.00
Sprinting Warbrute52.50
Collateral Damage51.250
Sultai Emissary52.50
Tuskguard Captain51.670
Hooded Hydra52.50
Turn to Frog52.50
Tormod's Crypt51.00
Shaman of Spring51.00
Jace's Ingenuity52.50
Serra Angel51.00
Wrap in Vigor51.00
Wolfbriar Elemental52.50
Wind Dancer52.50
Skitter of Lizards51.670
Gnarlid Pack51.670
Dream Fracture51.00
Apex Hawks51.670
Pharika's Chosen52.50
Gold-Forged Sentinel51.250
Temple of Plenty52.50
Xenagos, God of Revels51.250
Satyr Rambler52.50
Heliod's Emissary51.670
Nemesis of Mortals51.250
Insatiable Harpy52.50
Rage of Purphoros52.50
Borderland Minotaur51.250
Lagonna-Band Elder51.670
Nessian Courser51.00
Fade into Antiquity51.00
Polukranos, World Eater52.50
Heliod, God of the Sun52.50
Capashen Knight52.50
Lightning Talons51.250
Giant Spider52.50
Blood Bairn51.670
Garruk, Caller of Beasts52.50
Minotaur Abomination52.50
Celestial Flare51.00
Act of Treason51.250
Thallid Germinator52.50
Woodfall Primus52.50
Vivid Grove51.670
Thundercloud Shaman51.670
Dimir Cluestone52.50
Viashino Firstblade52.50
Azorius Cluestone51.250
Balustrade Spy52.50
Basilica Guards51.00
Skyknight Legionnaire52.50
Psychic Strike51.670
Righteous Charge51.250
Wojek Halberdiers52.50
Daring Skyjek52.50
Hellhole Flailer51.670
Grisly Salvage52.50
Ranger's Path51.250
Tormented Soul52.50
Bituminous Blast51.670
Tukatongue Thallid51.00
Deadbridge Goliath52.50
Growing Ranks52.50
Chronic Flooding52.50
Brindle Shoat52.50
Bloodhunter Bat52.50
Krenko's Command52.50
Seller of Songbirds51.00
Centaur Healer51.250
Knightly Valor51.00
Goblin Electromancer51.00
Captain's Call51.00
Sentinel Spider51.00
Vampiric Fury52.50
Rapacious One51.00
Golgari Guildmage51.00
Righteous Cause51.00
Olivia Voldaren51.670
Breath of Darigaaz51.670
Orim's Thunder51.250
Armored Skaab52.50
Heirs of Stromkirk51.00
Cathedral Sanctifier51.250
Call to Serve51.250
Seraph of Dawn51.00
Craterhoof Behemoth52.50
Bone Splinters51.250
Tribute to the Wild51.250
Geist-Honored Monk51.670
Stromkirk Noble52.50
Village Bell-Ringer51.00
Midnight Haunting52.50
Icy Manipulator51.250
Smite the Monstrous51.00
Phantasmal Bear52.50
One-Eyed Scarecrow52.50
Mycosynth Wellspring51.00
Psychic Barrier51.00
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite51.00
Quilled Slagwurm51.00
Stoic Rebuttal51.250
Plague Stinger52.50
Slice in Twain51.670
Darksteel Sentinel52.50
Platinum Angel52.50
Beacon of Unrest51.250
Goblin Offensive52.50
Kor Sanctifiers51.00
Silver Myr51.670
Iron Myr51.00
Bogardan Firefiend52.50
Arc Runner52.50
Basilisk Collar52.50
Rite of Replication51.250
Roiling Terrain52.50
Ichor Rats52.50
Guul Draz Assassin52.50
Zephyr Sprite52.50
Firewild Borderpost51.670
Jund Hackblade52.50
Dragonsoul Knight51.250
Khalni Heart Expedition51.250
Ior Ruin Expedition51.00
Sigil of the Nayan Gods51.00
Wildfield Borderpost52.50
Stirring Wildwood51.670
Steward of Valeron51.250
Wretched Banquet52.50
Territorial Baloth51.670
Steel of the Godhead51.250
Faerie Swarm52.50
Lys Alana Bowmaster51.00
Prickly Boggart52.50
Wilt-Leaf Liege52.50
Elvish Eulogist51.250
Gaddock Teeg51.00
Nightshade Stinger52.50
Venser, Shaper Savant51.00
Aven Mindcensor52.50
Beacon of Destruction52.50
Canopy Spider52.50
Dead // Gone51.250
Rune Snag52.50
Coldsteel Heart51.00
Icatian Crier51.00
Havenwood Wurm51.00
Leafdrake Roost51.00
Assault Zeppelid51.00
Wild Cantor51.670
Shizo, Death's Storehouse51.670
Honden of Night's Reach52.50
Serpent Skin51.00
Shell of the Last Kappa52.50
Yukora, the Prisoner51.670
Auriok Champion51.670
Horned Helm51.00
Devoted Retainer52.50
Quiet Purity52.50
Tooth of Chiss-Goria52.50
Decree of Silence52.50
Neurok Hoversail51.00
Goblin Raider52.50
Goblin Warchief52.50
Wirewood Guardian51.00
Grand Coliseum52.50
Barbarian Ring52.50
Goblin Ringleader52.50
Parallax Wave52.50
Furious Assault52.50
Marble Diamond52.50
Ravenous Baloth52.50
Tragic Poet52.50
Riptide Laboratory51.00
Soltari Visionary52.50
Ruby Medallion52.50
Repentant Blacksmith51.670
Meteor Golem44.00
Diamond Mare44.00
Nicol Bolas, the Ravager44.00
Heroic Reinforcements44.00
Sarkhan's Unsealing44.00
Novice Knight44.00
Leonin Warleader44.00
Leonin Vanguard44.00
Adeliz, the Cinder Wind41.00
Territorial Allosaurus44.00
Ghitu Lavarunner44.00
Dread Shade44.00
Blink of an Eye42.00
Orazca Relic44.00
Legion Lieutenant44.00
Huatli, Radiant Champion44.00
Radiant Destiny44.00
Vona, Butcher of Magan44.00
Call to the Feast44.00
Ripjaw Raptor44.00
Deathgorge Scavenger44.00
Rowdy Crew44.00
River Sneak44.00
Queen's Commission44.00
Kess, Dissident Mage41.00
Desert of the Fervent44.00
Firebrand Archer44.00
Samut, Voice of Dissent42.00
Desert Cerodon44.00
Combat Celebrant44.00
Lord of the Accursed44.00
Drake Haven44.00
Binding Mummy44.00
Pendulum of Patterns42.00
Tezzeret's Betrayal42.00
Paradox Engine44.00
Hope of Ghirapur42.00
Invigorated Rampage44.00
Quicksmith Spy42.00
Sram, Senior Edificer44.00
Ovalchase Dragster42.00
Demolition Stomper41.00
Consulate Skygate41.00
Veteran Motorist44.00
Night Market Lookout44.00
Live Fast42.00
Acrobatic Maneuver41.00
Palace Sentinels41.330
Vildin-Pack Outcast41.00
Hanweir Garrison44.00
Docent of Perfection41.00
Decimator of the Provinces44.00
Game Trail44.00
Traverse the Ulvenwald44.00
Root Out41.00
Rancid Rats41.00
Olivia's Bloodsworn42.00
Rise from the Tides42.00
Manic Scribe44.00
Town Gossipmonger44.00
Weapons Trainer44.00
Jori En, Ruin Diver41.00
Canopy Gorger41.330
Immobilizer Eldrazi42.00
Flaying Tendrils42.00
Oath of Jace44.00
Jwar Isle Avenger42.00
Comparative Analysis41.330
Reality Smasher44.00
Matter Reshaper44.00
Banshee of the Dread Choir41.330
Vestige of Emrakul41.330
Sure Strike41.00
Ruin Processor44.00
Jaddi Offshoot44.00
Skysnare Spider44.00
Fetid Imp44.00
Consul's Lieutenant44.00
Whirler Rogue44.00
Vulturous Aven41.00
Servant of the Scale44.00
Risen Executioner44.00
Pinion Feast41.00
Foul-Tongue Shriek44.00
Fate Forgotten41.00
Elusive Spellfist42.00
Avatar of the Resolute44.00
Daretti, Scrap Savant44.00
Frontier Mastodon41.00
Humble Defector41.00
Sandsteppe Outcast41.00
Mardu Woe-Reaper44.00
Sandsteppe Citadel42.00
Opulent Palace42.00
Sagu Mauler44.00
Icefeather Aven44.00
Chief of the Scale44.00
Chief of the Edge44.00
Rattleclaw Mystic44.00
Kin-Tree Warden42.00
Alpine Grizzly41.00
Valley Dasher44.00
Rakshasa's Secret42.00
Murderous Cut41.330
Singing Bell Strike44.00
Abzan Battle Priest41.330
Terra Ravager41.00
Waste Not44.00
Wall of Fire44.00
Wall of Essence44.00
Void Snare42.00
Sliver Hivelord44.00
Razorfoot Griffin42.00
Phyrexian Revoker42.00
Mind Rot41.330
Kird Chieftain41.330
Hunter's Ambush41.00
Garruk, Apex Predator42.00
Diffusion Sliver44.00
Chasm Skulker44.00
Back to Nature44.00
Inspired Charge41.00
Unhallowed Pact41.00
Silent Arbiter44.00
Reflecting Pool44.00
Plagued Rusalka44.00
Marchesa, the Black Rose41.00
Fires of Yavimaya42.00
Chartooth Cougar41.00
Solidarity of Heroes44.00
Ravenous Leucrocota41.00
Prophetic Flamespeaker44.00
Pharika, God of Affliction41.330
Kruphix's Insight44.00
Deserter's Quarters44.00
Swordwise Centaur41.00
Mortal's Resolve42.00
Charging Badger41.00
Stratus Walk44.00
Sphinx's Disciple41.00
Hero of Iroas44.00
Ghostblade Eidolon41.330
Eidolon of Countless Battles42.00
Akroan Skyguard44.00
Ray of Dissolution41.00
Feral Invocation41.00
Ordeal of Thassa44.00
Commune with the Gods41.330
Ordeal of Purphoros44.00
Blood-Toll Harpy44.00
Chronicler of Heroes42.00
Ordeal of Heliod44.00
Favored Hoplite44.00
Staunch-Hearted Warrior42.00
Hammer of Purphoros41.330
Wingsteed Rider41.330
Spellheart Chimera41.00
Curse of the Swine41.00
Two-Headed Cerberus41.330
Traveling Philosopher41.330
Celestial Archon41.00
Fleetfeather Sandals41.00
Bonescythe Sliver44.00
Liliana's Reaver42.00
Tome Scour44.00
Battle Sliver44.00
Groundshaker Sliver44.00
Manaweft Sliver44.00
Blur Sliver44.00
Rathi Trapper44.00
Lotus Bloom44.00
Cloudgoat Ranger44.00
Peer Through Depths41.00
Mad Auntie44.00
Perilous Research41.00
Figure of Destiny44.00
Death Cloud44.00
Etherium Sculptor41.00
Gleam of Resistance41.330
Bridge from Below42.00
Vivid Meadow42.00
Trostani's Summoner42.00
Plasm Capture41.00
Gruul Cluestone41.00
Thrashing Mossdog41.00
Battering Krasis42.00
Varolz, the Scar-Striped44.00
Simic Cluestone41.00
Rubblebelt Raiders44.00
Last Thoughts41.00
Syndic of Tithes41.00
Bomber Corps44.00
Martial Glory44.00
Legion Loyalist44.00
Forced Adaptation41.330
Glaring Spotlight42.00
Basilica Screecher41.00
Drakewing Krasis42.00
Borborygmos Enraged44.00
Elusive Krasis42.00
Undercity Informer44.00
Spire Tracer42.00
Golgari Longlegs41.00
Dryad Militant44.00
Trostani's Judgment41.00
Seek the Horizon42.00
Door to Nothingness44.00
Battle of Wits44.00
Reforge the Soul44.00
Falkenrath Exterminator44.00
Safe Passage41.330
Fiery Conclusion41.00
Tainted Isle44.00
Mudbutton Torchrunner41.330
Throat Slitter44.00
Korozda Monitor41.00
Attended Knight41.00
Aven Squire42.00
Rubbleback Rhino41.330
Street Spasm41.330
Thrill-Kill Assassin44.00
Falkenrath Aristocrat42.00
Village Survivors44.00
Stormbound Geist41.00
Liliana's Shade41.00
Duty-Bound Dead44.00
Rise from the Grave41.330
Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius42.00
Rakdos Charm44.00
Rakdos's Return44.00
Dreg Mangler44.00
Dungeon Geists41.330
Staff of Nin41.00
Jace's Phantasm44.00
Goblin Cadets41.00
Razorjaw Oni41.00
Selesnya Guildmage41.330
Slipstream Eel41.330
Akroma's Vengeance44.00
Buried Alive44.00
Lash Out44.00
Brion Stoutarm44.00
Izzet Signet44.00
Windborn Muse44.00
Tracker's Instincts44.00
Elite Inquisitor42.00
Heartless Summoning44.00
Seraph Sanctuary44.00
Marrow Bats41.330
Thunderous Wrath42.00
Gideon Jura42.00
Blade Splicer44.00
Blinding Souleater41.00
Tezzeret's Gambit42.00
Aether Adept41.00
Blasphemous Act44.00
Bump in the Night44.00
Silver-Inlaid Dagger42.00
Myr Galvanizer44.00
Swiftfoot Boots41.00
Arachnus Spinner44.00
Lord of the Unreal44.00
Phantasmal Dragon44.00
Venser's Journal44.00
Myr Propagator44.00
Grim Affliction44.00
Copper Carapace41.00
Virulent Wound44.00
Leonin Skyhunter42.00
Distant Memories41.00
Flesh-Eater Imp44.00
Septic Rats44.00
Phyrexian Crusader44.00
Snapsail Glider44.00
Darksteel Myr44.00
True Conviction41.330
Bladed Pinions41.00
Silverglade Elemental41.00
Shivan Oasis44.00
Phyrexian Ghoul41.330
Arcbound Crusher44.00
Tornado Elemental44.00
Mask of Memory41.330
Gold Myr41.330
Nantuko Shade42.00
Transmute Artifact41.330
Zombie Master44.00
Control Magic41.330
The Abyss44.00
Force Spike41.330
Eldrazi Temple44.00
Sphinx of Magosi42.00
Sea Gate Loremaster42.00
Nirkana Cutthroat44.00
Razor Hippogriff41.00
Ezuri's Archers41.330
Coralhelm Commander42.00
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth41.00
Hand of Emrakul41.00
Training Grounds44.00
Rampaging Baloths44.00
Coat of Arms44.00
Hypnotic Specter44.00
Emeria, the Sky Ruin44.00
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle44.00
Illusionary Servant44.00
Messenger Falcons41.00
Veinfire Borderpost42.00
Font of Mythos44.00
Kederekt Parasite44.00
Scattershot Archer41.00
Gatekeeper of Malakir44.00
Valeron Outlander44.00
Vedalken Outlander44.00
Ice Floe44.00
Finest Hour44.00
Kabira Evangel42.00
Master Transmuter42.00
Hindering Light44.00
Teetering Peaks41.00
Celestial Colonnade44.00
Battlegrace Angel42.00
Viscera Dragger41.00
Deft Duelist44.00
Resounding Thunder42.00
Tidehollow Strix41.00
Skyward Eye Prophets41.00
Rafiq of the Many44.00
Tezzeret the Seeker41.00
Obelisk of Jund41.330
Sprouting Thrinax44.00
Scourge Devil41.330
Plated Geopede44.00
Toxic Iguanar44.00
Varchild's War-Riders44.00
Bloodhall Ooze44.00
Phantom Monster42.00
Ashnod's Transmogrant41.00
Lake of the Dead44.00
Mine Excavation41.00
Smash to Smithereens41.00
Drove of Elves41.00
Wake Thrasher42.00
Gloomwidow's Feast42.00
Aerie Mystics41.00
Deity of Scars44.00
Recumbent Bliss41.00
Edge of the Divinity44.00
Kulrath Knight44.00
Graven Cairns44.00
Oversoul of Dusk44.00
Impromptu Raid44.00
Pale Recluse41.00
Hoofprints of the Stag44.00
Knucklebone Witch44.00
Nameless Inversion44.00
Godhead of Awe44.00
Mistveil Plains44.00
Dauntless Dourbark44.00
Boggart Mob44.00
Wren's Run Vanquisher44.00
Knight of Meadowgrain44.00
Merrow Reejerey42.00
Merrow Commerce42.00
Treefolk Harbinger44.00
Cloudcrown Oak41.00
Bant Charm44.00
Even the Odds44.00
Sliver Legion44.00
Llanowar Reborn41.330
Blowfly Infestation42.00
Goblin Lore44.00
Rain of Tears44.00
Vedalken Mastermind44.00
Blood Knight44.00
Utopia Mycon44.00
Yavimaya Enchantress44.00
Skirk Ridge Exhumer44.00
Viridian Shaman41.330
Venerable Monk41.330
Thieving Magpie44.00
Spirit Link44.00
Kavu Climber41.00
Reckless Wurm44.00
Shadowmage Infiltrator44.00
Homing Sliver44.00
Synchronous Sliver44.00
Karplusan Minotaur44.00
Krovikan Mist44.00
Stromgald Crusader44.00
Orcish Bloodpainter41.00
Gorgon Recluse44.00
Gemhide Sliver44.00
Dark Withering44.00
Demonic Collusion44.00
Pulmonic Sliver44.00
Telekinetic Sliver44.00
Might of Old Krosa44.00
Spined Sliver44.00
Foriysian Totem44.00
Two-Headed Sliver44.00
Unstable Mutation44.00
Bad Moon42.00
Psionic Blast42.00
Utopia Sprawl44.00
Sporeback Troll41.00
Whispers of the Muse44.00
Stitch in Time44.00
Gatherer of Graces44.00
Dryad Sophisticate44.00
Hunted Dragon44.00
Golgari Germination44.00
Hunted Horror44.00
Boros Recruit44.00
One with Nothing44.00
Copy Enchantment44.00
Swarm of Rats44.00
Mana Clash44.00
Ethereal Haze44.00
Nezumi Cutthroat44.00
Graceful Adept44.00
Isamaru, Hound of Konda44.00
Konda's Hatamoto44.00
Ragged Veins44.00
Waking Nightmare44.00
Kiku, Night's Flower44.00
Horobi, Death's Wail44.00
Call to Glory44.00
Samurai of the Pale Curtain44.00
Cursed Ronin44.00
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni44.00
Ghost-Lit Stalker44.00
Kami of False Hope44.00
Promised Kannushi44.00
Neurok Stealthsuit41.00
Guardian Idol44.00
Steelshaper's Gift41.330
Nezumi Ronin44.00
Yamabushi's Flame41.00
Staff of Domination41.330
Greater Harvester44.00
Wirefly Hive44.00
Krark's Thumb44.00
Scale of Chiss-Goria44.00
Fiery Gambit44.00
Myr Matrix44.00
Echoing Decay41.330
Dross Golem41.00
Spire Golem41.00
Darksteel Gargoyle44.00
Leonin Elder41.00
Loxodon Mender44.00
Fangren Firstborn44.00
Western Paladin44.00
Eternal Dragon44.00
Day of the Dragons44.00
Reap and Sow41.330
Shifting Sliver44.00
Gempalm Incinerator42.00
Magma Sliver44.00
Solar Blast44.00
Brood Sliver44.00
Pulse of the Tangle44.00
Skirk Prospector44.00
Pulse of the Forge44.00
Fledgling Dragon44.00
Living Wish44.00
Tainted Field42.00
Cabal Ritual44.00
Chance Encounter44.00
Patron Wizard44.00
Battle Strain44.00
Nimble Mongoose44.00
Swirling Sandstorm42.00
Aether Burst44.00
Squee's Revenge44.00
Shivan Wurm44.00
Grafted Skullcap44.00
Blood Pet44.00
Thunderscape Familiar44.00
Longbow Archer44.00
Trained Orgg44.00
Mine Bearer44.00
Quirion Elves41.00
Quirion Trailblazer41.00
Kavu Titan44.00
Marauding Knight44.00
Shade's Form41.00
Skyshroud Claim41.00
Slingshot Goblin44.00
Seal of Cleansing41.00
Ramosian Rally44.00
Haunted Crossroads44.00
Pattern of Rebirth44.00
Reckless Abandon41.00
Wild Growth44.00
Goblin Welder44.00
Yavimaya Granger41.00
Defender of Chaos44.00
Expendable Troops44.00
Brilliant Halo44.00
Serra's Sanctum44.00
Predatory Nightstalker41.00
Dauthi Warlord44.00
Vampire Hounds44.00
Welkin Hawk44.00
Monk Idealist42.00
Lilting Refrain44.00
Jinxed Ring44.00
Mogg Maniac44.00
Soltari Monk44.00
Soltari Foot Soldier44.00
Gerrard's Battle Cry44.00
Lowland Giant41.330
Goblin Bombardment42.00
Dauthi Mercenary44.00
Metallic Sliver44.00
Virtue's Ruin44.00
Righteous War44.00
Fallen Askari44.00
Shallow Grave44.00
Sisters of the Flame41.00
Timber Wolves44.00
Vivien Reid31.50
Elvish Rejuvenator33.00
Mystic Archaeologist31.50
Aether Tunnel33.00
Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage33.00
Relentless Raptor33.00
Path of Mettle31.50
Thunderherd Migration33.00
Moment of Craving31.50
Champion of Dusk33.00
Seafloor Oracle33.00
Squire's Devotion33.00
Sentinel Totem33.00
Hostage Taker33.00
Watertrap Weaver33.00
Crypt of the Eternals33.00
Appeal // Authority33.00
Grasping Dunes33.00
Supernatural Stamina33.00
Festering Mummy33.00
Faith of the Devoted31.00
Highspire Infusion33.00
Druid of the Cowl33.00
Release the Gremlins33.00
Yahenni's Expertise33.00
Torch Gauntlet31.00
Fireforger's Puzzleknot31.00
Decoction Module33.00
Bomat Bazaar Barge31.00
Wild Wanderer31.00
Spark of Creativity33.00
Built to Smash31.00
Marionette Master33.00
Harsh Scrutiny33.00
Ninth Bridge Patrol31.00
Aerial Responder31.50
Prophetic Ravings31.50
Oath of Liliana33.00
Spontaneous Mutation31.50
Eternal Scourge33.00
Wicker Witch31.00
Runaway Carriage31.00
Olivia, Mobilized for War33.00
Graf Mole33.00
Malevolent Whispers31.50
Rottenheart Ghoul31.00
Asylum Visitor33.00
Vessel of Ephemera31.00
Dauntless Cathar31.00
Timber Gorge31.50
Seed Guardian31.00
Loam Larva31.00
Tears of Valakut31.00
Embodiment of Fury31.50
Cinder Hellion31.50
Zulaport Chainmage31.50
Reaver Drone31.50
Essence Depleter33.00
Umara Entangler31.50
Containment Membrane31.50
Wall of Resurgence33.00
Isolation Zone31.00
Affa Protector31.00
Warchief Giant31.00
Valakut Predator31.50
Snapping Gnarlid31.50
Shadow Glider31.00
Seek the Wilds31.00
Ondu Champion31.00
Mire's Malice31.00
Makindi Sliderunner31.00
Looming Spires31.00
Kozilek's Sentinel31.50
Kalastria Healer31.00
Ghostly Sentinel31.00
Complete Disregard31.50
Coastal Discovery31.50
Cloud Manta31.50
Belligerent Whiptail31.00
Hitchclaw Recluse31.00
Avaricious Dragon31.50
Chief of the Foundry31.00
Malakir Cullblade31.50
Ghirapur Aether Grid33.00
Guardian Automaton31.00
Veteran's Sidearm31.00
Shambling Goblin31.00
Sabertooth Outrider31.00
Rakshasa Gravecaller31.00
Misthoof Kirin31.00
Echoes of the Kin Tree31.50
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit33.00
Aerie Bowmasters31.00
Jeskai Banner31.50
Temur Charm33.00
Sultai Soothsayer31.50
Bear's Companion31.00
See the Unwritten33.00
Debilitating Injury33.00
Whirlwind Adept31.50
Pearl Lake Ancient33.00
Jeskai Elder31.50
Force Away33.00
Mardu Hordechief33.00
Kill Shot33.00
Herald of Anafenza33.00
Darksteel Mutation31.50
Wall of Frost31.00
Rotfeaster Maggot33.00
Pillar of Light31.00
Nightfire Giant31.00
Netcaster Spider31.00
Midnight Guard31.00
Invasive Species31.00
Carnivorous Moss-Beast31.00
Furnace Whelp31.00
Centaur Courser31.00
Volcanic Fallout31.00
Stave Off31.00
Shoreline Ranger31.00
Runed Servitor31.00
Hunger of the Howlpack33.00
Elephant Guide31.00
Copperhorn Scout31.50
Triton Shorestalker31.50
Temple of Epiphany33.00
Sigiled Starfish31.00
Satyr Grovedancer31.00
Renowned Weaver31.00
Oakheart Dryads31.50
Desperate Stand33.00
Everflame Eidolon33.00
Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass31.00
Nyxborn Eidolon31.00
Retraction Helix31.50
Mortal's Ardor33.00
Great Hart31.00
Pharika's Cure31.50
Nimbus Naiad31.00
Sedge Scorpion33.00
Last Breath31.50
Sealock Monster33.00
Prescient Chimera31.00
Lash of the Whip33.00
Savage Surge31.50
Sip of Hemlock33.00
Centaur Battlemaster33.00
Yoked Ox31.00
Wild Celebrants31.00
Setessan Battle Priest31.00
Flamecast Wheel31.00
Fanatic of Mogis31.00
Howl of the Night Pack33.00
Seismic Stomp31.00
Chandra's Phoenix33.00
Elixir of Immortality31.50
Goblin Shortcutter31.50
Accorder's Shield31.50
Mind Funeral33.00
Ethersworn Canonist31.50
Trygon Predator31.00
Kira, Great Glass-Spinner31.50
Maze Behemoth31.00
Kraul Warrior31.00
Awe for the Guilds31.00
Advent of the Wurm31.50
Murmuring Phantasm31.00
Deadbridge Chant33.00
Riot Piker33.00
Gleam of Battle31.50
Shadow Slice31.00
Hands of Binding31.00
Totally Lost31.00
Keymaster Rogue31.00
Zhur-Taa Swine31.00
Scatter Arc31.50
Ruination Wurm31.00
Traitorous Instinct31.50
Terrus Wurm31.00
Lobber Crew33.00
Bloodthrone Vampire33.00
Cage of Hands31.00
Azorius Arrester31.00
Swift Justice31.00
Drudge Beetle31.00
Artful Dodge33.00
Diregraf Captain31.50
Public Execution33.00
Trained Caracal31.00
Mana Bloom33.00
Erdwal Ripper31.00
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed31.50
Moonveil Dragon31.50
Stony Silence33.00
Oni of Wild Places31.00
Mikaeus, the Lunarch33.00
Wrecking Ball31.00
Sigil Captain31.00
Elgaud Inquisitor31.00
Executioner's Hood31.00
Disciple of Griselbrand31.50
Mighty Leap31.00
Scroll of Griselbrand31.00
Undead Executioner31.00
Demonlord of Ashmouth33.00
Silverblade Paladin31.50
Moonsilver Spear31.00
Nightshade Peddler31.00
Pillar of Flame31.50
Gryff Vanguard31.00
Fiery Hellhound31.00
Vow of Lightning31.00
Kessig Wolf Run31.00
Moorland Haunt31.00
Spire Monitor31.00
Sensor Splicer31.00
Unbreathing Horde31.50
Spectral Flight31.00
Chapel Geist31.00
Noxious Revival31.50
Bloodgift Demon31.50
Blazing Torch31.00
Ogre Taskmaster33.00
Healing Salve33.00
Stitched Drake31.00
Skeletal Grimace31.00
Gorehorn Minotaurs31.00
Lightning Elemental31.50
Shriek Raptor31.50
Sunblast Angel31.00
Blisterstick Shaman31.50
Treasure Mage33.00
Rusted Slasher31.00
Withstand Death31.00
Sunspear Shikari31.00
Vedalken Certarch31.50
Grand Architect33.00
Salvage Scout31.00
Taurean Mauler31.50
Holy Strength33.00
Spined Wurm33.00
Candelabra of Tawnos33.00
Elves of Deep Shadow33.00
Spoils of Victory31.50
Ichorclaw Myr31.00
Untamed Might31.00
Glint Hawk Idol31.00
Kazandu Tuskcaller31.50
Khalni Hydra33.00
Last Kiss33.00
Forked Bolt31.50
Gelatinous Genesis33.00
Primal Bellow33.00
Trusty Machete31.00
Oran-Rief Recluse31.00
Dark Temper31.50
Elvish Hunter31.00
Lodestone Bauble31.50
View from Above33.00
Timbermaw Larva31.00
Paragon of the Amesha31.00
Mask of Riddles31.50
Ethersworn Shieldmage31.50
Bloodpyre Elemental33.00
Thorn-Thrash Viashino33.00
Jund Battlemage33.00
Goblin Mountaineer33.00
Esper Battlemage33.00
Bloodthorn Taunter33.00
Hellspark Elemental33.00
Scepter of Dominance31.50
Gleeful Sabotage31.00
Order of the Golden Cricket31.00
Aerie Ouphes31.00
Kinsbaile Cavalier33.00
Winnower Patrol31.00
Kithkin Spellduster31.00
Favor of the Overbeing31.00
Tilling Treefolk33.00
Thistledown Liege33.00
Inner-Flame Acolyte31.00
Curse of Chains31.00
Safehold Elite31.00
Game-Trail Changeling31.00
Nurturer Initiate31.00
Elvish Hexhunter31.00
Herbal Poultice31.00
Moonglove Extract33.00
Eyeblight's Ending31.00
Dreamscape Artist31.00
Emberwilde Augur33.00
Grave Scrabbler33.00
Skirk Shaman31.00
Marshaling Cry31.00
Blade of the Sixth Pride33.00
Bloodrock Cyclops31.50
Spiketail Hatchling31.50
Skyhunter Patrol33.00
Hill Giant33.00
Grizzly Bears33.00
Bottle Gnomes31.00
New Benalia31.50
Goblin Skycutter33.00
Gaea's Anthem33.00
Looter il-Kor31.00
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss31.00
Mangara of Corondor31.50
Verdant Embrace33.00
Feldon's Cane31.00
Ophidian Eye31.00
Seal of Fire31.00
Hunting Moa33.00
Essence Sliver33.00
Pride of the Clouds33.00
Dimir Guildmage31.00
Viashino Fangtail31.00
Dizzy Spell31.00
Form of the Dragon31.50
Sandstone Warrior31.00
Privileged Position33.00
Flight of Fancy31.00
Master Decoy31.00
Azami, Lady of Scrolls31.00
Moss Kami31.00
Lantern Kami31.50
Boseiju, Who Shelters All31.50
Ashen Monstrosity33.00
Blazing Shoal33.00
Gnarled Mass31.00
Blessing of Leeches31.00
Battered Golem31.00
Leonin Squire31.00
Vulshok Sorcerer31.00
Thermal Navigator31.00
Pteron Ghost31.50
Auriok Bladewarden33.00
Sunbeam Spellbomb31.00
Dross Scorpion31.00
Spikeshot Goblin31.50
Slith Ascendant33.00
Slagwurm Armor31.00
Somber Hoverguard31.50
Sprouting Vines33.00
Temporal Fissure31.00
Rush of Knowledge31.00
Krosan Warchief31.50
Stonewood Invoker31.00
Dirge of Dread31.00
Steely Resolve31.50
Heedless One31.50
Gratuitous Violence33.00
Elvish Pathcutter31.00
Gustcloak Harrier33.00
Words of Wisdom31.00
Rancid Earth31.00
Acorn Harvest31.00
Quicksilver Dagger31.00
Knight Errant33.00
Llanowar Elite31.00
Alexi's Cloak31.50
Heroes' Reunion33.00
Dismantling Blow31.00
Flame Rift33.00
Seal of Strength31.50
Skyshroud Ridgeback31.50
Seal of Removal31.50
Fanatical Devotion31.00
Defiant Falcon31.50
Henge Guardian31.50
Saprazzan Raider33.00
Stinging Barrier31.00
Waterfront Bouncer31.50
Power Sink31.50
Heart Warden31.00
Ekundu Griffin33.00
Defense of the Heart31.50
Raven Familiar31.50
Jackalope Herd31.00
Fanning the Flames31.00
Salt Flats31.50
Elvish Fury31.00
Winged Sliver33.00
Darkling Stalker31.00
Duskrider Falcon33.00
Drain Life33.00
Freewind Falcon33.00
Phyrexian Walker31.00
Seedling Charm31.00
Jolrael's Centaur33.00
Indestructible Aura33.00
Icatian Moneychanger33.00
Army of Allah31.00
Goblin Cratermaker22.00
Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire22.00
Spit Flame22.00
Goblin Instigator22.00
Liliana, Untouched by Death22.00
Memorial to Genius22.00
Traxos, Scourge of Kroog22.00
Oath of Teferi22.00
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain22.00
The Eldest Reborn22.00
Arcane Flight22.00
Dire Fleet Daredevil22.00
Mastermind's Acquisition22.00
Paladin of Atonement22.00
Vraska, Relic Seeker22.00
Shapers' Sanctuary22.00
Drover of the Mighty22.00
Spell Swindle22.00
Kinjalli's Sunwing22.00
Torment of Hailfire22.00
Bontu's Last Reckoning21.00
Banewhip Punisher22.00
Tragic Lesson22.00
Desert's Hold22.00
Prepare // Fight22.00
Ahn-Crop Champion22.00
Sandwurm Convergence22.00
Trueheart Twins22.00
Wander in Death21.00
Vizier of Many Faces22.00
Curator of Mysteries22.00
Tezzeret, Master of Metal21.00
Untethered Express21.00
Renegade Wheelsmith22.00
Ghirapur Osprey22.00
Audacious Infiltrator22.00
Alley Evasion22.00
Aethergeode Miner22.00
Crystalline Crawler22.00
Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist21.00
Workshop Assistant21.00
Weldfast Monitor21.00
Snare Thopter21.00
Sky Skiff21.00
Prakhata Pillar-Bug21.00
Narnam Cobra21.00
Iron League Steed21.00
Inventor's Goggles21.00
Glassblower's Puzzleknot21.00
Eager Construct21.00
Dukhara Peafowl21.00
Deadlock Trap22.00
Bastion Mastodon21.00
Ballista Charger21.00
Aradara Express21.00
Accomplished Automaton21.00
Highspire Artisan21.00
Cultivator of Blades22.00
Thriving Ibex21.00
Tasseled Dromedary21.00
Skywhaler's Shot21.00
Skyswirl Harrier21.00
Revoke Privileges21.00
Propeller Pioneer21.00
Impeccable Timing21.00
Herald of the Fair21.00
Glint-Sleeve Artisan21.00
Gearshift Ace21.00
Eddytrail Hawk21.00
Consul's Shieldguard21.00
Consulate Surveillance21.00
Built to Last21.00
Hanweir Battlements22.00
Field Creeper21.00
Cathar's Shield21.00
Grim Flayer22.00
Brazen Wolves21.00
Dark Salvation22.00
Cemetery Recruitment21.00
Geist of the Archives21.00
Contingency Plan22.00
Thraben Standard Bearer21.00
Steadfast Cathar21.00
Repel the Abominable21.00
Gisela, the Broken Blade22.00
Drogskol Shieldmate21.00
Collective Effort22.00
Borrowed Grace21.00
Thraben Gargoyle21.00
Murderer's Axe21.00
Harvest Hand21.00
Soul Swallower21.00
Moldgraf Scavenger22.00
Deathcap Cultivator22.00
Crawling Sensation22.00
Voldaren Duelist22.00
Vampire Noble21.00
Stitched Mangler21.00
Drownyard Explorers21.00
Compelling Deterrence22.00
Stern Constable21.00
Nearheath Chaplain21.00
Nahiri's Machinations21.00
Inspiring Captain21.00
Inquisitor's Ox21.00
Gryff's Boon21.00
Eerie Interlude21.00
Devilthorn Fox21.00
Cathar's Companion21.00
Avacynian Missionaries21.00
Apothecary Geist21.00
Angel of Deliverance21.00
Meandering River22.00
Captain's Claws22.00
Vines of the Recluse21.00
Zada's Commando22.00
Kazuul's Toll Collector21.00
Maw of Kozilek22.00
Eldrazi Aggressor21.00
Consuming Sinkhole21.00
Null Caller22.00
Malakir Soothsayer22.00
Unnatural Endurance21.00
Slaughter Drone22.00
Kozilek's Translator22.00
Havoc Sower22.00
Cyclone Sire22.00
Shoulder to Shoulder21.00
Relief Captain21.00
Broodbirth Viper21.00
Valakut Invoker21.00
Transgress the Mind22.00
Touch of the Void21.00
Tandem Tactics21.00
Swell of Growth21.00
Slab Hammer22.00
Rush of Ice21.00
Roil's Retribution21.00
Rising Miasma22.00
Resolute Blademaster22.00
Radiant Flames22.00
Painful Truths22.00
Ondu Greathorn21.00
Lifespring Druid21.00
Kor Entanglers21.00
Grip of Desolation22.00
Fortified Rampart21.00
Dampening Pulse21.00
Courier Griffin21.00
Clutch of Currents21.00
Cliffside Lookout21.00
Patron of the Valiant21.00
Ampryn Tactician21.00
Healing Hands21.00
Grasp of the Hieromancer21.00
Eyeblight Assassin21.00
Deadbridge Shaman21.00
Enthralling Victor21.00
Kytheon's Tactics21.00
Mage-Ring Bully22.00
Knight of the Pilgrim's Road21.00
Sibsig Icebreakers21.00
Kolaghan Aspirant21.00
Enduring Victory22.00
Enduring Scalelord22.00
Ancestral Statue21.00
Acid-Spewer Dragon21.00
Unstable Obelisk21.00
Overseer of the Damned22.00
Abzan Beastmaster21.00
Whisk Away22.00
Frost Walker22.00
Aven Surveyor21.00
Pressure Point21.00
Citadel Siege22.00
Abzan Skycaptain21.00
Temur Banner21.00
Warden of the Eye21.00
Sultai Charm22.00
Tusked Colossodon21.00
Sultai Flayer22.00
Summit Prowler21.00
Bloodfire Expert22.00
Barrage of Boulders21.00
Swarm of Bloodflies22.00
Disowned Ancestor22.00
Bitter Revelation21.00
Weave Fate21.00
Scion of Glaciers22.00
Jeskai Windscout22.00
High Sentinels of Arashin21.00
End Hostilities22.00
Thundering Giant21.00
Statute of Denial21.00
Stab Wound21.00
Shield of the Avatar21.00
Rummaging Goblin21.00
Necrogen Scudder22.00
Master of Predicaments22.00
Marked by Honor22.00
Krenko's Enforcer21.00
Battle Mastery22.00
Terra Stomper22.00
Mahamoti Djinn22.00
Stasis Cell21.00
Scaled Wurm21.00
Quag Vampires21.00
Pitchburn Devils21.00
Noble Templar21.00
Necromantic Thirst21.00
Morkrut Banshee21.00
Minamo Scrollkeeper21.00
Infectious Horror21.00
Swarmborn Giant22.00
Strength from the Fallen21.00
Pheres-Band Thunderhoof22.00
Humbler of Mortals21.00
Grim Guardian21.00
Dreadbringer Lampads21.00
Dawnbringer Charioteers21.00
Dakra Mystic22.00
Kiora's Follower22.00
Kiora, the Crashing Wave21.00
Snake of the Golden Grove21.00
Setessan Oathsworn21.00
Pheres-Band Tromper21.00
Nyxborn Wolf21.00
Impetuous Sunchaser21.00
Servant of Tymaret21.00
Thassa's Rebuff22.00
Ephara's Radiance21.00
Spearpoint Oread22.00
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx22.00
Shipwreck Singer21.00
Scholar of Athreos21.00
Fate Foretold21.00
Destructive Revelry21.00
Anvilwrought Raptor21.00
Shredding Winds22.00
Portent of Betrayal21.00
Thassa's Bounty22.00
Returned Centaur21.00
Lost in a Labyrinth21.00
Fabled Hero22.00
Guardians of Meletis21.00
Leonin Snarecaster21.00
Ember Swallower21.00
Benthic Giant21.00
Silent Artisan21.00
Chosen by Heliod21.00
Master of Waves22.00
Dauntless Onslaught21.00
Returned Phalanx22.00
Brave the Elements21.00
Brindle Boar21.00
Glimpse the Future22.00
Jace, Memory Adept21.00
Dragon Hatchling21.00
Quag Sickness21.00
Undead Minotaur22.00
Rod of Ruin21.00
Coral Merfolk22.00
Dragon Egg21.00
Chandra's Outrage21.00
Phantom Warrior22.00
Xathrid Necromancer22.00
Krosan Grip21.00
Kokusho, the Evening Star21.00
Avian Changeling22.00
Otherworldly Journey21.00
Feudkiller's Verdict22.00
Fiery Fall21.00
Skyreach Manta21.00
Nivix Cyclops22.00
Rakdos Drake21.00
Deputy of Acquittals21.00
Rubblebelt Maaka21.00
Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch22.00
Boros Mastiff21.00
Woodlot Crawler21.00
Wake the Reflections22.00
Progenitor Mimic21.00
Rakdos Cluestone21.00
Sunspire Gatekeepers21.00
Knight Watch21.00
Greenside Watcher22.00
Orzhov Charm22.00
Skinbrand Goblin21.00
Ground Assault22.00
Scab-Clan Charger21.00
Razortip Whip22.00
Devour Flesh21.00
Clinging Anemones21.00
Kingpin's Pet22.00
Riot Gear21.00
Skyblinder Staff21.00
Leyline Phantom22.00
Truefire Paladin22.00
Massive Raid22.00
Ember Beast22.00
Burst of Strength21.00
Metropolis Sprite21.00
Adaptive Snapjaw21.00
Fortress Cyclops22.00
Deathcult Rogue21.00
Syndicate Enforcer21.00
Nightveil Specter22.00
Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord22.00
Slime Molding22.00
Aerial Predation21.00
Phyrexian Hulk21.00
Rain of Blades21.00
Champion of Lambholt22.00
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident21.00
Goblin Battle Jester21.00
War Priest of Thune22.00
Gruul Turf22.00
Warstorm Surge21.00
Dimir Infiltrator21.00
Mammoth Umbra21.00
Aura Gnarlid21.00
Fusion Elemental21.00
Mist Raven21.00
Keening Apparition21.00
Demonic Taskmaster22.00
Eaten by Spiders21.00
Paralyzing Grasp21.00
Korozda Guildmage22.00
Tablet of the Guilds21.00
Silvercoat Lion21.00
Stealer of Secrets21.00
Avenging Arrow21.00
Perilous Shadow21.00
Selesnya Sentry21.00
Soul Tithe21.00
Huntmaster of the Fells22.00
Increasing Devotion21.00
Crushing Vines21.00
Increasing Confusion21.00
Moorland Inquisitor21.00
Grim Flowering21.00
Geralf's Mindcrusher21.00
Zombie Apocalypse21.00
Fire Elemental21.00
Crusader of Odric22.00
Thundermaw Hellkite22.00
Jace, Architect of Thought22.00
Golgari Keyrune21.00
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice21.00
Coursers' Accord21.00
Mizzium Skin21.00
Civic Saber21.00
Towering Indrik21.00
Sluiceway Scorpion21.00
Bazaar Krovod21.00
Armada Wurm22.00
Armory Guard21.00
Concordia Pegasus21.00
Vassal Soul21.00
Izzet Keyrune21.00
Underworld Connections22.00
Kessig Cagebreakers22.00
Elderscale Wurm22.00
Bond Beetle21.00
Searing Spear21.00
Primal Huntbeast21.00
Spike Feeder21.00
Dimir Signet22.00
Cleansing Beam21.00
Bathe in Light21.00
Akroma, Angel of Fury21.00
Shattered Angel21.00
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born21.00
Aura Shards21.00
Falkenrath Marauders22.00
Maw of the Mire22.00
Wild Hunger21.00
Goblin Tunneler22.00
Stampeding Rhino21.00
Thraben Heretic21.00
Runechanter's Pike21.00
Kessig Recluse21.00
Dawntreader Elk21.00
Sacred Wolf21.00
Sun Titan22.00
Galvanic Alchemist21.00
Rush of Blood22.00
Voice of the Provinces21.00
Nephalia Smuggler21.00
Evernight Shade21.00
Mad Prophet22.00
Pathbreaker Wurm21.00
Angel's Tomb21.00
Otherworld Atlas21.00
Spectral Gateguards21.00
Sigarda, Host of Herons21.00
Conjurer's Closet22.00
Holy Justiciar21.00
Barter in Blood21.00
Goldnight Redeemer21.00
Emancipation Angel21.00
Feeling of Dread22.00
Goblin War Paint21.00
Traitorous Blood21.00
Sorin's Vengeance22.00
Festerhide Boar21.00
Witchbane Orb21.00
Greater Basilisk21.00
Flameborn Viron21.00
Trespassing Souleater21.00
Immolating Souleater21.00
Grimoire of the Dead22.00
Crossway Vampire21.00
Angel of Flight Alabaster21.00
Forced Worship21.00
Act of Aggression21.00
Slash Panther21.00
Grave Bramble21.00
Goblin Fireslinger21.00
Ruthless Invasion21.00
Bloodline Keeper22.00
Stormfront Pegasus21.00
Dearly Departed21.00
Spider Spawning21.00
Grizzled Outcasts21.00
Grand Abolisher22.00
Wild Griffin21.00
Blightsteel Colossus21.00
Red Sun's Zenith21.00
Angel's Feather21.00
Sharpened Pitchfork21.00
Bloodcrazed Neonate21.00
Throne of Empires21.00
Merfolk Mesmerist21.00
Furyborn Hellkite21.00
Slayer of the Wicked21.00
Boneyard Wurm22.00
Butcher's Cleaver21.00
Silent Departure21.00
Remember the Fallen21.00
Loxodon Convert21.00
Volt Charge22.00
Phyrexian Metamorph22.00
Sword of War and Peace21.00
Exclusion Ritual21.00