Tendrils of Agony

Top Rated Decks containing Tendrils of Agony
260Mentor OutcomeVintage XLN
126Sneak and ShowLegacy XLN
24Sneak and ShowLegacy XLN
23Mentor OutcomeVintage XLN
9Sneak and ShowLegacy XLN
-12Mentor OutcomePauper IMA
-18Sneak and ShowPauper IMA
-22No ArchetypePauper DDU
-22Sneak and ShowLegacy DOM
-23Sneak and ShowLegacy GRN
Archetypes containing Tendrils of Agony
ArchetypeTotal ## Per Deck% of Decks
ANT in Legacy DOM2171.0384
No Archetype in Vintage V161261.1431
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage1171.034
Storm in Vintage1051.1177
No Archetype in Legacy992.412
ANT in Legacy751.154
ANT in Legacy V16681.1100
Mentor Outcome in Vintage281.0419
Paradoxical Oath in Vintage151.066
Reanimator in Legacy142.02
Mentor in Vintage V16141.08
Sneak and Show in Legacy124.02
Grixis Control in Vintage111.014
Tin Fins in Legacy112.7529
Doomsday in Vintage V16101.077
No Archetype in Vintage91.53
No Archetype in Pauper DDU91.513
Paradoxical Mentor in Vintage V1661.075
No Archetype in Legacy DOM51.673
Storm in Vintage V1651.0100
ANT in Legacy CN251.0100
Abzan Deathblade in Legacy44.050
Tin Fins in Legacy DOM41.040
No Archetype in Vintage XLN41.0100
Paradoxical Storm in Vintage V1641.067
No Archetype in Legacy V1641.04
Tin Fins in Legacy V1641.0100
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage V1631.019
URb Planeswalker Control in Vintage21.023
Inferno Oath in Vintage21.02
Grixis Thieves in Vintage21.03
Grixis in Legacy22.01
ANT in Legacy EMA21.0100
Oath in Vintage11.03
Grixis Phoenix in Legacy11.06
Aluren in Legacy11.02
Grixis Pyromancer in Vintage SOI11.050