Top Rated Decks containing Preordain
Archetypes containing Preordain
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Mentor in Vintage13853.6488
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage9863.3785
Mono Blue Delver in Pauper9283.8792
Blue-Black Control in Pauper8673.8584
Izzet Delver in Pauper8083.4492
No Archetype in Vintage V167403.1664
Izzet Blitz in Pauper6483.9379
Sneak and Show in Legacy5732.778
Mentor in Vintage V165453.191
Blue-Red Xerox in Vintage4023.9499
ANT in Legacy DOM3962.079
Inferno Oath in Vintage3932.6979
Blue-Red Delver in Vintage3573.9788
Mono Blue Delver in Pauper EMA3523.8799
No Archetype in Legacy2813.433
Mono Blue Delver in Pauper V162623.8100
ANT in Legacy2533.4259
Miracles in Legacy2512.3528
No Archetype in Pauper V162293.7534
Blue-Red Control in Pauper2213.9585
No Archetype in Pauper CN22203.7976
Inside Out Combo in Pauper1992.5586
Storm in Vintage1952.9554
Team Leovold in Vintage1932.6837
Omni-Tell in Legacy1853.5695
Omni-Tell in Legacy DOM1633.2688
No Archetype in Pauper SOI1583.8560
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy DOM1523.5311
Punishing Oath in Vintage1493.5596
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper1473.8738
BUG Midrange in Vintage1412.5678
Grixis Thieves in Vintage1382.5158
Grixis Delver in Legacy1371.7655
Izzet Blitz in Pauper EMA1284.0100
Blue-Red Kiln Fiend in Pauper1153.9791
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper1124.064
Dimir Alchemy in Pauper1083.682
Mentor Outcome in Vintage1041.7641
Blue Moon in Vintage973.7357
No Archetype in Pauper C15933.4485
Jeskai Control in Pauper884.074
Izzet Drake in Pauper884.088
No Archetype in Vintage862.9713
Grixis in Legacy DOM853.0433
ANT in Legacy V16771.5481
Oath in Vintage763.4545
Blue-Red Wizards in Legacy762.7185
No Archetype in Pauper EMA743.716
Inside Out in Pauper712.8481
No Archetype in Pauper703.6814
Grixis Phoenix in Legacy673.72100
Sneak and Show in Legacy DOM621.8855
Delver in Vintage V16613.81100
Grixis in Legacy582.6419
Izzet Blitz in Pauper V16524.0100
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage V16513.19100
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper493.2743
High Tide in Legacy484.055
Doomsday in Vintage V16473.62100
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper EMA453.045
Jeskai Delver in Vintage V16423.5100
Acid Trip in Pauper353.8950
Delver in Pauper C15333.67100
Esper Familiars in Pauper324.080
Izzet Blitz in Pauper C15324.0100
Landstill in Vintage292.649
Dimir Shadow in Legacy291.1255
Grixis Control in Pauper284.039
Bomberman in Vintage SOI284.0100
Esper in Vintage273.38100
Izzet Delver in Legacy261.3776
Sneak and Show in Legacy V16261.7369
Greenless Control in Vintage244.075
Blue-Black Teachings in Pauper V16223.6734
Bomberman Oath in Vintage203.3367
Dimir Deaths Shadow in Legacy201.3372
Blue-Black Control in Pauper V16203.3375
Grixis Control in Vintage181.6414
Paradoxical Oath in Vintage163.222
Blue-Red TITI in Vintage V16164.0100
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy153.016
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy152.1416
Esper Deathblade in Legacy153.04
Reanimator in Vintage143.567
Izzet Control in Pauper142.850
Azorius Helm in Legacy142.846
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy142.89
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy DOM141.567
Jeskai Stoneblade in Vintage V16143.5100
Omni-Tell in Legacy V16142.3347
No Archetype in Legacy DOM132.175
Nahiri Control in Vintage V16132.1786
Paradoxical Mentor in Vintage V16131.8688
Mono Blue Delver in Pauper CN2133.25100
Bomberman in Vintage124.028
Dimir Delver in Legacy122.418
Grixis Shadow in Legacy121.0922
Jeskai Mentor in Vintage EMA124.0100
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper EMA124.0100
Izzet Blitz in Pauper SOI124.0100
Miracles in Legacy V16101.432
Affinity in Pauper93.01
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper EMA91.817
Elves in Pauper84.01
Blue-White Stoneblade in Legacy81.335
Sultai Leovold in Legacy82.6719
White-Blue Control in Legacy82.679
No Archetype in Vintage XLN84.050
No Archetype in Pauper HOU84.067
Blue-Red Control in Pauper V1684.0100
Nivix Control in Pauper V1684.0100
Acid Trip in Pauper EMA84.0100
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage SOI84.0100
Mono Black Land Destruction in Pauper73.58
Grixis Delver in Legacy DOM72.331
No Archetype in Legacy V1672.333
Nivix Control in Pauper EMA73.5100
ANT in Legacy CN271.4100
Affinity in Pauper C1573.5100
Murasa Tron in Pauper63.02
White-Blue Delver in Legacy62.0100
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage V1661.567
Omni-Tell in Legacy CN263.067
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage51.6734
Tezzeret Control in Vintage52.510
Tin Fins in Legacy52.515
Blue-Black Control in Pauper EMA52.550
Sneak and Show in Legacy CN252.567
Blue-Black Delver in Legacy42.025
Jeskai Control in Vintage44.017
Five-Color Tron in Pauper44.01
Burn in Pauper44.01
Blue-Red Phoenix in Legacy44.0100
Steel Stompy in Legacy44.04
Imperial Painter in Legacy44.015
Temur Delver in Legacy41.03
Death and Taxes in Legacy44.01
Grixis Pyromancer in Legacy DOM44.025
Esper Deathblade in Legacy DOM44.01
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy DOM44.034
No Archetype in Legacy CN244.015
Izzet Drake in Pauper V1644.0100
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper V1644.0100
Acid Trip in Pauper V1644.0100
Jeskai Control in Vintage EMA44.0100
No Archetype in Vintage CN244.017
No Archetype in Modern OGW44.01
No Archetype in Legacy EMA42.09
Dimir Faeries in Pauper EMA44.0100
Blue-Red Control in Pauper EMA44.0100
ANT in Legacy EMA42.0100
Izzet Blitz in Pauper CN244.0100
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper C1544.0100
Tezzerator in Vintage33.017
BUG Midrange in Legacy31.55
Reanimator in Legacy31.01
High Tide in Legacy DOM33.0100
No Archetype in Pauper MPS_AKH31.519
Leovold BUG in Vintage V1633.0100
Blue Moon in Vintage V1633.0100
Grixis Thieves in Vintage CN233.0100
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy CN231.060
RUG Tron in Pauper C1533.0100
Kuldotha Jeskai in Pauper C1533.0100
Bant Stoneblade in Legacy22.050
BUG Delver in Legacy22.013
BUG Aluren in Legacy DOM22.010
Miracles in Legacy DOM22.0100
Infect in Legacy DOM22.01
BUG Delver in Legacy DOM21.01
Mentor Outcome in Vintage V1622.0100
Gush Tinker in Vintage V1622.0100
Sneak and Show in Legacy EMA22.0100
Grixis Control in Vintage C1521.0100
Sultai Midrange in Vintage11.020
Survival in Vintage11.02
Grixis Landstill in Vintage11.08
Twin StoneBlade in Legacy11.03
Jeskai Delver in Legacy11.05
Blue-Black Delver in Pauper V1611.06