Cast Out

Top Rated Decks containing Cast Out
421Bant CompanyVintage DOM
410Green-White LegendsStandard DOM
385Bant CompanyStandard XLN
383No ArchetypeVintage GRN
383Bant CompanyModern XLN
367White-Red ControlVintage XLN
364White-Red ControlModern GRN
363Bant CompanyModern XLN
348Blue-White GiftStandard RIX
331Bant CompanyPauper IMA
Archetypes containing Cast Out
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
No Archetype in Modern5133.45
No Archetype in Legacy2403.293
Blue-White Control in Standard M192132.796
Blue-White Drake Haven in Standard M191404.0100
Blue-White Gift in Standard M191401.8289
No Archetype in Standard XLN1252.558
Blue-White Control in Standard XLN833.6177
Blue-White Approach in Standard M19672.9196
Four-Color Ramp in Standard M19642.7892
No Archetype in Standard M19562.4325
White-Black Vehicles in Standard M19432.2668
Mono White Approach in Standard M19433.58100
Green-White Aggro in Standard M19342.8330
White-Black Vampires in Standard M19322.2954
Abzan Tokens in Standard M19312.8235
Blue-White Control in Modern251.922
Esper Benalia in Standard M19252.591
White-Red Prison in Modern241.8510
White-Red Approach in Standard M19244.0100
White-Blue Approach in Standard XLN244.0100
White-Blue Superfriends in Standard M19223.67100
White-Black Knights in Standard M19222.7567
White-Black Benalia in Standard M19223.1464
Red-Green Tron in Modern213.52
Esper Approach in Standard M19212.3365
Bant Company in Modern202.55
Esper Historic in Standard M19201.8285
Black-White Control in Standard M19203.3360
Green-White Tokens in Standard XLN202.8619
No Archetype in Vintage193.173
Blue-White Midrange in Standard M19182.25100
Naya Monsters in Standard M19182.090
Bant Aetherworks in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER-AKH183.672
White-Blue Teferi in Standard M19172.83100
White-Blue GPG in Standard M19161.7865
Esper Drake Haven in Standard M19164.0100
Green-White Midrange in Standard M19152.575
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER-AKH152.146
Jeskai Control in Standard XLN142.011
Green-White Company in Modern124.05
Mardu Vehicles in Standard M19121.7114
Green-White Ramp in Standard XLN122.472
Blue-White Historic in Standard M19112.236
Martyr Proclamation in Modern91.56
Esper Control in Standard M1991.299
Green-Black Infect in Modern84.05
Blue-Red Control in Standard M1982.6734
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage73.523
Mono-Green Devotion in Modern73.515
White-Blue Monument in Standard XLN71.7516
Mardu Vehicles in Standard XLN71.751
Enchantress in Legacy61.011
Bridge Vine in Modern63.04
White-Black Smallpox in Modern61.59
Vizier Knightfall in Modern62.028
Mardu Tokens in Modern62.02
Eldrazi and Taxes in Modern61.52
Green-White Legends in Standard M1962.060
Bant Midrange in Standard M1963.040
White-Red Control in Standard M1963.0100
Mono White Midrange in Standard M1952.5100
White-Black Aggro in Standard M1952.5100
Mono White Eldrazi in Standard XLN51.084
White-Blue Flash in Standard XLN51.6743
Blue-White Dragonlord Standstill in Vintage44.08
Dimir Shadow in Legacy44.03
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy44.050
Bant Exalted in Legacy44.013
Reanimator in Legacy44.01
Eldrazi Tron in Modern44.01
Blue-White Merfolk in Modern44.01
White-Blue Auras in Standard M1942.011
Esper Gift in Standard M1942.09
White-Red Control in Standard XLN44.0100
New Perspectives in Standard XLN44.0100
White-Black Midrange in Standard XLN44.020
Mono-White Humans in Standard XLN44.017
Mardu Midrange in Standard XLN44.020
BUG Control in Legacy33.06
Green-White Tron in Modern33.02
White-Red Soul Sisters in Modern33.05
Mono White Aura Aggro in Modern31.512
Naya Company in Modern33.01
Living End in Modern33.01
Abzan Control in Standard M1933.050
White-Blue Tokens in Standard M1931.024
Grixis Midrange in Standard M1933.02
Mono-White Monument in Standard XLN33.0100
Esper Aggro in Standard XLN31.517
Mono-White Aggro in Vintage22.025
Punishing Maverick in Legacy22.07
Mono-Red Land Destruction in Legacy22.010
Mono White Eldrazi in Modern21.014
Bant Eldrazi in Modern22.01
Blue-White Skies in Modern22.04
Mono Blue Tron in Modern22.01
Black-White Tokens in Modern22.02
Grixis Delver in Modern22.01
Grixis Control in Modern22.01
Mono Red in Standard M1922.01
Four-Color Control in Standard XLN21.0100
Mentor in Vintage11.01
Death and Taxes in Modern11.01
Enchantress in Legacy GRN11.034
Bant Nexus in Standard M1911.012