Student of Warfare

Top Rated Decks containing Student of Warfare
334White WeenieLegacy AKH
293White WeenieLegacy AKH
292No ArchetypeModern AKH
291No ArchetypeLegacy
281White WeenieLegacy
280White WeenieLegacy
276Mono White HumansVintage
256White WeenieLegacy
243Mono White HumansVintage
241Mono White HumansVintage
Archetypes containing Student of Warfare
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Mono White Knights in Modern484.0100
No Archetype in Modern343.41
Mono White Humans in Vintage303.75100
No Archetype in Legacy253.571
White Weenie in Legacy164.0100
Mono White Angels in Modern102.056
No Archetype in Vintage93.01
Mono White Aggro in Modern84.02
Soul sisters in Modern63.04
Death and Taxes in Modern22.01
Martyr Proclamation in Modern11.03