Archetype: Bogles

a.k.a: Green-White Hexproof,Hexproof,Selesnya Hexproof

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Ethereal Armor15364.098
Gladecover Scout15183.9997
Slippery Bogle15114.096
Daybreak Coronet14853.9995
Windswept Heath14453.9493
Spider Umbra13683.794
Razorverge Thicket13473.8290
Kor Spiritdancer13083.7290
Temple Garden12393.2896
Hyena Umbra11653.196
Horizon Canopy11103.6677
Path to Exile9402.7786
Spirit Mantle7282.1287
Wooded Foothills5082.2358
Leyline of Sanctity4593.5333
Gryff's Boon3491.7750
Dryad Arbor3471.0485
Unflinching Courage3261.749
Spirit Link2541.4445
Silhana Ledgewalker1611.9221
Misty Rainforest1501.7222
Keen Sense1411.6821
Cartouche of Solidarity1061.815
Verdant Catacombs931.8213
Sunpetal Grove562.85
Noble Hierarch473.923
Suppression Field432.265
Flooded Strand342.134
Hallowed Fountain291.814
Open the Armory271.355
Canopy Cover253.572
Stubborn Denial243.02
Curious Obsession223.142
Invisible Stalker223.142
Snow-Covered Plains221.384
Seachrome Coast212.632
Eldrazi Displacer204.01
Eldrazi Skyspawner204.01
Drowner of Hope204.01
Ancient Stirrings204.01
Talisman of Progress204.01
Canopy Vista182.252
Dromoka's Command181.05
Yavimaya Coast173.41
Ratchet Bomb173.41
Breeding Pool171.313
Wooded Bastion171.134
Sylvan Advocate164.01
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet164.01
Shambling Vent164.01
Ruinous Path164.01
Fiery Impulse164.01
Siege Rhino164.01
Bloodstained Mire164.01
Cinder Glade153.751
Sandsteppe Citadel153.751
Ghost Quarter151.882
Gaddock Teeg151.672
Snow-Covered Forest151.074
Smoldering Marsh143.51
Arid Mesa132.61
Glaring Aegis111.222
Gift of Orzhova112.21
Mesa Enchantress113.671
Triclopean Sight111.572
Mana Tithe111.832
Mana Confluence102.51
Heliod's Pilgrim93.01
Nomad Outpost82.01
Madcap Skills84.01
Fencing Ace84.01
Glistener Elf84.01
Verduran Enchantress84.01
Sea Gate Wreckage71.41
Snake Umbra72.331
Unstable Mutation73.51
Bassara Tower Archer63.01
Fabled Hero63.01
Spectral Flight63.01
Leyline of the Void63.01
Ajani, Caller of the Pride51.671
Sacred Foundry51.671
Stomping Ground51.671
Oblivion Ring52.51
Fists of Ironwood52.51
Daybreak Chaplain44.00
Angelic Gift44.00
Avatar of the Resolute44.00
Abzan Runemark44.00
Blossoming Sands44.00
Elvish Mystic44.00
Battle Mastery42.01
Temple of Plenty44.00
Aqueous Form42.01
Glacial Fortress42.01
Geist of Saint Traft44.00
Avacyn's Pilgrim44.00
Hinterland Harbor42.01
Lost Leonin44.00
Tectonic Edge44.00
Qasali Pridemage42.01
Sixth Sense31.01
Graypelt Refuge33.00
Pithing Needle33.00
Stirring Wildwood31.51
Favor of the Overbeing33.00
Burrenton Forge-Tender33.00
Sentinel's Mark22.00
Declaration in Stone22.00
Banishing Light21.01
Eidolon of Countless Battles22.00
Chained to the Rocks22.00
Advent of the Wurm22.00
Ascended Lawmage22.00
Voice of Resurgence22.00
Sigil of the Empty Throne22.00
Selesnya Charm22.00
Abundant Growth22.00
Vapor Snag22.00
Marsh Flats21.01
Vines of Vastwood22.00
Aura of Silence22.00
Aspect of Mongoose22.00
Helm of the Gods11.00
Sage's Reverie11.00
Llanowar Wastes11.00
Nature's Claim11.00
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx11.00
Boros Charm11.00
Loxodon Smiter11.00
Boar Umbra11.00
Bear Umbra11.00
Eldrazi Conscription11.00
Spell Pierce11.00
Intervention Pact11.00
Griffin Guide11.00


Mulligans 44 percent of the time
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