Archetype: Lantern Control

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Codex Shredder9004.098
Ancient Stirrings9004.098
Mox Opal8993.9898
Ensnaring Bridge8723.8698
Lantern of Insight7244.079
Inquisition of Kozilek6403.5878
Ghoulcaller's Bell5773.0782
Academy Ruins4732.0998
Blooming Marsh4673.8353
Pithing Needle4582.5379
Abrupt Decay4522.2886
Inventors' Fair3512.1970
Ghost Quarter3502.0275
Llanowar Wastes3193.3641
Spire of Industry2863.1440
Surgical Extraction2702.0158
Darkslick Shores2682.645
Pyxis of Pandemonium2611.5673
Mishra's Bauble2373.0833
Botanical Sanctum2232.6537
Whir of Invention1804.020
Pyrite Spellbomb1671.4650
Glint-Nest Crane1563.2521
Blackcleave Cliffs1401.8932
Collective Brutality1211.8129
Infernal Tutor921.0538
Ghirapur Aether Grid901.723
Tendo Ice Bridge902.020
Grove of the Burnwillows691.8217
Sea Gate Wreckage611.2421
Leyline of Sanctity493.56
Grafdigger's Cage451.020
Witchbane Orb441.019
Copperline Gorge431.0817
Welding Jar431.6511
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas291.538
River of Tears241.0410
Crucible of Worlds201.09
Assassin's Trophy151.365
Thopter Foundry131.633
Snow-Covered Swamp122.03
Snow-Covered Forest112.22
Aether Hub101.04
Engineered Explosives101.04
Darksteel Citadel91.82
Galvanic Blast91.82
Battle at the Bridge81.62
Key to the City84.01
Revolutionary Rebuff84.01
Spirit of the Hunt84.01
Nebelgast Herald84.01
Pack Guardian84.01
Lambholt Pacifist84.01
Duskwatch Recruiter84.01
Spell Shrivel84.01
Lumbering Falls84.01
Noxious Revival81.333
Sword of the Meek61.22
Woodland Stream44.00
Wall of Mulch44.00
Sunblade Elf44.00
Selfless Cathar44.00
Intangible Virtue44.00
Chalice of the Void44.00
Path to Exile44.00
Godless Shrine44.00
Lingering Souls44.00
Temple Garden44.00
Tezzeret the Seeker44.00
Spectral Procession44.00
Windswept Heath44.00
Kaya, Orzhov Usurper31.01
Sorcerous Spyglass31.51
Concealed Courtyard31.01
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar33.00
Tormod's Crypt33.00
Marsh Flats33.00
Artificer's Intuition31.51
Unmoored Ego21.01
Mastermind's Acquisition21.01
Treasure Map21.01
Fatal Push22.00
Fetid Imp22.00
Yavimaya Coast22.00
Aether Vial22.00
Razorverge Thicket21.01
Jace, the Mind Sculptor22.00
Sulfurous Springs21.01
Auriok Champion22.00
Sun Droplet22.00
Talisman of Dominance22.00
Ghostly Wings22.00
Ipnu Rivulet11.00
Somberwald Stag11.00
Haunted Dead11.00
Ingenious Skaab11.00
Geist of the Archives11.00
It of the Horrid Swarm11.00
Abundant Maw11.00
Wicker Witch11.00
Vessel of Nascency11.00
Autumnal Gloom11.00
Vampire Noble11.00
Twins of Maurer Estate11.00
Tooth Collector11.00
Ghoulcaller's Accomplice11.00
Crow of Dark Tidings11.00
Silent Observer11.00
Lamplighter of Selhoff11.00
Daring Sleuth11.00
Compelling Deterrence11.00
Vines of the Recluse11.00
Natural State11.00
Kozilek's Return11.00
Visions of Brutality11.00
Sky Scourer11.00
Grip of the Roil11.00
Prophet of Distortion11.00
Warping Wail11.00
Swarm Surge11.00
Reclaiming Vines11.00
Oran-Rief Invoker11.00
Mist Intruder11.00
Lifespring Druid11.00
Dominator Drone11.00
Broodhunter Wurm11.00
Skysnare Spider11.00
Reave Soul11.00
Guardian Automaton11.00
Veteran's Sidearm11.00
Caustic Caterpillar11.00
Stampeding Elk Herd11.00
Silumgar Sorcerer11.00
Sandsteppe Scavenger11.00
Reduce in Stature11.00
Minister of Pain11.00
Dromoka Monument11.00
Ainok Artillerist11.00
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth11.00
Raise the Alarm11.00
Runed Servitor11.00
Reflecting Pool11.00
Tormented Thoughts11.00
Sigiled Starfish11.00
Mana Confluence11.00
Ratchet Bomb11.00
Breeding Pool11.00
Stomping Ground11.00
Overgrown Tomb11.00
Bone Splinters11.00
Torpor Orb11.00
Gut Shot11.00
Llanowar Elves11.00
Buried Ruin11.00
Nihil Spellbomb11.00
Seachrome Coast11.00
Trinket Mage11.00
Expedition Map11.00
Bone Saw11.00
Spidersilk Net11.00
Territorial Baloth11.00
Tolaria West11.00
Underground River11.00
Karplusan Forest11.00
Bottled Cloister11.00
Talisman of Progress11.00
Sylvan Messenger11.00


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