Top Rated Decks containing Abrade
564Mono Red BurnVintage XLN
521Grixis ControlPauper DDU
434Black-Red EldraziModern XLN
432Red-Green MonstersStandard M19
395No ArchetypeStandard M19
387No ArchetypeStandard M19
379Red-Green MonstersStandard M19
375No ArchetypeStandard M19
367White-Red ControlVintage XLN
364White-Red ControlModern
Archetypes containing Abrade
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Red-Black Aggro in Standard M197953.0592
No Archetype in Modern5343.097
Mono Red in Standard M193702.6685
Ramunap Red in Standard XLN2752.8974
No Archetype in Legacy2373.044
Temur Energy in Standard XLN2242.4953
Grixis Control in Standard M192092.3281
Blue moon in Modern1601.4836
Green-Red Ramp in Standard XLN1393.7698
Grixis Midrange in Standard M191282.7886
No Archetype in Standard XLN1242.648
Blue-Red Control in Standard XLN1132.440
Red-Green Monsters in Standard M191123.7397
Temur Energy in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 20181112.1390
Red-Black Midrange in Standard M191093.52100
Mono Red Prison in Modern1062.7278
Red-Green Aggro in Standard M19753.95100
Mardu Vehicles in Standard M19732.5258
Mardu Vehicles in Standard XLN701.848
Mentor in Vintage601.1812
Ramunap Red in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 2018542.45100
Black-Red Midrange in Standard M19492.7295
No Archetype in Standard M19483.018
Black-Red Eldrazi in Standard XLN443.6753
Black-Red Midrange in Standard XLN323.5665
Naya Monsters in Standard M19303.0100
Grixis Dragons in Standard M19284.0100
Green-Red Ponza in Modern261.6310
Jund in Standard M19253.13100
Free-Win Red in Modern242.491
White-Red Approach in Standard M19244.0100
No Archetype in Vintage233.293
Blue-Red Delver in Vintage221.1619
Inferno Oath in Vintage201.339
Blue-Red Wizards in Modern201.6728
Blue-Red Control in Standard M19202.22100
Mardu Tokens in Modern183.03
Merfolk in Modern173.42
No Archetype in Standard HOU172.8355
Grixis Thieves in Vintage161.017
Hollow One in Modern164.02
Blue-White Control in Modern162.671
Grixis Delver in Legacy151.0710
All-In Red in Modern153.025
Mostly-Red Aggro in Standard M19153.0100
Jeskai Control in Standard M19152.1470
Izzet Control in Modern141.1755
Skred Red in Modern142.07
Mono Red Prison in Legacy121.719
Landstill in Vintage112.753
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern112.754
Rakdos Aggro in Standard M19112.75100
Five-Color Dragons in Standard M19113.67100
Temur Sifter Wurm in Standard M19113.67100
Grixis Virtuoso Midrange in Standard M19112.75100
Mono Red Eldrazi in Standard XLN113.67100
Temur Midrange in Modern101.677
Mono Red Burn in Modern103.335
Grixis Control in Standard XLN102.520
No Archetype in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 201891.543
Blue-Black Artifacts in Legacy84.05
Thopter Sword in Modern84.017
White-Red Control in Standard M1984.0100
Four-Color Energy in Standard RIX pre B&R Update February 201882.029
Punishing Oath in Vintage71.7510
Blue-Red Delver in Legacy71.1714
Izzet Phoenix in Modern71.02
Blue-Red Through the Breach in Modern71.1717
Madcap Moon in Modern71.412
Jeskai Control in Modern71.42
Grixis in Legacy DOM71.09
Grixis Delver in Legacy DOM71.02
Titan Scapeshift in Modern62.01
Abzan in Modern63.01
Jund in Modern62.01
Temur Emerge in Standard XLN62.034
Blue-Red Xerox in Vintage51.254
Blue Moon in Vintage51.259
Izzet Delver in Legacy51.2516
Blue-Red Thing in Modern51.6775
Grixis Death's Shadow in Modern52.51
Red-Green Eldrazi in Modern52.54
Blue-Black Midrange in Standard M1951.673
Izzet Kiki in Modern42.050
Stax in Vintage44.03
Goblin Bombardment in Legacy42.017
Enchantress in Legacy44.02
Mono White Aura Aggro in Modern42.012
Black-Red Eldrazi in Modern44.05
Hatebears in Modern44.01
Rakdos Flame of Keld in Standard M1942.0100
White-Red Control in Standard XLN44.0100
Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift in Standard XLN44.013
Four-Color Control in Standard XLN42.0100
Red-Black Aggro in Standard XLN41.3310
Mono-White Aggro in Vintage33.025
White Eldrazi in Vintage33.01
Grixis Control in Vintage31.04
White-Blue Control in Legacy33.03
Jeskai Stoneblade in Legacy31.54
Living Dominance in Modern31.534
Izzet Wizards in Modern31.516
Big Zoo in Modern33.03
Red-Green Sarkhans Unsealing in Standard M1933.015
Temur Control in Standard XLN33.0100
Green-Red Aggro in Standard XLN33.0100
Izzet Exarch Combo in Modern21.0100
Team Leovold in Vintage22.01
Red Prison in Legacy22.013
Miracles in Legacy22.01
Dredge in Legacy22.02
Aluren in Legacy22.02
White-Red Prison in Modern21.02
Colorless Eldrazi in Modern21.03
Mono Blue Tron in Modern22.01
Restore Balance in Modern22.06
Red-Green Tron in Modern22.01
Zoo in Modern22.01
Green-Red Pummeler in Standard XLN21.09
Blue-Red Prowess in Standard XLN22.050
Grixis Landstill in Vintage11.08
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage11.012
Mentor Outcome in Vintage11.01
Jeskai Stoneblade in Vintage11.025
Grixis Phoenix in Legacy11.06
Azorius Control in Legacy11.010
Grixis in Legacy11.01
Big Red in Legacy11.03
Sneak and Show in Legacy11.01
Temur Delver in Legacy11.01
Lands in Legacy11.01
Titan Breach in Modern11.02
Jeskai Geist in Modern11.01
Mono White Knights in Modern11.04
Grishoalbrand in Modern11.01
Storm in Modern11.01
Scapeshift in Modern11.01
Grixis Control in Modern11.01
Mardu Midrange in Standard M1911.0100
No Archetype in Modern HOU11.015