Archetype: Four-Color Copy Cat

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Birds of Paradise324.089
Windswept Heath324.089
Felidar Guardian273.8678
Path to Exile273.8678
Wall of Omens213.567
Saheeli Rai193.856
Oath of Nissa193.856
Wooded Foothills183.067
Voice of Resurgence172.8367
Noble Hierarch131.8678
Eternal Witness111.8367
Restoration Angel112.7544
Eldritch Evolution103.3333
Scavenging Ooze91.856
Stomping Ground91.567
Temple Garden91.567
Misty Rainforest92.2544
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker91.567
Chord of Calling84.022
Wall of Roots82.044
Retreat to Coralhelm71.7544
Breeding Pool71.1767
Sacred Foundry61.067
Razorverge Thicket62.033
Knight of Autumn52.522
Field of Ruin42.022
Tireless Tracker41.044
Glittering Wish44.011
Militia Bugler33.011
Reflector Mage31.522
Pia and Kiran Nalaar31.522
Hallowed Fountain31.033
Qasali Pridemage31.033
Arid Mesa31.522
Flooded Strand33.011
Prophet of Distortion22.011
Knight of the Reliquary22.011
Steam Vents21.022
Arbor Elf22.011
Mana Leak22.011
Gavony Township21.022
Fiend Hunter21.022
Fire-Lit Thicket21.022
Magus of the Moon21.022
Shalai, Voice of Plenty11.011
Chandra, Torch of Defiance11.011
Wicker Witch11.011
Epitaph Golem11.011
Twins of Maurer Estate11.011
Stromkirk Mentor11.011
Rancid Rats11.011
Pale Rider of Trostad11.011
Murderous Compulsion11.011
Gisa's Bidding11.011
Rise from the Tides11.011
Furtive Homunculus11.011
Fleeting Memories11.011
Stern Constable11.011
Pious Evangel11.011
Nahiri's Machinations11.011
Null Caller11.011
Corpse Churn11.011
Unnatural Endurance11.011
Slaughter Drone11.011
Kozilek's Translator11.011
Havoc Sower11.011
Umara Entangler11.011
Stoneforge Acolyte11.011
Steppe Glider11.011
Shadow Glider11.011
Scour from Existence11.011
Rush of Ice11.011
Ruination Guide11.011
Roil Spout11.011
Mist Intruder11.011
Dampening Pulse11.011
Culling Drone11.011
Carrier Thrall11.011
Patron of the Valiant11.011
Suppression Bonds11.011
Malakir Cullblade11.011
Jhessian Thief11.011
Consecrated by Blood11.011
Territorial Roc11.011
Student of Ojutai11.011
Silumgar Sorcerer11.011
Ojutai's Summons11.011
Monastery Loremaster11.011
Misthoof Kirin11.011
Minister of Pain11.011
Dromoka Captain11.011
Aven Sunstriker11.011
Atarka Monument11.011
Marked by Honor11.011
Walking Corpse11.011
Courser of Kruphix11.011
Guardians of Meletis11.011
Acidic Slime11.011
Geist of Saint Traft11.011
Sun Titan11.011
Death Wind11.011
Kessig Wolf Run11.011
Skaab Goliath11.011
Smite the Monstrous11.011
Maritime Guard11.011
Totem-Guide Hartebeest11.011
Sejiri Steppe11.011
Bone Saw11.011
Gaddock Teeg11.011
Simian Spirit Guide11.011
Fiery Justice11.011


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