Birds of Paradise

Top Rated Decks containing Birds of Paradise
474Five-Color CreaturesModern RIX
459No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
426Bant CompanyLegacy XLN
408Abzan LiegeVintage XLN
379Kiki-BlinkVintage XLN
373No ArchetypeModern XLN
373Big ZooLegacy XLN
366Naya Angel RampModern XLN
363Black-Green MidrangeVintage
Archetypes containing Birds of Paradise
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Abzan Company in Modern12023.95100
Kiki Chord in Modern6073.9797
Counters Company in Modern5783.7598
Knightfall in Modern4033.3999
No Archetype in Modern OGW3623.9822
No Archetype in Modern2413.3910
Bant Eldrazi in Modern2361.264
Abzan Liege in Modern2233.6688
Green-Red Land Destruction in Modern1952.0194
Bant Company in Modern1903.3937
Green-White Company in Modern1303.7198
No Archetype in Legacy923.413
Naya Company in Modern801.454
Jeskai Ascendancy in Modern AER804.067
Abzan Chord in Modern684.095
Abzan in Modern683.094
Jeskai Ascendancy in Modern593.93100
Red-Green Devotion in Modern552.8976
Saheeli Evolution in Modern483.69100
5C Bring to Light in Modern404.077
Hatebears in Modern382.2416
Maverick in Legacy361.3323
Tooth and Nail in Modern361.841
Aristocrats in Modern364.0100
Naya Angel Ramp in Modern353.8982
Green-White Hydras in Modern343.78100
Five-Color Creatures in Modern324.0100
No Archetype in Vintage303.335
Genesis Wave in Modern303.7589
Big Zoo in Modern211.443
Four-Color Saheeli in Modern204.084
Melira Company in Modern204.0100
Kiki-Blink in Modern204.010
Green-Blue Ramp in Legacy193.8100
4-Color Company in Modern192.38100
Madcap Moon in Modern183.616
No Archetype in Modern AER183.04
Red-Green Eldrazi in Modern171.3133
Naya Expertise in Modern164.0100
Bant Eldrazi in Modern EMN161.3380
Food Chain in Legacy141.423
Team Leovold in Vintage122.44
Temur Midrange in Modern124.05
Infect in Modern121.718
Bant Spirits in Modern111.8315
Black-Green Midrange in Modern93.05
Tribal Zoo in Modern91.540
Green-Red Ponza in Modern82.0100
Four-Color Copy Cat in Modern84.067
Bant Geist in Modern84.034
Zoo in Modern81.63
Kiki Chord in Modern KLD84.0100
No Archetype in Modern EMN82.013
Abzan Company in Modern SOI84.0100
Dredgevine in Modern73.51
Reanimator in Vintage63.067
Green-White Aggro in Modern63.07
Knightfall in Modern KLD63.0100
Esper Deathblade in Legacy52.52
Vizier Knightfall in Modern52.540
Jund in Modern52.51
Punishing Maverick in Legacy41.045
Elves in Legacy44.01
Naya Evolution in Modern44.0100
Jeskai Saheeli in Modern44.04
Mono White Exalted in Modern44.07
Esper Control in Modern44.01
Storm in Modern44.01
Red-Green Tron in Modern44.01
Grixis Control in Modern44.01
Mono Green Stompy in Modern44.05
Mono White Control in Modern44.06
No Archetype in Legacy V1644.01
Abzan Company in Modern KLD44.0100
Naya Burn in Modern AER44.09
Abzan Liege in Modern EMN44.0100
Knightfall in Modern EMN44.0100
Abzan Company in Modern EMN44.0100
Mono-Green Devotion in Modern33.07
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy21.050
No Archetype in Casual22.07
Infect in Modern AER21.01
BUG Aluren in Legacy11.010
Abzan Leovold in Legacy11.025
Shardless BUG in Legacy11.01
Aluren in Legacy11.02
No Archetype in Pauper DDU11.03
No Archetype in Modern XLN11.02
Naya Company in Modern EMN11.0100
Infect in Modern EMN11.04
Maverick in Legacy SOI11.0100