Declaration in Stone

Top Rated Decks containing Declaration in Stone
580No ArchetypeVintage
448Gree-Blue InfectPauper DDU
402Esper ControlModern XLN
394No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
378No ArchetypeVintage XLN
368BoglesLegacy XLN
365Mono White ControlVintage XLN
361No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
361No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
338No ArchetypeLegacy XLN
Archetypes containing Declaration in Stone
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
No Archetype in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN8663.0424
Mono-White Humans in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN7643.8298
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD5952.2343
Green-White Tokens in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN5101.9677
Bant Company in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN3841.8535
No Archetype in Legacy1293.152
Naya Midrange in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN1292.5866
Black-White Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN1052.1422
No Archetype in Modern903.14
No Archetype in Standard XLN842.276
White-Black Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN833.4689
White-Blue Flash in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD771.2847
Bant Company in Modern712.8415
Green-White Tokens in Standard XLN331.8349
Mardu Midrange in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN331.6553
Esper Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN333.034
Bant Humans in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN301.6711
Esper Aggro in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD281.8794
Mono White Control in Modern273.3845
Mardu Midrange in Modern253.5725
Esper Control in Modern232.097
White-Red Humans in Standard XLN232.5682
White-Red Humans in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD223.67100
Mono-White Humans in Standard XLN204.084
Grixis Control in Vintage173.410
Abzan Midrange in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN162.039
Bant Humans in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD153.0100
Eldrazi and Taxes in Modern142.82
Naya Midrange in Standard XLN133.25100
Blue-White Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN132.634
Mono White Aggro in Modern124.022
Black-White Midrange in Modern122.463
Blue moon in Modern124.02
Bant Eldrazi in Standard XLN123.0100
Green-White Eldrazi in Standard XLN124.0100
Nahiri Jeskai in Modern111.575
Red-White Vehicles in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD112.7540
Mono White Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN113.6775
Esper Dragons in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN111.8312
Green-White Megamorph in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN102.567
No Archetype in Vintage93.01
Mono White Eldrazi in Standard XLN91.5100
Esper Aggro in Standard XLN91.550
Mardu Vehicles in Standard XLN81.332
Mardu Vehicles in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD81.68
Naya Midrange in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI84.0100
Bant Spirits in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN71.7534
Mono-White Humans in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD73.5100
As Foretold Control in Modern63.029
Goblins in Modern63.03
Jeskai Control in Standard XLN61.56
Mad Jeskai in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN62.075
Blue-White Control in Modern52.51
Abzan in Modern52.51
Jund in Modern52.51
Abzan Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN51.2550
Green-White Company in Modern44.02
Vizier Knightfall in Modern44.013
Abzan Liege in Modern44.02
Jeskai Control in Modern44.01
Red-Green Tron in Modern44.01
Kiki-Blink in Modern44.02
Living End in Modern44.01
Blue-Red Delver in Modern44.04
Green-White Eldrazi in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN44.0100
Blue-White Aggro in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN44.0100
White-Red Humans in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN44.0100
Gree-Blue Infect in Pauper DDU44.0100
No Archetype in Standard KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW44.01
Green-White Tokens in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD42.0100
Mono Red Burn in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD44.0100
Jeskai Tutelage in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN44.0100
Bant Tokens in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN44.017
Mono-White Humans in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI44.0100
Bant Eldrazi in Modern31.01
White-Red Soul Sisters in Modern33.06
Green-White Aggro in Modern33.04
Boros Burn in Modern33.010
Red-White Moon in Modern31.57
White-Red Vehicles in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN33.0100
White-Blue Monument in Standard XLN31.58
Bant Aggro in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD31.0100
Mentor in Vintage22.01
Hardened Scales Affinity in Modern22.03
Martyr Proclamation in Modern22.02
Blue-Red Swan Skred in Modern22.020
Bogles in Modern22.01
Abzan Leovold in Legacy22.034
Nahiri Jeskai in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN21.0100
Temur Energy in Standard XLN22.01
Esper Control in Standard XLN22.015
Bant Aetherworks in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER-AKH22.015
Green-White Tokens in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER22.0100
White-Black Midrange in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD21.050
White-Red Vehicles in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD22.050
Abzan Control in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD22.0100
Displacer Combo in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN22.050
Jeskai Dragons in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN22.020
Grixis Control in Standard DTK-ORI-BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN22.02
White-Black Smallpox in Modern11.04
Black-White Tokens in Modern11.02
Zoo in Modern11.01
Soul sisters in Modern11.02
Naya Gods in Standard XLN11.0100
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER-AKH11.01
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER11.01