Vines of Vastwood

Top Rated Decks containing Vines of Vastwood
467SliversPauper IMA
458StompyLegacy XLN
456Mono Green StompyLegacy XLN
424No ArchetypePauper IMA
414No ArchetypePauper DDU
394SliversVintage XLN
391StompyLegacy XLN
389Mono Green StompyLegacy XLN
389StompyLegacy XLN
386Mono Green StompyLegacy XLN
Archetypes containing Vines of Vastwood
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Infect in Modern AER18273.97100
Stompy in Pauper8833.9299
Infect in Modern8503.9598
Infect in Legacy DOM3022.798
Infect in Legacy1753.0294
Stompy in Pauper EMA1743.9596
No Archetype in Legacy1552.823
Green-Black Infect in Modern1243.4474
Stompy in Pauper V161213.9100
Mono Green Stompy in Modern1033.9677
Infect in Modern EMN943.9296
Slivers in Pauper873.1169
Elves in Pauper652.3214
No Archetype in Legacy DOM633.9412
No Archetype in Modern AER533.798
No Archetype in Pauper EMA423.829
White-Green Slivers in Pauper402.6750
No Archetype in Pauper V16364.05
Gree-Blue Infect in Pauper284.088
No Archetype in Pauper163.25
No Archetype in Modern164.01
Zoo in Modern161.784
Stompy in Pauper CN2124.0100
Infect in Legacy V1682.67100
Stompy in Pauper SOI84.0100
Bogles in Pauper73.52
Elves in Pauper V1662.012
Infect in Legacy EMA63.0100
Abzan in Modern51.671
No Archetype in Vintage44.01
Mono-Green Infect in Pauper44.0100
Domain Zoo in Pauper42.010
BUG Control in Legacy44.06
Jund Vengevine in Modern44.03
Four-Color Deaths Shadow in Modern44.02
No Archetype in Modern XLN44.02
Elves in Pauper EMA44.04
Affinity in Pauper EMA44.02
Zoo-icide in Modern AER42.02
Infect in Legacy CN244.0100
Mono Green Stompy in Modern EMN44.0100
No Archetype in Pauper IMA33.025
Green-Red Aggro in Modern22.07
Bogles in Modern22.01
Slivers in Pauper DDU22.0100
No Archetype in Pauper MPS_AKH22.010
No Archetype in Pauper CN222.02
Elves in Legacy11.01