3ED - Revised Edition

47Air ElementalCreature — ElementalScripts
231Aladdin's LampArtifactrequest it!
232Aladdin's RingArtifactScripts
48Animate ArtifactEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
1Animate DeadEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
185Animate WallEnchantment — AuraScripts
233Ankh of MishraArtifactScripts
234Armageddon ClockArtifactrequest it!
93Aspect of WolfEnchantment — AuraScripts
138AtogCreature — AtogScripts
2Bad MoonEnchantmentScripts
282BadlandsLand — Swamp MountainScripts
235Basalt MonolithArtifactrequest it!
283BayouLand — Swamp ForestScripts
188Benalish HeroCreature — Human Soldierrequest it!
94Birds of ParadiseCreature — BirdScripts
3Black KnightCreature — Human KnightScripts
236Black ViseArtifactScripts
189Black WardEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
190BlessingEnchantment — AuraScripts
49Blue Elemental BlastInstantScripts
191Blue WardEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
4Bog WraithCreature — WraithScripts
237Bottle of SuleimanArtifactScripts
238Brass ManArtifact Creature — ConstructScripts
139BurrowingEnchantment — AuraScripts
239Celestial PrismArtifactrequest it!
95ChannelSorceryrequest it!
140ChaoslaceInstantrequest it!
193Circle of Protection: BlackEnchantmentrequest it!
194Circle of Protection: BlueEnchantmentrequest it!
195Circle of Protection: GreenEnchantmentrequest it!
196Circle of Protection: RedEnchantmentrequest it!
197Circle of Protection: WhiteEnchantmentrequest it!
240Clockwork BeastArtifact Creature — Beastrequest it!
51CloneCreature — ShapeshifterScripts
96CockatriceCreature — CockatriceScripts
5Contract from BelowSorceryrequest it!
52Control MagicEnchantment — AuraScripts
53Copy ArtifactEnchantmentScripts
97Craw WurmCreature — WurmScripts
55Creature BondEnchantment — AuraScripts
242Crystal RodArtifactScripts
6Cursed LandEnchantment — AuraScripts
243Dancing ScimitarArtifact Creature — SpiritScripts
7Dark RitualInstantrequest it!
8DarkpactSorceryrequest it!
200Death WardInstantScripts
10DeathlaceInstantrequest it!
11Demonic AttorneySorceryrequest it!
12Demonic HordesCreature — DemonScripts
13Demonic TutorSorceryScripts
99Desert TwisterSorceryScripts
244Dingus EggArtifactScripts
245Disrupting ScepterArtifactScripts
246Dragon EngineArtifact Creature — ConstructScripts
142Dragon WhelpCreature — Dragonrequest it!
14Drain LifeSorceryrequest it!
56Drain PowerSorceryrequest it!
15Drudge SkeletonsCreature — SkeletonScripts
143Dwarven WarriorsCreature — Dwarf WarriorScripts
144Dwarven WeaponsmithCreature — Dwarf ArtificerScripts
145Earth ElementalCreature — ElementalScripts
146EarthbindEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
247Ebony HorseArtifactScripts
16El-HajjâjCreature — Human WizardScripts
100Elvish ArchersCreature — Elf ArcherScripts
57Energy FluxEnchantmentScripts
17Erg RaidersCreature — Human Warriorrequest it!
18Evil PresenceEnchantment — AuraScripts
202Eye for an EyeInstantrequest it!
203FarmsteadEnchantment — AuraScripts
101FastbondEnchantmentrequest it!
19FearEnchantment — AuraScripts
58FeedbackEnchantment — AuraScripts
148Fire ElementalCreature — ElementalScripts
149FireballSorceryrequest it!
150FirebreathingEnchantment — AuraScripts
59FlightEnchantment — AuraScripts
248Flying CarpetArtifactScripts
103Force of NatureCreature — ElementalScripts
97ForestBasic Land — ForestScripts
ForestBasic Land — ForestScripts
ForestBasic Land — ForestScripts
152ForkInstantrequest it!
20Frozen ShadeCreature — ShadeScripts
104FungusaurCreature — Fungus DinosaurScripts
105Gaea's LiegeCreature — Avatarrequest it!
106Giant GrowthInstantScripts
107Giant SpiderCreature — SpiderScripts
249Glasses of UrzaArtifactrequest it!
21GloomEnchantmentrequest it!
153Goblin Balloon BrigadeCreature — Goblin WarriorScripts
154Goblin KingCreature — GoblinScripts
155Granite GargoyleCreature — GargoyleScripts
156Gray OgreCreature — OgreScripts
204Green WardEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
108Grizzly BearsCreature — BearScripts
205Guardian AngelInstantrequest it!
206Healing SalveInstantScripts
250Helm of ChatzukArtifactrequest it!
157Hill GiantCreature — GiantScripts
207Holy ArmorEnchantment — AuraScripts
208Holy StrengthEnchantment — AuraScripts
22Howl from BeyondInstantScripts
251Howling MineArtifactScripts
60Hurkyl's RecallInstantScripts
158Hurloon MinotaurCreature — MinotaurScripts
23Hypnotic SpecterCreature — SpecterScripts
110Instill EnergyEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
252Iron StarArtifactScripts
111Ironroot TreefolkCreature — TreefolkScripts
127IslandBasic Land — IslandScripts
IslandBasic Land — IslandScripts
IslandBasic Land — IslandScripts
61Island Fish JasconiusCreature — FishScripts
209Island SanctuaryEnchantmentrequest it!
253Ivory CupArtifactScripts
254Ivory TowerArtifactScripts
255Jade MonolithArtifactrequest it!
256Jandor's RingArtifactrequest it!
257Jandor's SaddlebagsArtifactScripts
258Jayemdae TomeArtifactScripts
259JuggernautArtifact Creature — JuggernautScripts
159Keldon WarlordCreature — Human BarbarianScripts
160Kird ApeCreature — ApeScripts
260Kormus BellArtifactScripts
112KudzuEnchantment — AuraScripts
211LanceEnchantment — AuraScripts
113Ley DruidCreature — Human DruidScripts
261Library of LengArtifactrequest it!
115LifelaceInstantrequest it!
161Lightning BoltInstantScripts
116Living ArtifactEnchantment — AuraScripts
117Living LandsEnchantmentScripts
262Living WallArtifact Creature — WallScripts
118Llanowar ElvesCreature — Elf DruidScripts
64Lord of AtlantisCreature — MerfolkScripts
24Lord of the PitCreature — DemonScripts
119LureEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
65Magical HackInstantrequest it!
162Magnetic MountainEnchantmentrequest it!
66Mahamoti DjinnCreature — DjinnScripts
163Mana FlareEnchantmentrequest it!
67Mana ShortInstantScripts
263Mana VaultArtifactrequest it!
164ManabarbsEnchantmentrequest it!
68Merfolk of the Pearl TridentCreature — MerfolkScripts
212Mesa PegasusCreature — Pegasusrequest it!
165Mijae DjinnCreature — Djinnrequest it!
25Mind TwistSorceryScripts
266Mishra's War MachineArtifact Creature — Juggernautrequest it!
166Mons's Goblin RaidersCreature — GoblinScripts
172MountainBasic Land — MountainScripts
MountainBasic Land — MountainScripts
MountainBasic Land — MountainScripts
26Nether ShadowCreature — Spiritrequest it!
27Nettling ImpCreature — Imprequest it!
267Nevinyrral's DiskArtifactScripts
28NightmareCreature — Nightmare HorseScripts
213Northern PaladinCreature — Human KnightScripts
268Obsianus GolemArtifact Creature — GolemScripts
269OnuletArtifact Creature — ConstructScripts
167Orcish ArtilleryCreature — Orc WarriorScripts
168Orcish OriflammeEnchantmentScripts
270OrnithopterArtifact Creature — ThopterScripts
29ParalyzeEnchantment — AuraScripts
214Pearled UnicornCreature — UnicornScripts
215Personal IncarnationCreature — Avatar Incarnationrequest it!
69Phantasmal ForcesCreature — IllusionScripts
70Phantasmal TerrainEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
71Phantom MonsterCreature — IllusionScripts
72Pirate ShipCreature — Human PirateScripts
31Plague RatsCreature — RatScripts
192PlainsBasic Land — PlainsScripts
PlainsBasic Land — PlainsScripts
PlainsBasic Land — PlainsScripts
296PlateauLand — Mountain PlainsScripts
73Power LeakEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
74Power SinkInstantrequest it!
169Power SurgeEnchantmentrequest it!
271Primal ClayArtifact Creature — Shapeshifterrequest it!
75Prodigal SorcererCreature — Human WizardScripts
76Psychic VenomEnchantment — AuraScripts
216PurelaceInstantrequest it!
32Raise DeadSorceryScripts
170Red Elemental BlastInstantScripts
217Red WardEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
120RegenerationEnchantment — AuraScripts
219Reverse DamageInstantrequest it!
220Reverse PolarityInstantrequest it!
171Roc of Kher RidgesCreature — BirdScripts
172Rock HydraCreature — Hydrarequest it!
272Rocket LauncherArtifactScripts
273Rod of RuinArtifactScripts
33Royal AssassinCreature — Human AssassinScripts
34SacrificeInstantrequest it!
222Samite HealerCreature — Human ClericScripts
297SavannahLand — Forest PlainsScripts
223Savannah LionsCreature — CatScripts
35Scathe ZombiesCreature — ZombieScripts
36Scavenging GhoulCreature — Zombierequest it!
298ScrublandLand — Plains SwampScripts
122Scryb SpritesCreature — FaerieScripts
78Sea SerpentCreature — SerpentScripts
173Sedge TrollCreature — TrollScripts
37Sengir VampireCreature — Vampirerequest it!
79Serendib EfreetCreature — EfreetScripts
224Serra AngelCreature — AngelScripts
123Shanodin DryadsCreature — Nymph DryadScripts
176Shivan DragonCreature — DragonScripts
38SimulacrumInstantrequest it!
80Siren's CallInstantrequest it!
81Sleight of MindInstantrequest it!
177SmokeEnchantmentrequest it!
274Sol RingArtifactrequest it!
39Sorceress QueenCreature — Human WizardScripts
275Soul NetArtifactScripts
82Spell BlastInstantrequest it!
83StasisEnchantmentrequest it!
84Steal ArtifactEnchantment — AuraScripts
178Stone GiantCreature — Giantrequest it!
179Stone RainSorceryScripts
124Stream of LifeSorceryScripts
276Sunglasses of UrzaArtifactrequest it!
247SwampBasic Land — SwampScripts
SwampBasic Land — SwampScripts
SwampBasic Land — SwampScripts
225Swords to PlowsharesInstantScripts
302TaigaLand — Mountain ForestScripts
277The HiveArtifactScripts
278The RackArtifactScripts
125Thicket BasiliskCreature — BasiliskScripts
85ThoughtlaceInstantrequest it!
279Throne of BoneArtifactScripts
126Timber WolvesCreature — Wolfrequest it!
127Titania's SongEnchantmentrequest it!
303Tropical IslandLand — Forest IslandScripts
304TundraLand — Plains IslandScripts
305Underground SeaLand — Island SwampScripts
41Unholy StrengthEnchantment — AuraScripts
86Unstable MutationEnchantment — AuraScripts
181Uthden TrollCreature — TrollScripts
130Verduran EnchantressCreature — Human DruidScripts
88Vesuvan DoppelgangerCreature — Shapeshifterrequest it!
226Veteran BodyguardCreature — Humanrequest it!
89Volcanic EruptionSorceryrequest it!
306Volcanic IslandLand — Island MountainScripts
90Wall of AirCreature — WallScripts
42Wall of BoneCreature — Skeleton WallScripts
131Wall of BramblesCreature — Plant WallScripts
182Wall of FireCreature — WallScripts
132Wall of IceCreature — WallScripts
183Wall of StoneCreature — WallScripts
227Wall of SwordsCreature — WallScripts
91Wall of WaterCreature — WallScripts
133Wall of WoodCreature — WallScripts
134WanderlustEnchantment — AuraScripts
135War MammothCreature — ElephantScripts
43Warp ArtifactEnchantment — AuraScripts
92Water ElementalCreature — ElementalScripts
44WeaknessEnchantment — AuraScripts
136WebEnchantment — AuraScripts
184Wheel of FortuneSorceryScripts
228White KnightCreature — Human KnightScripts
229White WardEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
137Wild GrowthEnchantment — Aurarequest it!
45Will-o'-the-WispCreature — SpiritScripts
280Winter OrbArtifactrequest it!
281Wooden SphereArtifactScripts
230Wrath of GodSorceryScripts
46Zombie MasterCreature — ZombieScripts