Settle the Wreckage

Top Rated Decks containing Settle the Wreckage
256No ArchetypeVintage
251Black-White ControlModern M19
193Blue-White GiftStandard M19
179Azorius ControlStandard
165Blue-White GiftStandard RIX
164No ArchetypeStandard M19
151Orzhov VampiresStandard
124Azorius ControlStandard
121No ArchetypeStandard M19
115Blue-White Drake HavenStandard DOM
Archetypes containing Settle the Wreckage
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
Blue-White Control in Standard M192693.3298
No Archetype in Modern1672.935
Blue-White Drake Haven in Standard M191193.6195
Blue-White Control in Modern941.0913
Jeskai Control in Standard901.6763
No Archetype in Legacy812.452
Four-Color Ramp in Standard M19793.2996
Blue-White Approach in Standard M19773.21100
Jeskai Control in Modern631.2612
Esper Control in Standard M19442.4422
Azorius Control in Standard373.36100
Esper Approach in Standard M19333.079
Jeskai Nexus in Standard261.1896
Blue-White Historic in Standard M19231.9286
Black-White Control in Standard M19232.8880
White-Blue Teferi in Standard M19183.0100
Esper Control in Standard173.47
Mono White Approach in Standard M19171.784
No Archetype in Standard M19162.09
Bant Turbo Fog in Standard142.863
Esper Drake Haven in Standard M19143.5100
White-Red Approach in Standard M19142.33100
Bridge Vine in Modern133.258
Abzan Tokens in Standard M19131.332
White-Blue Superfriends in Standard M19122.484
Blue-White Midrange in Standard M19122.075
Blue-White Gift in Standard M19101.439
Orzhov Vampires in Standard93.0100
Esper Control in Modern81.334
Turbo Fog in Standard M1982.020
Bant Midrange in Modern62.075
White-Blue Tokens in Standard M1961.531
Bant Nexus in Standard52.550
Turbo Fog in Standard51.25100
Esper Gifts in Modern51.678
Bant Nexus in Standard M1951.6734
Bant Exalted in Legacy44.013
Bant Reclamation in Standard42.0100
Boros Control in Standard42.029
Kiki Chord in Modern44.01
White-Blue Control in Legacy33.03
Martyr Proclamation in Modern31.03
Esper Historic in Standard M1931.024
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage22.012
Blue-White Dragonlord Standstill in Vintage22.08
No Archetype in Vintage22.01
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy22.050
Boros Aggro in Standard22.02
Jeski Control in Modern22.07
Jeskai Geist in Modern22.01
Bant Angels in Modern22.010
Bant Company in Modern22.01
Mono White Midrange in Standard M1921.0100
Jeskai Control in Standard M1921.020
Esper Benalia in Standard M1922.010
Abzan Midrange in Standard11.06
Extra Turns in Modern11.02
Bant Turbo Fog in Modern11.06
Blue-Black Faeries in Modern11.01
Esper Gift in Standard M1911.05
Blue-Red Control in Standard M1911.012