Darksteel Citadel

Top Rated Decks containing Darksteel Citadel
564AffinityVintage XLN
543AffinityVintage XLN
535No ArchetypeVintage XLN
535AffinityVintage XLN
524AffinityVintage XLN
519ArmageddonVintage XLN
497ArmageddonVintage XLN
455AffinityModern M19
398Lantern ControlPauper IMA
Archetypes containing Darksteel Citadel
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Affinity in Modern40153.99100
Affinity in Pauper9463.7491
Hardened Scales Affinity in Modern7223.9997
Ironworks Combo in Modern GRN6293.9398
Tezzerator in Modern1363.4973
No Archetype in Legacy1343.122
No Archetype in Modern1233.622
Affinity in Pauper EMA1122.3375
Affinity in Pauper V16762.392
Affinity in Modern EMN724.0100
Affinity in Modern AER644.0100
No Archetype in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW513.641
Boros Cyborg in Pauper364.0100
Affinity in Legacy362.2562
Blue-White Foundry in Modern GRN343.78100
Blue-Black Artifacts in Legacy283.520
Grixis Whir in Modern283.513
Armageddon in Legacy263.7154
Blue-White Foundry in Modern204.0100
Affinity in Modern KLD204.0100
MUD in Legacy183.017
Grixis Foundry in Modern183.067
Ironworks Combo in Modern164.050
Jeskai Thopter Prison in Modern163.284
No Archetype in Pauper V16164.03
No Archetype in Pauper EMA164.04
Steel Stompy in Legacy111.8324
Lantern Control in Modern91.83
White-Red Prison in Modern81.64
No Archetype in Vintage72.332
Workshops in Vintage63.01
Naya Burn in Modern63.01
Tezzerator in Modern GRN63.040
Nahiri Jeskai in Modern52.52
Puresteel Combo in Modern51.258
Affinity in Pauper CN252.5100
No Archetype in Pauper44.01
Blue-Red Faeries in Pauper44.03
Kuldotha Jeskai in Pauper44.04
Bomberman in Legacy42.067
Dimir Delver in Legacy44.04
Azorius Control in Legacy44.010
High Tide in Legacy44.05
Burn in Legacy44.01
Whir Prison in Modern41.3322
Thopter Gifts in Modern41.024
Blue moon in Modern42.01
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern44.01
Naya Company in Modern44.01
Scapeshift in Modern44.01
Living End in Modern44.01
Kiki Chord in Modern44.01
Boros Cyborg in Pauper V1644.0100
Tezzerator in Modern EMN44.0100
Kuldotha Boros in Pauper31.01
Death and Taxes in Legacy33.01
Mono Red Prison in Modern33.03
Tooth and Nail in Modern31.06
No Archetype in Modern OGW33.01
Inferno Oath in Vintage21.02
Tezzeret Control in Vintage22.05
Goblins in Modern22.01
Goblins in Pauper11.02
Amulet Titan in Modern11.01