Banisher Priest

Top Rated Decks containing Banisher Priest
311Death and TaxesVintage XLN
291Death and TaxesLegacy DDU
276Green-White AggroLegacy DDU
276Death and TaxesVintage
261Green-White AggroModern
246Green-White AggroLegacy XLN
235Death and TaxesLegacy XLN
167Death and TaxesVintage
158Green-White AggroModern AKH
147Death and TaxesVintage XLN
Archetypes containing Banisher Priest
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Death and Taxes in Legacy281.126
Green-White Aggro in Modern73.54
White Eldrazi in Vintage42.02
No Archetype in Vintage21.02
Martyr Proclamation in Modern11.02
Death and Taxes in Modern11.01
Abzan Company in Modern11.01
Kiki Chord in Modern11.01
Death and Taxes in Legacy EMA11.025
Death and Taxes in Legacy CN211.017