Archetype: Restore Balance

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Violent Outburst393.959
Restore Balance373.3665
Greater Gargadon364.053
Firewild Borderpost353.8953
Simian Spirit Guide343.7853
Evolving Wilds293.6347
Ardent Plea284.041
Wildfield Borderpost273.053
Veinfire Borderpost262.8953
Spirebluff Canal253.5741
Nahiri, the Harbinger244.035
Fieldmist Borderpost244.035
Woodweaver's Puzzleknot204.029
Attune with Aether193.829
Vessel of Nascency173.429
Botanical Sanctum164.024
Aether Hub164.024
Riftwing Cloudskate142.3335
Flooded Strand142.3335
Cathartic Reunion133.2524
Aetherworks Marvel124.018
Beast Within122.035
Demonic Dread124.018
Windswept Heath124.018
Marsh Flats113.6718
Aether Meltdown103.3318
Mistvein Borderpost102.029
Steam Vents91.535
Glassblower's Puzzleknot84.012
Servant of the Conduit84.012
Glint-Nest Crane84.012
Aether Theorist84.012
Emrakul, the Promised End84.012
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger84.012
Blood Moon82.6718
Jace, Architect of Thought82.024
Garruk Relentless81.629
Kozilek's Return63.012
Ajani Vengeant62.018
Kiora, the Crashing Wave51.2524
As Foretold44.06
Aethertorch Renegade44.06
Ishkanah, Grafwidow42.012
Incendiary Flow44.06
Collective Brutality44.06
Fevered Visions44.06
Anguished Unmaking42.012
Duskwatch Recruiter44.06
Stormchaser Mage44.06
Nirkana Assassin44.06
Mardu Charm42.012
Tormenting Voice42.012
Durkwood Baloth44.06
Sacred Foundry41.024
Stomping Ground41.024
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn41.024
Scalding Tarn44.06
Tolaria West44.06
Ancestral Vision44.06
Gemstone Mine44.06
Fiery Temper44.06
Serum Visions44.06
Confiscation Coup33.06
Galvanic Bombardment33.06
Collective Defiance33.06
Game Trail31.512
Alms of the Vein33.06
Unnatural Endurance33.06
Zulaport Cutthroat31.512
Sunken Hollow33.06
Culling Drone33.06
Overgrown Tomb31.018
Maelstrom Pulse31.512
Wooded Foothills33.06
Harnessed Lightning22.06
Foreboding Ruins22.06
Wandering Fumarole22.06
Seer's Lantern22.06
Goblin Dark-Dwellers22.06
Zulaport Chainmage22.06
Null Caller22.06
Corpse Churn22.06
Reaver Drone22.06
Kozilek's Pathfinder22.06
Kozilek, the Great Distortion22.06
Voracious Null22.06
Vampiric Rites22.06
Swarm Surge22.06
Silent Skimmer22.06
Kalastria Nightwatch22.06
Deathless Behemoth22.06
Bloodbond Vampire22.06
Anger of the Gods22.06
Relic of Progenitus22.06
Bone Splinters22.06
Pilgrim's Eye22.06
Sweltering Suns11.06
Sequestered Stash11.06
Thriving Turtle11.06
Crumbling Vestige11.06
Hedron Crawler11.06
Malakir Soothsayer11.06
Visions of Brutality11.06
Slaughter Drone11.06
Sky Scourer11.06
Kozilek's Translator11.06
Havoc Sower11.06
Essence Depleter11.06
Sludge Crawler11.06
Slab Hammer11.06
Retreat to Hagra11.06
Mire's Malice11.06
Kalastria Healer11.06
Dominator Drone11.06
Demon's Grasp11.06
Complete Disregard11.06
Tormod's Crypt11.06
Altar's Reap11.06
Breeding Pool11.06
Temple Garden11.06
Pithing Needle11.06
Copperline Gorge11.06
Razorverge Thicket11.06
Seachrome Coast11.06
Jace, the Mind Sculptor11.06
Grasp of Darkness11.06
Flame Slash11.06
Cascade Bluffs11.06
Gemstone Caverns11.06
Lightning Axe11.06
Bloodstained Mire11.06


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