Spatial Contortion

Top Rated Decks containing Spatial Contortion
448Gree-Blue InfectPauper DDU
394No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
363No ArchetypeVintage XLN
319Death and TaxesPauper IMA
277White-Black Death and TaxesStandard XLN
260Grixis Death's ShadowModern XLN
253White-Black Death and TaxesModern XLN
246Death and TaxesModern XLN
241Bant CompanyPauper IMA
231Black MoonVintage XLN
Archetypes containing Spatial Contortion
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
No Archetype in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN4113.4510
No Archetype in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW1402.692
Mono Blue Eldrazi in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW1312.3452
Eldrazi Tron in Modern1002.1315
Mono Blue Tron in Modern632.0328
Mono Red Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN562.55100
No Archetype in Legacy503.332
Blue-Red Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN404.072
Eldrazi in Legacy301.437
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD263.252
No Archetype in Modern243.02
No Archetype in Standard XLN243.432
Eldrazi and Taxes in Modern233.833
Colorless Eldrazi in Modern OGW212.124
Death and Taxes in Modern204.04
Eldrazi Tron in Modern OGW192.1141
Elves in Pauper DDU164.0100
Abzan Aggro in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW153.03
Bant Company in Modern143.53
Green-Red Eldrazi Ramp in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW133.253
Pox in Legacy124.018
Grixis Death's Shadow in Modern124.01
Blue-Red Eldrazi in Standard XLN124.0100
Blue-Red Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN123.050
Blue-Red Eldrazi in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW123.027
Eldrazi Post in Legacy112.28
Blue-Red Eldrazi in Modern103.3375
Jeskai Control in Standard XLN103.335
Red-Green Tron in Modern91.292
Mono White Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN93.075
Vizier Knightfall in Modern84.025
Mono Black Eldrazi in Standard XLN84.017
White-Black Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN82.015
Mono White Eldrazi in Standard XLN72.3350
No Archetype in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI63.034
Mono Green Tron in Modern51.257
Tezzerator in Vintage44.012
Turbo Depths in Legacy44.02
Elves in Legacy44.01
Mono Blue Gifts Tron in Modern42.019
Abzan Tokens in Modern44.015
White-Black Death and Taxes in Modern44.08
Abzan in Modern44.01
Dimir Alchemy in Pauper DDU44.0100
Colorless Eldrazi Vehicles in Standard XLN44.0100
Sultai Eldrazi in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD44.0100
No Archetype in Modern OGW44.01
Mono Blue Eldrazi in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD44.0100
Eldrazi Tron in Modern EMN42.0100
Mono-White Humans in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN42.01
Mono Red Eldrazi in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW42.050
Mentor in Vintage33.01
White-Black Clerics in Legacy33.012
Jund in Legacy33.04
Green-White Tron in Modern33.02
Mono White Exalted in Modern33.07
Eldrazi Ramp in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW33.02
Gree-Blue Infect in Pauper DDU33.0100
Blue-Red Control in Standard XLN33.01
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER33.01
Mono Green Eldrazi in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW33.04
Mono Blue Tron in Modern OGW33.050
No Archetype in Vintage21.01
Black Moon in Modern22.012
Green-Red Land Destruction in Modern22.01
Red-Green Eldrazi in Modern22.03
No Archetype in Modern AKH22.010
Green-Red Eldrazi Ramp in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN22.01
Black Eldrazi in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW22.0100
Mono Black Eldrazi in Modern OGW22.05
Dark Jeskai in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW22.01
Colorless Eldrazi in Modern11.04
Eldrazi in Legacy CN211.017
Black-White Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN11.01
Black-Blue Eldrazi in Modern OGW11.025