Tooth and Nail

Top Rated Decks containing Tooth and Nail
235Tooth and NailVintage XLN
136Tooth and NailModern XLN
135Tooth and NailVintage XLN
71Tooth and NailLegacy XLN
51Tooth and NailModern XLN
43Tooth and NailVintage XLN
38Tooth and NailModern XLN
33Tooth and NailModern XLN
25Tooth and NailVintage XLN
21Tooth and NailVintage XLN
Archetypes containing Tooth and Nail
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Tooth and Nail in Modern1593.9880
Red-Green Devotion in Modern124.012
No Archetype in Legacy91.01
Red-Green Tron in Modern84.01
Bant Geist in Modern44.017
Soldiers in Legacy44.010
No Archetype in Modern OGW44.01
Red-Green Tron in Modern OGW33.01
Counters Company in Modern22.01
No Archetype in Pauper DDU11.03
No Archetype in Legacy XLN11.0100