Supreme Will

Top Rated Decks containing Supreme Will
521Grixis ControlPauper DDU
332No ArchetypeVintage
302No ArchetypeStandard
263No ArchetypeStandard
259Blue-White ControlVintage XLN
245Grixis ControlStandard RIX
229Blue-White ControlModern XLN
217AlurenVintage XLN
213No ArchetypeVintage DDU
211No ArchetypeLegacy DOM
Archetypes containing Supreme Will
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Blue-Red Control in Standard XLN1143.0832
Grixis Control in Standard1022.3240
No Archetype in Legacy982.882
No Archetype in Standard XLN733.484
Blue-White Control in Standard XLN693.8360
Blue-Black Midrange in Standard641.3642
Grixis Midrange in Standard511.9671
Blue-Black Control in Standard502.1731
No Archetype in Modern453.462
Blue-White Approach in Standard452.6571
Esper Control in Standard261.8620
White-Blue Approach in Standard XLN244.0100
Blue-Black Control in Standard XLN243.4332
Blue-White Control in Standard221.6918
Temur Energy in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 2018201.3326
Esper Approach in Standard192.3858
Turbo Fog in Standard162.2950
Four-Color Energy in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 2018151.572
Blue-White Control in Modern141.752
No Archetype in Standard132.177
Grixis Control in Standard XLN133.2520
Blue-White Midrange in Standard122.463
Mono Blue Tron in Modern111.18
Bring to Light Scapeshift in Modern82.672
Mono White Aura Aggro in Modern73.514
Mentor in Vintage63.01
Blue-Red Through the Breach in Modern51.2510
Grixis Virtuoso Midrange in Standard52.550
Blue-White Historic in Standard51.036
Four-Color Control in Standard XLN52.5100
Mono Blue Gifts Tron in Modern42.019
Esper Historic in Standard42.016
Esper Control in Standard XLN44.015
Mono-White Aggro in Vintage33.025
Treefolk in Modern33.025
Blue-Red Control in Standard31.034
Temur Control in Standard XLN33.0100
Temur Energy in Standard XLN31.52
No Archetype in Standard HOU33.010
Blue moon in Modern21.02
Grixis Delver in Modern22.01
Grixis Control in Modern22.01
Jeskai Control in Standard22.015
Esper Benalia in Standard22.010
Four-Color Ramp in Standard21.08
Aluren in Legacy22.04
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern11.02