Swords to Plowshares

Top Rated Decks containing Swords to Plowshares
519ArmageddonVintage XLN
497ArmageddonVintage XLN
400Bant SpymasterVintage XLN
397EldraziLegacy XLN
393Esper DeathbladeLegacy XLN
379Mono White HumansVintage XLN
377No ArchetypeVintage XLN
367Mono White HumansVintage XLN
366No ArchetypeVintage XLN
362No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
Archetypes containing Swords to Plowshares
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Miracles in Legacy V1618463.8100
Death and Taxes in Legacy11924.099
Miracles in Legacy7643.7399
Esper Deathblade in Legacy5983.6994
Mentor in Vintage4672.8394
Mentor in Vintage V164402.5390
Maverick in Legacy4253.7694
No Archetype in Legacy3333.79
No Archetype in Vintage V162342.4626
Landstill in Vintage2243.1585
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy2033.9100
URw Mentor in Vintage1682.2461
Twin StoneBlade in Legacy1553.97100
No Archetype in Legacy V161383.7333
No Archetype in Vintage1092.9519
Esper Stoneblade in Legacy913.9692
Jeskai Delver in Legacy683.491
Miracles in Legacy EMA413.73100
Mentor Outcome in Vintage391.9512
Bant Spymaster in Vintage364.090
Esper Mentor in Legacy364.0100
Punishing Maverick in Legacy313.8889
Mono White Humans in Vintage303.7573
Blue-White Landstill in Vintage272.45100
Four-Color Leovold in Legacy243.433
White-Black Clerics in Legacy244.075
Death and Taxes in Legacy CN2244.0100
Blue-White Dragonlord Standstill in Vintage213.0100
Naya Zoo in Legacy213.560
Knight Tribal in Legacy204.072
Armageddon in Legacy204.056
Maverick in Legacy CN2204.0100
No Archetype in Legacy EMA193.821
No Archetype in Pauper DDU172.1317
Jeskai Delver in Vintage V16172.4359
Miracles in Legacy CN2173.4100
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy164.0100
Death and Taxes in Legacy EMA164.0100
No Archetype in Legacy C15153.072
No Archetype in Legacy CN2143.558
Four-Color Deathblade in Legacy133.25100
Abzan Leovold in Legacy124.075
White-Blue Control in Legacy124.0100
Jeskai Stoneblade in Vintage V16112.75100
Delver in Vintage V16111.5744
Team Leovold in Vintage92.253
Jeskai Mentor in Vintage EMA93.0100
Mono-White in Legacy84.017
Temur Delver in Legacy84.02
Stompy in Pauper DDU84.0100
Esper Deathblade in Legacy V1684.0100
Grixis Delver in Legacy73.51
Nic Fit in Legacy63.067
White Eldrazi in Vintage52.53
Tezzerator in Vintage52.523
Blue Moon in Vintage51.258
Infect in Legacy52.52
Mono-White Aggro in Vintage44.0100
Slivers in Vintage44.020
Grixis Control in Vintage41.337
Eldrazi in Legacy44.01
12 Post in Legacy V1644.06
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy V1644.0100
Jeskai Control in Vintage EMA44.0100
No Archetype in Casual44.07
Esper Stoneblade in Legacy EMA44.0100
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy EMA44.0100
Esper Stoneblade in Legacy CN244.0100
Bant Spymaster in Vintage SOI44.0100
Death and Taxes in Legacy SOI44.0100
Punishing Oath in Vintage31.55
Esper Mentor in Legacy V1633.0100
Paradoxical Outcome in Vintage21.03
Jeskai Stoneblade in Vintage22.050
Blue-Red Delver in Vintage22.02
Grixis Thieves in Vintage22.02
No Archetype in Vintage CN222.017
Eldrazi Shops in Vintage11.02
Counter Slivers in Legacy11.08
Enchantress in Legacy11.04
No Archetype in Vintage C1511.04