Archetype: Vizier Knightfall

CardTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Chart a Course124.027
God-Pharaoh's Gift124.027
Champion of Wits124.027
Blooming Marsh124.027
Aether Hub124.027
Smuggler's Copter124.027
Blossoming Defense124.027
Minister of Inquiries124.027
Angel of Invention124.027
Glacial Fortress124.027
Strategic Planning124.027
Irrigated Farmland103.3327
Botanical Sanctum84.018
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship84.018
Scrapheap Scrounger84.018
Servant of the Conduit84.018
Nissa, Vital Force84.018
Noose Constrictor84.018
Take Inventory84.018
Engulf the Shore84.018
Spatial Contortion84.018
Part the Waterveil84.018
Lumbering Falls84.018
Eldrazi Skyspawner84.018
Catacomb Sifter84.018
Jace's Sanctum84.018
Collected Company84.018
Misty Rainforest84.018
Noble Hierarch84.018
Devoted Druid84.018
Windswept Heath84.018
Sunscourge Champion72.3327
Nagging Thoughts73.518
Chord of Calling73.518
Search for Azcanta62.027
Ipnu Rivulet62.027
Vizier of Remedies63.018
Cast Out62.027
Rise from the Tides63.018
Sunken Hollow63.018
Orbs of Warding63.018
Walking Ballista51.6727
Reflector Mage52.518
Secure the Wastes52.518
Birds of Paradise52.518
Ghalta, Primal Hunger44.09
Merfolk Branchwalker44.09
Hashep Oasis44.09
Concealed Courtyard44.09
Toolcraft Exemplar44.09
Selfless Spirit44.09
Duskwatch Recruiter42.018
Thraben Inspector44.09
Declaration in Stone44.09
Archangel Avacyn44.09
Stasis Snare44.09
Prairie Stream44.09
Kitchen Finks44.09
Eternal Witness42.018
Knight of the Reliquary44.09
Temple Garden42.018
Llanowar Elves44.09
Thrashing Brontodon33.09
Jadelight Ranger33.09
Rhonas the Indomitable33.09
Greenbelt Rampager33.09
Breeding Pool31.518
Woodland Cemetery33.09
Gavony Township31.518
Resilient Khenra22.09
Thopter Arrest21.018
Spell Queller22.09
Retreat to Coralhelm22.09
Voice of Resurgence22.09
Horizon Canopy21.018
Flooded Strand22.09
Renegade Rallier11.09
Fairgrounds Warden11.09
Tireless Tracker11.09
Scavenging Ooze11.09
Stomping Ground11.09
Hallowed Fountain11.09
Overgrown Tomb11.09
Kessig Wolf Run11.09
Ghost Quarter11.09
Viscera Seer11.09
Qasali Pridemage11.09
Wooded Foothills11.09


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