Abrupt Decay

Top Rated Decks containing Abrupt Decay
524AbzanVintage XLN
474Five-Color CreaturesModern RIX
459Abzan CompanyLegacy XLN
413Lantern ControlVintage XLN
408AbzanVintage DOM
398Lantern ControlPauper IMA
379Abzan TraverseModern XLN
366Tribal ZooLegacy XLN
363Golgari MidrangeVintage DDU
351Tribal ZooVintage XLN
Archetypes containing Abrupt Decay
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Jund in Modern18872.0484
Abzan in Modern16082.876
Shardless BUG in Legacy DOM9013.9298
BUG Delver in Legacy DOM7463.3295
No Archetype in Legacy6583.3111
Team Leovold in Vintage4522.7285
Lantern Control in Modern4522.2888
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy DOM4241.6864
Jund Death's Shadow in Modern3341.6273
Golgari Midrange in Modern2692.4761
Grixis Delver in Legacy DOM2232.4516
No Archetype in Modern OGW2212.7319
Punishing Jund in Legacy DOM2163.48100
Aluren in Legacy2083.4180
Aluren in Legacy DOM1962.8896
4c Loam in Legacy1782.9790
Punishing Jund in Legacy1593.5385
Maverick in Legacy DOM1492.2260
No Archetype in Legacy V161283.1236
No Archetype in Legacy DOM1202.7332
Food Chain in Legacy DOM1193.05100
BUG Midrange in Legacy1173.098
Lands in Legacy1132.7615
Esper Deathblade in Legacy DOM1112.2237
BUG Midrange in Vintage942.2464
No Archetype in Modern913.033
Elves in Legacy902.3728
Green-Black Infect in Modern873.3554
Turbo Depths in Legacy752.7826
Dimir Delver in Legacy743.2283
Food Chain in Legacy733.6587
No Archetype in Vintage713.0911
Abzan Company in Modern601.6212
Sultai Midrange in Modern552.297
Shardless BUG in Legacy484.0100
Grixis Death's Shadow in Modern463.294
Abzan Liege in Modern462.0946
Jund in Legacy DOM433.91100
4c Loam in Legacy DOM412.93100
Landstill Oath in Vintage403.6479
Four-Color Deaths Shadow in Modern391.730
Sultai Leovold in Legacy DOM382.2495
Golgari Depths in Legacy363.037
BUG Aluren in Legacy DOM353.18100
Turbo Depths in Legacy DOM332.7580
Jund in Modern EMN332.294
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy322.2946
Inferno Oath in Vintage301.512
Oath in Vintage292.2328
Jeski Control in Modern283.554
Black-Green Death Cloud in Modern272.777
Sultai Leovold in Legacy262.663
No Archetype in Legacy EMA262.642
Elves in Legacy DOM252.275
Blue-Red Midrange in Legacy244.067
No Archetype in Pauper DDU244.013
BUG Delver in Legacy V16244.0100
Ad Nauseam in Modern233.832
Nic Fit in Legacy222.4448
Maverick in Legacy202.2214
BUG Delver in Legacy204.0100
Depths in Legacy193.1755
BUG Delver in Legacy CN2193.8100
BUG Delver in Legacy EMA183.6100
Grixis in Legacy171.899
Landstill in Vintage163.24
Miracles in Legacy164.02
Abzan Traverse in Modern162.2988
Five-Color Creatures in Modern162.080
BUG Control in Legacy DOM164.0100
Dredgevine in Modern AER162.673
Shardless BUG in Legacy CN2164.0100
Extra Turns in Legacy153.7524
Mentor in Vintage142.02
Reanimator in Legacy142.82
Mardu Tokens in Modern142.83
Abzan in Modern KLD142.8100
No Archetype in Vintage V16132.172
Abzan in Modern EMN132.17100
Punishing Oath in Vintage122.412
Grixis Thieves in Vintage122.07
Esper Control in Modern124.02
Tribal Zoo in Modern122.034
Scepter Zoo in Legacy DOM123.0100
Punishing Jund in Legacy EMA124.0100
Punishing Maverick in Legacy113.6719
Temur Delver in Legacy102.53
Enchantress in Legacy102.09
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern102.54
Punishing Maverick in Legacy DOM102.063
No Archetype in Modern AER102.03
Lantern Control in Modern AER102.0100
Zoo-icide in Modern AER102.05
Jund in Modern AER102.558
Sultai Midrange in Legacy91.8100
Nic Fit in Legacy V1692.25100
Aluren in Legacy CN293.0100
Bring to Light Scapeshift in Modern82.03
Lands in Legacy DOM84.0100
Doomsday in Legacy V1682.0100
Shardless BUG in Legacy V1684.0100
Jund in Modern KLD82.0100
Shardless BUG in Legacy EMA84.0100
Abzan in Modern AER82.0100
Blue-Black Delver in Legacy71.7580
Mentor Outcome in Vintage71.44
Naya Zoo in Legacy73.520
Grixis Delver in Legacy73.52
Sultai Teaching Reclamation in Modern71.0100
Mardu Nahiri in Modern73.512
Titan Scapeshift in Modern71.751
Infect in Modern72.332
Nic Fit in Legacy DOM72.33100
ANT in Legacy DOM71.752
ANT in Legacy V1671.49
Eldrazi Shops in Vintage63.04
Grixis Control in Vintage62.04
Dimir Shadow in Legacy62.08
Blue-Green Eldrazi Post in Legacy62.025
Esper Deathblade in Legacy63.02
Dredgevine in Modern62.01
Four-Color Deathblade in Legacy DOM62.075
Food Chain in Legacy V1663.0100
Tezzeret Control in Vintage52.510
No Archetype in Standard XLN52.51
Lantern Control in Modern EMN51.67100
Mono White Humans in Vintage44.09
Bogles in Legacy44.08
Pox in Legacy44.04
Eldrazi in Legacy44.01
Black-Green Lantern Control in Modern41.040
Counters Company in Modern42.01
Big Zoo in Modern42.06
Death's Shadow in Modern AER42.0100
Birthing Pod in Legacy V1641.0100
Black-Green Midrange in Modern KLD44.0100
Zoo-icide in Modern KLD42.0100
Sultai Midrange in Vintage31.540
Survival in Vintage33.02
Storm in Vintage33.01
Twin StoneBlade in Legacy33.03
Tin Fins in Legacy33.010
White-Black Smallpox in Modern31.55
Esper Zur in Modern33.07
Mardu Control in Modern33.03
Grishoalbrand in Modern33.01
Living End in Modern33.01
Grixis Delver in Modern33.01
Grixis Control in Modern33.01
Grixis in Legacy DOM31.53
No Archetype in Legacy CN233.015
Punishing Jund in Legacy V1633.0100
Miracles in Legacy V1633.01
Aluren in Legacy EMA33.0100
Pox in Legacy CN233.0100
Abzan in Modern SOI33.0100
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage22.012
Reanimator in Vintage21.034
Dredge in Vintage22.01
Esper Control in Legacy22.010
ANT in Legacy22.02
Hardened Scales Affinity in Modern22.01
Bant Turbo Fog in Modern22.06
Thopter Gifts in Modern22.06
Bant Company in Modern22.01
Melira Company in Modern22.020
Skred Red in Modern22.01
Scapeshift in Modern22.01
Mono Green Stompy in Modern22.03
Zoo in Modern22.01
Thopter Sword in Modern GRN21.025
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy DOM22.025
Abzan Leovold in Legacy DOM21.067
Tin Fins in Legacy DOM22.010
Leovold BUG in Vintage V1622.0100
Maverick in Legacy V1622.0100
Lantern Control in Modern KLD22.0100
No Archetype in Vintage EMA22.015
Maverick in Legacy CN222.020
Grixis Delver in Legacy SOI22.0100
Elves in Legacy SOI22.0100
Jund in Modern SOI22.0100
Paradoxical Oath in Vintage11.05
Mardu Midrange in Modern11.03
Tezzerator in Modern11.02
Mentor in Vintage V1611.01
Elves in Legacy EMA11.020
Lands in Legacy CN211.017