Archetype: Mono White Exalted

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Akrasan Squire463.8357
Cathedral of War433.9152
Mirran Crusader413.7352
Aven Squire403.6452
Path to Exile343.448
Spirit Mantle333.052
Sublime Archangel322.9152
Rootborn Defenses312.8252
Sigiled Paladin303.048
Sword of Body and Mind252.548
Gift of Orzhova212.6338
Sword of Feast and Famine162.038
Inkmoth Nexus143.519
Battlegrace Angel122.029
Aether Hub84.010
Metalwork Colossus84.010
Foundry Inspector84.010
Cultivator's Caravan84.010
Glint-Nest Crane84.010
Sanctum of Ugin84.010
Search for Tomorrow84.010
Prophetic Prism84.010
Stomping Ground84.010
Steam Vents84.010
Misty Rainforest84.010
Coiling Oracle84.010
Sakura-Tribe Elder84.010
Smuggler's Copter73.510
Primal Druid73.510
Elder Deep-Fiend72.3314
Vessel of Nascency73.510
Spatial Contortion73.510
Shivan Reef63.010
Hallowed Fountain62.014
Lightning Bolt63.010
Pilgrim's Eye63.010
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship52.510
Hedron Archive52.510
Sword of Fire and Ice51.6714
Izzet Charm52.510
Razorverge Thicket52.510
Mox Opal52.510
Sword of Vengeance51.6714
Basilisk Collar51.6714
Walking Ballista44.05
Inventors' Fair42.010
Scrapheap Scrounger42.010
Ishkanah, Grafwidow42.010
Grapple with the Past44.05
Incendiary Flow44.05
Haunted Dead44.05
Mausoleum Wanderer44.05
Fevered Visions44.05
Kozilek's Return44.05
Zulaport Cutthroat44.05
Spawning Bed42.010
Yavimaya Coast44.05
Satyr Wayfinder44.05
Voice of Resurgence44.05
Breeding Pool42.010
Temple Garden44.05
Fencing Ace42.010
Blood Artist44.05
Snapcaster Mage42.010
Birds of Paradise44.05
Shriek Raptor42.010
Viscera Seer44.05
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle42.010
Arid Mesa44.05
Fiery Temper44.05
Windswept Heath44.05
Spirebluff Canal33.05
Botanical Sanctum33.05
Metalspinner's Puzzleknot33.05
Wretched Gryff31.510
Emrakul, the Promised End33.05
Traverse the Ulvenwald33.05
Nissa's Pilgrimage33.05
Seraph of the Sword31.014
Sunpetal Grove33.05
Honor of the Pure33.05
Puresteel Paladin33.05
Invisible Stalker33.05
Creeping Corrosion33.05
Elves of Deep Shadow33.05
Grasp of Darkness33.05
Verdant Catacombs33.05
Maelstrom Pulse31.510
Steelshaper's Gift33.05
Dawn Gryff21.010
Wicker Witch21.010
Explosive Apparatus21.010
Survive the Night22.05
Nearheath Chaplain22.05
Inquisitor's Ox22.05
Kor Sky Climber22.05
Immolating Glare22.05
Tajuru Beastmaster22.05
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods22.05
Kiora, Master of the Depths22.05
Ghostly Sentinel21.010
Cinder Glade21.010
Gather the Pack22.05
Scale Blessing22.05
Dromoka Dunecaster22.05
Evolving Wilds22.05
Anger of the Gods21.010
Archangel of Thune22.05
Veteran Armorer22.05
Precinct Captain22.05
Sundering Growth22.05
Captain of the Watch22.05
Supreme Verdict21.010
Glacial Fortress22.05
Lightning Greaves22.05
Voice of All22.05
Bladed Bracers22.05
Etched Champion22.05
Auriok Sunchaser22.05
Spidersilk Net21.010
Auriok Glaivemaster22.05
Blooming Marsh11.05
Geier Reach Sanitarium11.05
Field Creeper11.05
Whispers of Emrakul11.05
Subjugator Angel11.05
Sigardian Priest11.05
Ironclad Slayer11.05
Guardian of Pilgrims11.05
Extricator of Sin11.05
Desperate Sentry11.05
Lashweed Lurker11.05
Stoic Builder11.05
Solitary Hunter11.05
Lambholt Pacifist11.05
Intrepid Provisioner11.05
Graf Mole11.05
Clip Wings11.05
Autumnal Gloom11.05
Tooth Collector11.05
Sanitarium Skeleton11.05
Rancid Rats11.05
Murderous Compulsion11.05
Heir of Falkenrath11.05
Stern Constable11.05
Spectral Shepherd11.05
Moorland Drifter11.05
Inspiring Captain11.05
Humble the Brute11.05
Hope Against Hope11.05
Emissary of the Sleepless11.05
Chaplain's Blessing11.05
Apothecary Geist11.05
Angelic Purge11.05
Seer's Lantern11.05
Vines of the Recluse11.05
Tajuru Pathwarden11.05
Harvester Troll11.05
Tar Snare11.05
Corpse Churn11.05
Visions of Brutality11.05
Stoneforge Acolyte11.05
Searing Light11.05
Ondu War Cleric11.05
Makindi Aeronaut11.05
Stasis Snare11.05
Sludge Crawler11.05
Silent Skimmer11.05
Felidar Cub11.05
Culling Drone11.05
Cliffside Lookout11.05
Citadel Castellan11.05
Rhox Maulers11.05
Blessed Spirits11.05
Aven Battle Priest11.05
War Oracle11.05
Suppression Bonds11.05
Healing Hands11.05
Valor in Akros11.05
Consecrated by Blood11.05
Cleric of the Forward Order11.05
Consul's Lieutenant11.05
Conclave Naturalists11.05
Enlightened Ascetic11.05
Heavy Infantry11.05
Wandering Tombshell11.05
Vial of Dragonfire11.05
Territorial Roc11.05
Student of Ojutai11.05
Stormrider Rig11.05
Shieldhide Dragon11.05
Sandcrafter Mage11.05
Guardian Shield-Bearer11.05
Great Teacher's Decree11.05
Graceblade Artisan11.05
Fate Forgotten11.05
Dromoka Warrior11.05
Dragon-Scarred Bear11.05
Ainok Artillerist11.05
Tormenting Voice11.05
Serra Angel11.05
Runed Servitor11.05
Altar's Reap11.05
Eagle of the Watch11.05
Weight of the Underworld11.05
Celestial Flare11.05
Accorder's Shield11.05
Sword of Light and Shadow11.05
Avacyn's Collar11.05
Champion of the Parish11.05
Rise from the Grave11.05
Knightly Valor11.05
Timberpack Wolf11.05
Nantuko Husk11.05
Elite Inquisitor11.05
Seraph Sanctuary11.05
Scroll of Avacyn11.05
Restoration Angel11.05
Call to Serve11.05
Seraph of Dawn11.05
Emancipation Angel11.05
Defy Death11.05
Avacyn, Angel of Hope11.05
Hamlet Captain11.05
Silver-Inlaid Dagger11.05
Sharpened Pitchfork11.05
Unruly Mob11.05
Angelic Overseer11.05
Angelic Destiny11.05
Baneslayer Angel11.05
Kitesail Apprentice11.05
Puncturing Light11.05
Veteran Swordsmith11.05
Veteran Armorsmith11.05
Bone Saw11.05
Leaf Gilder11.05
Field Marshal11.05
Forbidding Watchtower11.05


Mulligans 47 percent of the time
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