Archetype: Nahiri Jeskai

a.k.a: Jeskai Nahiri Control

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Path to Exile6223.9495
Snapcaster Mage6153.9494
Lightning Bolt6153.9993
Nahiri, the Harbinger5673.8689
Flooded Strand5583.8587
Scalding Tarn5163.6386
Celestial Colonnade4883.1593
Serum Visions4573.7873
Lightning Helix3842.6787
Steam Vents3372.1793
Spell Snare3312.2489
Mana Leak2802.4170
Hallowed Fountain2531.5896
Sulfur Falls2221.6780
Ancestral Vision2002.745
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn1871.3484
Cryptic Command1861.7763
Sacred Foundry1671.1190
Arid Mesa1451.5158
Vendilion Clique981.154
Ghost Quarter971.1849
Anger of the Gods861.4336
Timely Reinforcements721.4430
Desolate Lighthouse611.0336
Supreme Verdict601.1831
Thing in the Ice583.879
Glacial Fortress451.0227
Spirebluff Canal422.4710
Polluted Delta382.2410
Geist of Saint Traft323.26
Wandering Fumarole282.158
Logic Knot231.014
Tectonic Edge221.837
Thopter Foundry203.334
Prairie Stream193.174
Evolving Wilds183.63
Dragonlord Ojutai162.674
Wrath of God161.238
Shivan Reef153.752
Restoration Angel152.144
Fiery Impulse133.252
Thirst for Knowledge133.252
Sphinx's Revelation131.187
Nagging Thoughts124.02
Detention Sphere121.714
Think Twice121.714
Sword of the Meek123.02
Through the Breach124.02
Declaration in Stone111.574
Battlefield Forge112.752
Engineered Explosives111.16
Wall of Omens113.672
Clifftop Retreat111.574
Blessed Alliance101.674
Fiery Temper103.332
Muddle the Mixture102.52
Lingering Souls93.02
Aether Hub84.01
Descend upon the Sinful82.02
Monastery Mentor84.01
Academy Ruins81.334
Seachrome Coast81.144
Ajani Vengeant81.05
Cascade Bluffs81.05
Needle Spires71.752
Dragonmaster Outcast72.332
Jace, the Mind Sculptor72.332
Spell Queller63.01
Scatter to the Winds63.01
Snow-Covered Mountain63.01
Angelic Purge51.672
Goblin Dark-Dwellers51.252
Darksteel Citadel52.51
Elspeth, Sun's Champion51.03
Watery Grave51.03
Talisman of Progress51.672
Snow-Covered Island51.672
Field of Ruin42.01
Hashep Oasis44.01
Greenbelt Rampager44.01
Electrostatic Pummeler44.01
Dynavolt Tower44.01
Servant of the Conduit44.01
Longtusk Cub44.01
Larger Than Life44.01
Bristling Hydra44.01
Blossoming Defense44.01
Harnessed Lightning44.01
Revolutionary Rebuff44.01
Glimmer of Genius44.01
Galvanic Bombardment44.01
Planar Outburst41.332
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar42.01
Eldrazi Skyspawner44.01
Pia and Kiran Nalaar41.332
Thunderbreak Regent44.01
Young Pyromancer44.01
Celestial Purge44.01
Ichor Wellspring44.01
Mox Opal44.01
Spreading Seas44.01
Flooded Grove44.01
Eiganjo Castle41.02
Windswept Heath44.01
Rhonas's Monument33.01
Stasis Snare31.02
Ghirapur Aether Grid33.01
Keranos, God of Storms31.02
Blood Moon33.01
Boros Charm33.01
Temple Garden33.01
Jace, Architect of Thought31.51
Izzet Charm31.02
Gideon Jura31.02
Expedition Map33.01
Mystic Gate31.02
Conjurer's Bauble33.01
Resilient Khenra22.01
Rhonas the Indomitable22.01
Torrential Gearhulk22.01
Hallowed Moonlight21.01
Narset Transcendent22.01
Kolaghan's Command22.01
Godless Shrine21.01
Blood Crypt21.01
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage21.01
Grim Lavamancer21.01
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite21.01
Marsh Flats21.01
Misty Rainforest21.01
Spell Pierce21.01
Rugged Prairie21.01
Shadow of Doubt21.01
Isochron Scepter21.01
Bloodstained Mire21.01
Snow-Covered Plains21.01
Deafening Clarion11.01
Ghalta, Primal Hunger11.01
Search for Azcanta11.01
Scavenger Grounds11.01
Archangel Avacyn11.01
Radiant Flames11.01
Quarantine Field11.01
Disciple of the Ring11.01
Deflecting Palm11.01
Temple of Enlightenment11.01
Relic of Progenitus11.01
Pithing Needle11.01
Faithless Looting11.01
Inferno Titan11.01
Surgical Extraction11.01
Unburial Rites11.01
Blightsteel Colossus11.01
White Sun's Zenith11.01
Day of Judgment11.01
Vapor Snag11.01
Trinket Mage11.01
Pentad Prism11.01
Baneslayer Angel11.01
Crucible of Worlds11.01
Mystical Teachings11.01
Sacred Mesa11.01
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker11.01
Talisman of Dominance11.01


Mulligans 37 percent of the time
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