Archetype: Living End

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Street Wraith11823.9998
Violent Outburst11564.096
Monstrous Carabid11253.9694
Demonic Dread10453.6595
Blackcleave Cliffs10063.790
Fulminator Mage9723.885
Living End8502.9595
Simian Spirit Guide8313.1188
Verdant Catacombs7303.6566
Beast Within6952.6886
Deadshot Minotaur6923.8959
Architects of Will5803.5654
Copperline Gorge5613.0561
Horror of the Broken Lands5404.045
Desert Cerodon5393.9945
Faerie Macabre4172.360
Bloodstained Mire4052.6151
Archfiend of Ifnir3403.0637
Grove of the Burnwillows3353.1335
Stomping Ground2961.0792
Blood Crypt2891.0591
Overgrown Tomb2751.0884
Blooming Marsh2142.0235
Jungle Weaver1821.833
Pale Recluse1591.9227
Wooded Foothills1312.5217
Avalanche Riders672.0911
Ingot Chewer481.719
Twisted Abomination471.3112
Curator of Mysteries444.04
Kessig Wolf Run381.013
As Foretold313.443
Blood Moon312.384
Dryad Arbor291.010
Striped Riverwinder273.862
Cryptic Command244.02
Ancestral Vision244.02
Kari Zev's Expertise231.08
Watery Grave231.08
Godless Shrine231.08
Field of Ruin223.672
Bloodbraid Elf223.672
Forbidden Orchard221.834
Inspiring Vantage213.52
Thraben Inspector204.02
Tolaria West203.332
Channeler Initiate164.01
Glory-Bound Initiate164.01
Tireless Tracker164.01
Always Watching164.01
Canopy Vista164.01
Rhonas's Last Stand143.51
Needle Spires142.82
Serum Visions143.51
Evolving Wilds123.01
Mana Confluence124.01
Gemstone Caverns121.23
Gemstone Mine124.01
Hazoret the Fervent112.751
Lurching Rotbeast103.331
Spirebluff Canal102.02
Sigarda, Heron's Grace102.51
Steam Vents101.672
Rootbound Crag101.672
Heroic Intervention92.251
Blossoming Defense92.251
Declaration in Stone91.82
Kolaghan's Command91.52
Reflecting Pool93.01
Bojuka Bog91.03
Valley Rannet91.52
Leyline of the Void93.01
Karplusan Forest93.01
Darkslick Shores84.01
Ardent Plea82.671
Glassdust Hulk84.01
Igneous Pouncer82.01
Hollow One73.51
Windswept Heath72.331
Search for Azcanta62.01
Sheltered Thicket61.02
Cartouche of Solidarity61.51
Fatal Push63.01
Siege Rhino63.01
Anger of the Gods61.51
Sacred Foundry61.02
Temple Garden61.02
Misty Rainforest63.01
Sunken Ruins61.22
Nahiri, the Harbinger52.51
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth51.02
Gnaw to the Bone51.251
Raging Ravine51.251
Walking Ballista44.00
Winding Constrictor44.00
Smuggler's Copter44.00
Inventor's Apprentice44.00
Cathartic Reunion44.00
Galvanic Bombardment44.00
Thalia's Lieutenant44.00
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar44.00
Cinder Glade41.01
Hangarback Walker44.00
Hardened Scales44.00
Darksteel Citadel44.00
Springleaf Drum44.00
Search for Tomorrow44.00
Arcbound Worker44.00
Arcbound Ravager44.00
Breeding Pool41.01
Lotleth Troll44.00
Faithless Looting44.00
Mana Leak44.00
Chancellor of the Tangle44.00
Deceiver Exarch44.00
Inkmoth Nexus44.00
Seachrome Coast44.00
Mox Opal44.00
Steel Overseer44.00
Marsh Flats44.00
Burning Inquiry44.00
Sulfurous Springs42.01
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker44.00
Flooded Strand44.00
Nimble Obstructionist31.51
Drake Haven33.00
Cast Out33.00
Spire of Industry33.00
Aether Hub33.00
Pia Nalaar33.00
Madcap Experiment33.00
Natural State33.00
Goblin Dark-Dwellers31.01
Tormenting Voice33.00
Spell Snare33.00
Path to Exile33.00
Grafdigger's Cage33.00
Abrupt Decay33.00
Restoration Angel33.00
Ghost Quarter31.01
Captured Sunlight33.00
Dead // Gone31.51
Night of Souls' Betrayal31.51
Goblin Charbelcher33.00
Supreme Will22.00
Irrigated Farmland22.00
Greater Sandwurm22.00
Fleetwheel Cruiser22.00
Haunted Dead22.00
Thalia, Heretic Cathar22.00
Town Gossipmonger22.00
Bounding Krasis22.00
Brindle Boar22.00
Kitchen Finks22.00
Vault of the Archangel21.01
Dragonskull Summit21.01
Etched Champion22.00
Platinum Emperion22.00
Rotting Rats22.00
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn21.01
Arid Mesa22.00
Jund Charm22.00
Oboro, Palace in the Clouds21.01
Polluted Delta22.00
Snow-Covered Island21.01
Snow-Covered Mountain21.01
Deathgorge Scavenger11.00
Canyon Slough11.00
Unlicensed Disintegration11.00
Relic of Progenitus11.00
City of Brass11.00
Slaughter Games11.00
Hallowed Fountain11.00
Spike Feeder11.00
Garruk Relentless11.00
Rally the Peasants11.00
Nihil Spellbomb11.00
Overgrown Battlement11.00
Hedron Crab11.00
Spell Pierce11.00
Scourge Devil11.00
Treetop Village11.00
Tomb of Urami11.00
Rite of Passage11.00
Snow-Covered Forest11.00
Snow-Covered Swamp11.00


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