Knight of the Reliquary

Top Rated Decks containing Knight of the Reliquary
426Green-White CompanyLegacy
373Big ZooLegacy
288Abzan CompanyVintage
261Punishing JundPauper
257Punishing OathVintage
233Punishing JundLegacy
228Big ZooLegacy
226Punishing JundLegacy
Archetypes containing Knight of the Reliquary
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Big Zoo in Modern4363.8992
Knightfall in Modern4253.9494
Maverick in Legacy3683.7689
Punishing Jund in Legacy2964.054
Green-White Company in Modern1084.094
Bant Company in Modern963.692
Counters Company in Modern733.8414
Zoo in Modern413.735
4c Loam in Legacy404.0100
4-Color Company in Modern383.872
Abzan in Modern322.671
Punishing Maverick in Legacy323.5682
Bant Knightfall Humans in Modern283.567
Abzan Company in Modern252.274
Naya Company in Modern253.5728
Naya Zoo in Legacy183.050
Esper Deathblade in Legacy162.673
Abzan Leovold in Legacy113.67100
No Archetype in Modern103.331
Kiki Chord in Modern91.84
No Archetype in Legacy93.01
Red-Green Devotion in Modern73.59
Abzan Chord in Modern52.510
Vizier Knightfall in Modern44.025
Green-White Aggro in Modern44.03
Tooth and Nail in Modern44.02
Thopter Gifts in Modern44.04
Esper Control in Modern44.01
5C Bring to Light in Modern44.09
Temur Delver in Modern44.05
Grixis Control in Modern44.01
Punishing Oath in Vintage44.02
No Archetype in Vintage42.01
Mentor in Vintage42.02
Knightfall in Modern KLD44.0100
Punishing Jund in Legacy EMA44.034
Maverick in Legacy SOI44.0100
Rallier Zoo in Modern33.020
Four-Color Copy Cat in Modern33.017
Aristocrats in Modern33.08
Hatebears in Modern33.02
Soul sisters in Modern33.02
Death and Taxes in Legacy33.01
Lands in Legacy33.01
Workshops in Vintage22.01
12 Post in Legacy V1622.06
Scepter Zoo in Legacy11.015