Pact of Negation

Top Rated Decks containing Pact of Negation
251Mono Blue ControlModern XLN
194Izzet DelverPauper IMA
98Ad NauseamVintage DOM
94Izzet DelverModern GRN
92Amulet TitanModern M19
73Amulet TitanModern M19
68Mono Blue ControlVintage DDU
55Amulet TitanLegacy XLN
50Amulet TitanModern RIX
47Amulet TitanModern DOM
Archetypes containing Pact of Negation
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Ad Nauseam in Modern9512.996
Amulet Titan in Modern3641.3597
Amulet Bloom in Modern OGW1871.99100
No Archetype in Modern1803.052
No Archetype in Legacy693.291
No Archetype in Modern OGW431.956
No Archetype in Vintage V16242.183
Extra Turns in Legacy182.5742
Mono Blue Control in Modern182.5788
Omni-Tell in Legacy172.4313
Grixis Control in Modern164.02
Ad Nauseam in Modern AER162.67100
Ad Nauseam in Modern EMN163.284
Mono-Red Land Destruction in Legacy124.028
Tin Fins in Legacy123.029
No Archetype in Legacy DOM113.673
No Archetype in Vintage84.01
Counters Company in Modern84.01
Abzan Company in Modern84.01
Blue-White Control in Modern71.01
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage63.01
Grishoalbrand in Modern63.02
8-Rack in Modern61.06
Omni-Tell in Legacy DOM52.54
No Archetype in Modern AER52.52
Mentor Outcome in Vintage44.01
Storm in Vintage44.01
Grixis in Legacy44.01
High Tide in Legacy41.019
Blue-Red Through the Breach in Modern44.03
Bant Company in Modern44.01
Jeskai Delver in Modern44.06
Hollow One in Modern33.01
Izzet Delver in Pauper DDU33.0100
Ad Nauseam in Modern KLD33.0100
Krark-Clan Ironworks Combo in Modern AER33.0100
Infect in Modern AER31.01
Mardu Tokens in Modern22.01
Amulet Titan in Modern EMN22.0100
Amulet Titan in Modern AER21.0100
Blue-Red Wizards in Modern11.03
Infect in Modern11.01
Amulet Titan in Modern KLD11.0100
Red-Green Tron in Modern OGW11.01