Gideon of the Trials

Top Rated Decks containing Gideon of the Trials
383No ArchetypeVintage
303No ArchetypeVintage
249Red-Green TronVintage
235No ArchetypeModern
211No ArchetypeLegacy DOM
192Dimir ShadowStandard M19
191Grixis MidrangeStandard M19
183Bant CompanyStandard DOM
183Red-Green TronModern
164No ArchetypeStandard M19
Archetypes containing Gideon of the Trials
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
No Archetype in Modern3312.95
Blue-White Control in Modern2921.6722
No Archetype in Legacy732.522
White-Black Vehicles in Standard M19502.0886
White-Red Prison in Modern321.8813
Esper Control in Modern312.078
Blue-White Control in Standard M19231.5319
Red-Green Tron in Modern223.672
White-Black Benalia in Standard M19222.0100
White-Black Smallpox in Modern192.1119
White-Blue Superfriends in Standard M19183.0100
Golgari Midrange in Modern153.752
Jeskai Control in Modern141.562
Esper Benalia in Standard M19142.064
No Archetype in Standard M19142.86
Martyr Proclamation in Modern131.867
Blue-White Midrange in Standard M19122.463
No Archetype in Vintage112.23
Miracles in Legacy101.672
Blue-White Approach in Standard M1981.621
Mardu Vehicles in Standard XLN82.671
Black-White Midrange in Standard M1971.7580
Blue-White Historic in Standard M1972.3322
Black-White Tokens in Modern63.03
White-Black Knights in Standard M1961.534
Esper Historic in Standard M1962.024
Mardu Vehicles in Standard M1952.54
White-Blue Approach in Standard XLN51.6750
Blue-White Dragonlord Standstill in Vintage44.08
Mono-Green Devotion in Modern42.015
Jeskai Delver in Modern44.06
White-Red Approach in Standard M1941.3350
No Archetype in Standard BFZ-OGW-SOI-EMN-KLD-AER-AKH42.02
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage33.012
Mardu Nahiri in Modern33.06
Mardu Midrange in Modern33.03
Eldrazi and Taxes in Modern33.01
Bant Company in Modern33.01
Mono Blue Tron in Modern33.01
Esper Midrange in Standard M1933.025
White-Black Aggro in Standard M1933.050
White-Blue Auras in Standard M1933.06
Grixis Midrange in Standard M1933.02
Grixis Control in Standard M1933.01
Esper Control in Standard M1933.02
Esper Deathblade in Legacy DOM31.03
White-Black Midrange in Standard XLN33.020
Blue-White Control in Standard XLN31.010
Esper Control in Standard XLN33.015
Dimir Shadow in Legacy22.03
Blue-White Stoneblade in Legacy21.02
White-Blue Control in Legacy22.03
BUG Control in Legacy22.06
Mardu Tokens in Modern22.01
Soul sisters in Modern22.02
White-Blue Teferi in Standard M1921.034
White-Blue Tokens in Standard M1922.08
Green-White Aggro in Standard M1921.05
Mardu Midrange in Standard M1922.0100
No Archetype in Modern XLN22.02
Jeskai Control in Standard XLN22.02
Stax in Vintage11.03
Mono-Red Land Destruction in Legacy11.010
Bant Exalted in Legacy11.013
Maverick in Legacy11.02
Enchantress in Legacy11.02
Counters Company in Modern11.01
As Foretold Control in Modern11.015
Esper Gifts in Modern11.03
Four-Color Ramp in Standard M1911.04
Abzan Tokens in Standard M1911.04
No Archetype in Legacy DOM11.01
No Archetype in Standard XLN11.01
White-Red Humans in Standard XLN11.010
No Archetype in Modern AKH11.010