Knight of the Reliquary

Top Rated Decks containing Knight of the Reliquary
426Bant CompanyLegacy XLN
373Big ZooLegacy XLN
2884-Color CompanyVintage XLN
272Big ZooModern M19
263KnightfallVintage M19
261Punishing JundPauper IMA
257LandsVintage XLN
233Punishing MaverickLegacy XLN
231ZooLegacy XLN
Archetypes containing Knight of the Reliquary
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Knightfall in Modern7043.9899
Naya Company in Modern4343.8887
Maverick in Legacy DOM3533.7684
4c Loam in Legacy2483.9495
Counters Company in Modern2453.8925
Maverick in Legacy2413.9589
Green-White Company in Modern2164.088
No Archetype in Legacy1753.653
Bant Company in Modern1653.8424
Zoo in Modern1303.7113
Punishing Jund in Legacy1204.057
Big Zoo in Modern1073.8274
Abzan in Modern1073.455
Punishing Jund in Legacy DOM724.030
No Archetype in Modern593.932
4c Loam in Legacy DOM564.0100
Punishing Maverick in Legacy483.6982
Bant Knightfall Humans in Modern463.8360
4-Color Company in Modern463.8386
Red-Green Devotion in Modern293.6320
Punishing Maverick in Legacy DOM283.5100
Abzan Company in Modern212.13
Kiki Chord in Modern202.55
Maverick in Legacy CN2204.0100
No Archetype in Legacy EMA193.821
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy DOM153.75100
Bant Midrange in Modern143.5100
Esper Deathblade in Legacy DOM142.84
Naya Zoo in Legacy123.040
Abzan Leovold in Legacy DOM113.67100
No Archetype in Legacy V16113.673
Abzan Devoted Company in Modern103.3350
Selesnya Company in Modern84.0100
Reanimator in Vintage84.034
Grixis Delver in Legacy84.02
Titan Scapeshift in Modern84.01
Knightfall in Modern KLD84.0100
Rallier Zoo in Modern73.5100
Hatebears in Modern73.52
Death and Taxes in Legacy63.01
Tooth and Nail in Modern63.04
No Archetype in Legacy DOM62.03
Naya Zoo in Legacy DOM63.0100
Vannifar Pod in Modern52.540
Mono Black Devotion in Vintage44.010
Mono Black Midrange in Legacy44.06
Bogles in Legacy44.08
MUD in Legacy44.03
Lands in Legacy44.01
Golgari Midrange in Modern44.01
Green-Red Ponza in Modern44.01
Vizier Knightfall in Modern44.010
Abzan Tokens in Modern44.010
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern44.01
Grixis Control in Modern44.01
No Archetype in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW44.01
No Archetype in Modern OGW44.01
Punishing Jund in Legacy EMA44.034
Knightfall in Modern EMN44.0100
Naya Company in Modern EMN44.0100
Maverick in Legacy SOI44.0100
No Archetype in Vintage31.51
White-Blue Control in Legacy33.03
Enchantress in Legacy31.06
Martyr Proclamation in Modern33.01
Sultai Midrange in Vintage22.020
Team Leovold in Vintage22.01
Blue-White Stoneblade in Legacy22.01
Four-Color Copy Cat in Modern22.012
Abzan Liege in Modern22.03
Mulitcolor Humans in Modern22.01
12 Post in Legacy V1622.06
Survival in Vintage11.02
Nic Fit in Legacy11.06
Naya Evolution in Modern11.05
Abzan Chord in Modern11.04
Nic Fit in Legacy DOM11.034