Sea Gate Oracle

Top Rated Decks containing Sea Gate Oracle
357Blue-Red FaeriesPauper M19
312Acid TripPauper DOM
296Gree-Blue InfectPauper M19
294No ArchetypePauper
280Acid TripPauper M19
273Izzet BlitzPauper M19
272StaxPauper DOM
264No ArchetypePauper DDU
243No ArchetypePauper
243Acid TripPauper
Archetypes containing Sea Gate Oracle
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Blue-Black Control in Pauper4873.6655
Five-Color Tron in Pauper3302.1972
No Archetype in Legacy3033.296
Murasa Tron in Pauper2702.7892
No Archetype in Pauper CN22563.6691
No Archetype in Pauper V162523.7138
No Archetype in Pauper SOI2343.8489
Tron in Pauper1892.8677
RUG Tron in Pauper1523.6255
No Archetype in Pauper1253.1320
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper1243.8885
Blue-Red Control in Pauper1213.147
No Archetype in Pauper EMA893.4221
Izzet Drake in Pauper713.94100
Jeskai Control in Pauper593.93100
No Archetype in Pauper C15572.4872
RUG Tron in Pauper EMA543.8683
Acid Trip in Pauper523.2595
RUG Tron in Pauper V16444.0100
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper EMA423.2339
Storm in Vintage404.012
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper V16383.4562
Izzetron in Pauper EMA284.088
Izzet Blitz in Pauper273.864
Dimir Alchemy in Pauper243.021
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper213.024
Blue-Black Control in Pauper V16213.088
Izzetron in Pauper V16203.33100
Izzet Control in Pauper193.17100
Mono Blue Tron in Pauper183.6100
Jeskai Drake in Pauper V16182.5778
Red Deck Wins in Pauper164.017
Izzet Delver in Pauper162.673
Mono Blue Delver in Pauper164.02
Mentor Outcome in Vintage124.02
Jeskai Midrange in Pauper123.0100
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper EMA124.0100
Mono Black Devotion in Vintage84.016
Kuldotha Jeskai in Pauper84.09
ANT in Legacy84.03
Nivix Control in Pauper V1684.0100
No Archetype in Vintage71.752
Knight Tribal in Legacy73.513
Murasa Tron in Pauper EMA73.5100
Blue-Red Control in Pauper V1673.5100
Grixis Control in Pauper61.540
Blue-Black Control in Pauper EMA63.050
Mono Black Control in Pauper52.52
Acid Trip in Pauper EMA52.5100
Inferno Oath in Vintage44.01
Stax in Vintage44.03
Slivers in Vintage44.015
Eldrazi Shops in Vintage44.02
Eldrazi in Vintage44.010
Dredge in Vintage44.01
BUG Tron in Pauper44.0100
Esper Familiars in Pauper44.0100
Gree-Blue Infect in Pauper44.025
Domain Zoo in Pauper44.06
Affinity in Legacy44.08
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy44.05
Manaless Dredge in Legacy44.010
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy42.05
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper DDU44.0100
Izzet Drake in Pauper V1644.0100
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper V1644.0100
Dimir Faeries in Pauper EMA44.0100
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper EMA42.07
Stompy in Pauper EMA44.03
Nivix Control in Pauper EMA44.050
Burn in Pauper EMA44.03
RUG Tron in Pauper CN244.0100
RUG Tron in Pauper SOI44.0100
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper C1544.0100
Workshops in Vintage33.01
Zombies in Pauper33.025
Dragon Stompy in Legacy33.010
Soldiers in Legacy33.07
Reanimator in Legacy31.01
5C Bring to Light in Modern31.022
Murasa Tron in Pauper V1633.0100
Acid Trip in Pauper V1633.0100
Blue-Red Control in Pauper EMA33.0100
RUG Tron in Pauper C1533.0100
Punishing Oath in Vintage22.03
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper22.01
No Archetype in Pauper HOU22.034
Kuldotha Jeskai in Pauper C1522.0100
Affinity in Pauper C1522.050
Grixis Control in Vintage11.02
Eldrazi Tron in Modern11.01
No Archetype in Casual11.07
No Archetype in Modern OGW11.01
Delver in Pauper C1511.012