Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Top Rated Decks containing Jace, the Mind Sculptor
400Bant SpymasterVintage XLN
393Esper DeathbladeLegacy XLN
375No ArchetypeLegacy M19
366MaverickVintage XLN
293Esper DeathbladeLegacy M19
283Team LeovoldLegacy XLN
247LandstillVintage XLN
243No ArchetypeVintage XLN
236MiraclesLegacy XLN
233Esper DeathbladeLegacy M19
Archetypes containing Jace, the Mind Sculptor
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Miracles in Legacy V1611552.4597
Miracles in Legacy8772.7798
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy DOM7381.9496
Blue-White Control in Modern6622.5842
Mentor in Vintage5691.7178
No Archetype in Legacy4072.799
Shardless BUG in Legacy DOM3181.590
Landstill in Vintage2952.4891
Team Leovold in Vintage2481.7573
Inferno Oath in Vintage2371.5792
Blue moon in Modern2352.0345
Esper Deathblade in Legacy2132.4878
Jeskai Control in Modern2012.0126
Esper Deathblade in Legacy DOM1861.7976
No Archetype in Vintage V161691.4133
Grixis in Legacy1582.4787
Mentor in Vintage V161531.4256
Mentor Outcome in Vintage1401.5463
Grixis Thieves in Vintage1181.7190
Grixis Control in Modern1142.5914
Blue-White Stoneblade in Legacy1042.2182
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy1042.1291
Grixis in Legacy DOM1031.6174
No Archetype in Legacy V16922.4234
Blue Moon in Vintage862.094
Sneak and Show in Legacy761.9521
No Archetype in Vintage721.9521
Grixis Control in Vintage721.6760
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy692.3897
Punishing Oath in Vintage671.6396
Twin StoneBlade in Legacy652.0385
BUG Delver in Legacy DOM571.913
BUG Midrange in Legacy542.1684
White-Blue Control in Legacy542.2583
Temur Midrange in Modern542.3527
No Archetype in Pauper DDU542.4547
No Archetype in Legacy DOM521.9320
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern502.3818
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage451.2214
Oath in Vintage441.9154
BUG Midrange in Vintage431.5968
Esper Control in Modern382.389
Shardless BUG in Legacy363.0100
Extra Turns in Modern352.0630
Sultai Leovold in Legacy DOM342.095
Sneak and Show in Legacy DOM331.2744
Blue-Black Artifacts in Legacy302.3137
Sultai Leovold in Legacy292.07100
Miracles in Legacy EMA282.55100
Bring to Light Scapeshift in Modern262.08
Bant Company in Modern262.08
Tezzeret Control in Vintage251.7970
Blue-Red Through the Breach in Modern242.1833
Sultai Midrange in Modern242.6745
Landstill Oath in Vintage231.7793
Azorius Helm in Legacy222.7589
Esper Mentor in Legacy DOM212.33100
Azorius Control in Legacy202.2282
Blue-White Dragonlord Standstill in Vintage202.8654
Grixis Landstill in Vintage191.4693
Scapeshift in Modern192.388
Jeskai Control in Legacy181.891
Bomberman in Vintage SOI182.57100
Grixis Delver in Legacy DOM171.72
Sneak and Show in Legacy V16171.1369
Jeskai Breach in Modern162.067
Bomberman Oath in Vintage152.567
Bant Turbo Fog in Modern153.030
Knightfall in Modern151.885
Nic Fit in Legacy141.7554
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy132.1715
Miracles in Legacy CN2132.6100
Maverick in Legacy122.412
Omni-Tell in Legacy121.225
No Archetype in Modern121.711
Nahiri Control in Vintage V16122.086
Blue-Red Xerox in Vintage111.172
Tezzcast in Vintage111.046
Jeskai Control in Vintage101.67100
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage91.567
Bomberman in Vintage93.028
Amulet Titan in Modern92.253
Omni-Tell in Legacy DOM91.1315
Temur Scapeshift in Modern82.6760
Greenless Control in Vintage81.3367
Storm in Vintage81.146
Blue-Red Thing in Modern82.0100
Esper Control in Legacy71.7558
Lands in Legacy72.332
Jeskai Saheeli in Modern71.413
Nahiri Jeskai in Modern72.332
White-Blue Delver in Legacy62.0100
Sultai Midrange in Vintage62.060
Tezzerator in Vintage61.284
Blue-Red Delver in Vintage61.06
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage63.0100
Bant Midrange in Modern62.075
No Archetype in Vintage CN262.050
No Archetype in Legacy C1562.043
No Archetype in Legacy EMA63.09
Izzet Control in Modern51.6738
Jeskai Stoneblade in Vintage51.6775
Temur Delver in Legacy52.52
Grixis Death's Shadow in Modern51.252
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage V1651.032
Esper Deathblade in Legacy V1652.5100
Omni-Tell in Legacy V1651.039
Grixis Delver in Legacy42.03
Jeskai Geist in Modern42.02
Madcap Moon in Modern42.06
Grixis Pyromancer in Legacy DOM41.0100
Four-Color Deathblade in Legacy DOM42.050
BUG Aluren in Legacy DOM41.037
Storm in Vintage V1641.080
Jeskai Delver in Vintage V1641.034
Bomberman in Vintage V1642.0100
Paradoxical Oath in Vintage31.59
Bant Spymaster in Vintage33.012
12 Post in Legacy33.012
MUD in Legacy33.04
5C Bring to Light in Modern33.07
Kiki Chord in Modern33.01
No Archetype in Legacy CN233.015
Maverick in Legacy CN233.020
Sneak and Show in Legacy CN231.567
Shardless BUG in Legacy CN231.075
Grixis Control in Vintage C1531.5100
Dimir Delver in Legacy22.06
Grixis Whir in Modern22.02
Jeskai Helm in Legacy22.034
Goblins in Vintage22.012
Sultai Midrange in Legacy22.020
Turbo Depths in Legacy22.02
Food Chain in Legacy21.013
Green-White Company in Modern22.02
Bant Spirits in Modern22.01
Tezzerator in Modern22.03
Lantern Control in Modern22.01
Storm in Modern22.01
Grixis Delver in Modern22.01
Blue-Red Delver in Modern22.04
Miracles in Legacy DOM22.0100
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy DOM22.01
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy DOM22.034
Aluren in Legacy DOM22.02
Mentor Outcome in Vintage V1622.0100
No Archetype in Standard XLN22.01
Blue Moon in Vintage V1622.0100
Tezzcast in Vintage V1622.0100
Oath in Vintage V1622.0100
Shardless BUG in Legacy V1622.050
Esper Mentor in Legacy V1622.0100
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy V1622.0100
Shardless BUG in Legacy EMA21.0100
Esper Stoneblade in Legacy EMA22.0100
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy EMA22.0100
Grixis Thieves in Vintage CN222.0100
Esper Stoneblade in Legacy CN222.0100
Merfolk in Legacy11.02
Four-Color Deaths Shadow in Modern11.02
White-Blue Spirits in Modern11.02
Mono Blue Tron in Modern11.01
Esper Gifts in Modern11.03
Food Chain in Legacy DOM11.03
Infect in Legacy DOM11.01
Leovold BUG in Vintage V1611.0100
Grixis Thieves in Vintage V1611.0100
Omni-Tell in Legacy CN211.034